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Garage Sell Prices For New Clothing

Are clothes a successful sell at garage sales??

Actually I was surprised to find they do well....I had a bunch of clothes I was going to donate to the Salvation Army in a side box and accidently put them out for my yard sale ..I think I ended up selling most of them ....but I sold them very cheap and didn;t make a thing out of the sizes the next year I put out more and hung them up and had them nice and clean and I sold lots of them again....I had so many I sold them $1.00 a piece or 6 for $5.oo if they were just so so condition and nothing super special ...The good condition sweaters and such I sold for about 2 or $3 each....Good luck....If you think you would make more with tax deductions by donating them instead think about that too.....

How much should I sell my clothes at a garage sale?

im going to have a garage sale soon
i was just wondering if you were at a
garage sale looking for clothes
how would you price these :
dress pants:
tank tops:
most of the clothes are from charlotte russe,hollister, abercrombie,wet seal,and aeropostale
thanks for your answers (:

How would i price Name Brand clothing at a Garage Sale?

My mom is having a garage sale and told me that i could sell some of my Name Brand stuff such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle and so on, the thing is I paid $30 and up for each clothing items, how would i price these so I'm not really giving them away but I am giving them a good deal? Please Help? Garage Sale is tomorrow (Labor Day).

How to price items in garage sale?

Last year I had a very successful yard sale. You are best off pricing things a bit higher than the price you want, because people will always ask you for a better price. Here are some things I did:

With clothing, I had luck with pricing things in pairs, for example I priced women's jackets at $15 a piece, or two for $25. I did the same with women's tops; $7 each or 2 for $10. When you do that, they see that they are already getting a "deal". Most of them flew out the door. But they were nice tops, fairly new and in excellent condition.

With things like household, small kitchen items, it helps to put them all together and have a set price, say coffee mugs for $1 each. I had a "handbag" table at a set price of $15 on all of them. People went crazy over them.

As for your TV, it will help if you can keep it plugged in to show it's in good working condition. Put a big sign on it because people may walk by and not know it's for sale. Same with the computer monitor. As for prices, even if it's in great working condition, if it's not a flatscreen, you'll have to go low on price. Most people now want a flatscreen, so basically you're paying them to haul off your old "fossil" TV. You should have the wedding dress in a see-through plastic bag, and a place set up for women to try it on; most wedding dresses you can price between $100-$250, depending on the dress, how much embellishment it has, if it's excellent condition with no stains. Again, if people are interested they will bargain with you on those.

It also might help for you to go to another yard sale, or two before you have your own, that way you can see what others are charging for what. Good luck!!

Garage sale pricing?

The problem with garage sales is that people expect rock-bottom pricing. Expect them to haggle. Some will see the value of your new items and will be willing ot pay. I'd say make them half price on day one of your sale and 1/4 the price on the second. No matter what you do, don't bargain with people on the first day. They will approach you right away as the sale starts asking for bargains. Tell them, everything is half price after such-and-such time on the second day.

Another thing to consider is to sell the stuff in ebay. If it's got tags and is in new/like-new condition, people are willing to pay more than if they go to a garage sale. I'm always shocked at what second-hand brand-name stuff sells for on ebay--more than I ever pay a garage sales.

Good Luck!

Help Please, Garage Sale Pricing?

So We might have our first garage sale, We have always donated our items to donation centers over the years. We would just like to see how it would work out, Just for fun and are case is to just get rid of clutter and reduce mess.

So Some of the items we will be selling, What would be a reasonable price, Not too low but either not too high :)
- Clothes
All sorts, Womens, Girls, Boys and Men, They are all in very nice condition, Some are in fine condition too. Blouses, Dresses, Jeans, Shorts, Long Sleeve, We have a big variety.
And We have a clothes rack, Should we use that? And if youd like to explain, Why should we, Why shouldnt we?

-Playground, Consists of 2 swings, a seesaw, and monkey bars I believe.

- Movies, DVDS

-Video Games
PS3, Xbox, DS

- Home Decor

-Toys, All variety, Electronics, Wooden etc

-Stuffed Animals

Just some of the items,
Also we have a christmas tree we want to get rid of, and a 3 pc Light up reindeer decor for Xmas.
I know it isnt that time of year, But could we sell that?

And Could we sell drinks?

If you have any other tips, Greatly appreciated!!!
Sorry Its Long, And please answer as much as you can,
I could really use your help..

Thank you!!!

How much should I sell my $30 purses at a garage sale?

Our family is having a garage sale this Saturday so we are trying to get all the price things on everything we are selling. My mom has a BUNCH of $30-$40 purses. They are all in GREAT condition. How much should we sell them??? They are from like Kohl's, JCP, ect.. Also what about her REALLY nice clothing (skirts, dresses) And what about her casual clothing (shirts, jeans, shorts, ect.)