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Gift Ideas For An Tired Friend

What are some good gift ideas for my best friend?

The best gifts comes from heart, not the store!So, if you are willing to give best gift…Then don't buy it. Just make sure whatever you are giving it's from within and it's making you happy.May it be a small gift or just a wish, you can always make it special by the way you give it.Now, According to me, handmade gifts are the best possible ones.One, because you need a creative idea to prepare it. And two, because you invest your time into it. It's not the gift you prepare that matters here, it's the time you spend on it. When you can give your time to make someone happy it'll surely be the best gift itself.You can prepare a small greeting card with a sweet wish on itYou can prepare “open when” letters that surely make a person smile in various occasionsYou just can write a letter that says what a person mean to you and how special and best they are. This can never go out of their hearts because it's the words that will remain forever. (I especially love this!)Or….Not anything else. Just spend some good time with he/she. Have some good laughs, talks, make memoriesFinally, memories are the best gifts perhaps of all. Give best memories to people around you.Keep smiling :)

Wedding gift ideas for a male friend?

Depends on what his hobbies are and if they're going to live in a house or apartment. You can do a gift certificate for somewhere like Home Depot, Lowes or Best Buy.. or try something like:

- Tool set
- Fishing gear
- Xbox/Playstation games or add ons (I know more married men who play Guitar Hero than kids)
-Gift Certificate for a shave at one of those specialty men's shops like the Art of Shaving
-Concert tickets for his favorite band
-Sports memorabilia

.Need gift idea, friend paralyzed in hospital?

not flowers. he probably will have lots. maybe a good novel, or a kit of some sort to keep him occupied and use what he can (his fingers, hands, etc.) chocolates are always good.

Creative gift ideas for a friend going through chemo?

I went through chemo for 6 months and I loved the dinners people would bring over because I was so weak I could barely get the energy to get out of bed. Sometimes people would just drop off dinner at the front door in case I didn't want company. Another great idea is offering to spend time with your friend by taking them out for normal things like shopping, or even helping around the house (I didn't have enough energy to wash a load of clothes) They will appreciate that more than any other gift you would buy. Flowers are a nice touch, or a good book.

I'm going to meet my girlfriend after a long time. What should I gift her that can bring a smile on her face?

Hello ! This is my second answer on Quora and also on this Boyfriend and Girlfriend topic.I can give you a lot of guidelines on this topic as I am a lady myself.I also had a lot of boyfriends in the past but currently I have only one My boyfriends used to give me a lot of things frequently.I will tell you about the gifts that my boyfriend gave me.Gifts like this and this made me love him even more. He was a rich person so one day he even gave me this. I hadn’t expected it from him. With this gift our bond became even stronger. Then, expensive Roses and Flowers became regular gifts. We also went on a Date and a Candle Light Dinner.You can also go on a Date and a Candle Light Dinner with her when you meet her.So these were my guidelines on the topic “I'm going to meet my girlfriend after a long time. What should I gift her that can bring a smile on her face ? ”I hope that I could help you.Thank YouBye

What is a good gift for a friend who is returning after a long time?

I think beautiful memories are worth sharing than anything else.Some are…..Thank you. Keep smiling

What is the best gift to give boy best friend on his birthday?


Good Gift to Give a Friend Who Just Tore His ACL?

I'm a freshmen in college right now. One of my good friends, just a few rooms down, tore his ACL at football practice and will probably be out of the season. He was very highly prospected. A starting strong safety. I go to a school with a football team in the top 25 btw. So this is really devastating.

Any ideas of ways to cheer him up?