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Girls Did She Only Talk To Me B.c We Were Alone Was She Surprised That I Held A Door For Her

Are there any hot girls who don't get approached by guys?

Most of them…About 8 years ago I went through the worst breakup of my life. I was sleeping on my brother’s couch, had just quit my corporate job, and was in the startup phase of my business.After I managed to generate enough income to buy my own (360 square foot) apartment, I started getting into dating and pickup… Hard.What interested me most about my experience was that the easiest interactions and “approaches” I ever did were always with the most beautiful women.For whatever reason, they rarely get approached by men.Guys are typically too scared of beautiful women to go up and approach them.They put these women on a pedestal and disqualify themselves before they even have a chance, saying things like:She’d never be with a guy like meShe’s too hot. I’m sure she has dozens of guys begging for her numberI’m not good enough for her.So whenever I would go over and talk to these women, they responded well 9 times out of 10.The reason is simple…Most guys won’t approach beautiful women and the guys that do typically lead by complimenting her on her looks.In my experience, most gorgeous women have been told how amazing they look their entire lives and they want more than that.They want a man who can see them for who they are and not what they are.If you are Grounded enough that you can go over and talk to her, treat her like a human being, and look beyond her superficial beauty, it’ll make her entire night.Now… There is a caveat here.There are plenty of super attractive party girls who get approached a LOT. But it’s not just because of their looks, it’s because they want to be approached by guys when they go out.They dress in a way that encourages men to come over and talk to them, they flirt, make eye contact across the venue, and dance by themselves to attract attention.These girls get approached and they get approached a lot.But girls who are beautiful without trying to show off… They rarely if ever get approached by the kinds of men they want.So take a deep breath and go say hello the next time you see a beautiful woman like that out in public. If you’re genuine, honest, and able to look past her beauty, it will make her entire day.Click here to read my most popular quora answers about life, wealth and relationships with 10+ million views.

Girls, if you were in my place what would you have done?

You need to get a real life. Get acquainted with real people in real life. Get a female friend to go out on the town with you a few times. You don't have to drink alcohol and lose control to have fun and make friends! You can actually bar hop and not even drink alcohol! I think you would be surprised how many people don't really drink while they are out on the town - bar hopping. It's too dangerous - especially as a single female!

As for this online guy.... You have to stop 'stringing him along'. Either you are going to continue your online conversations - which BOTH of you have admitted you are happy with - or you aren't!
#1. You obviously love his company
#2. He obviously loves your company
#3. How far is the distance between the two of you (on a map)?
#4. How logical would a 'real' relationship be? by 'real' - I don't mean jumping into bed together... I mean the kind of old fashioned relationship, where he takes you out for dinner - you talk and visit. He drops you off at your door and you say good night and good bye. Or I guess You could take HIM to dinner.... etc.
You need to make up your mind - TALK to someone! You have to have SOME friend you could talk to!!! ??? If you could meet this guy in person... just make sure you aren't alone. BRING A FRIEND!!! A BIG MALE FRIEND!!! And make sure someone else knows where you are going, etc! A lot of the people on the internet trying to 'hook-up' are wierdo's and you don't want anything to do with them. But I'm sure there are SOME people who are just normal everday people and would make awesome FRIENDS! If you really like the guy.... go for it!!! Just don't be stupid!!! B SAFE!!! Good luck! This could be your prince charming! As for the party hearty - bar hopping..... most of that kind of stuff dies off after age 26 or 27 any way! It's just too hard on the body! It starts making guys get those big guts on them and their noses look fat and red all the time. They don't like that... so most of them knock off the party stuff. Hope you get to meet him (safely) and that you enjoy a life long friendship!


Although, your Girfriend's BF may not have liked a wake up call, it is really the fault of your friend for not having told you the circumstances surrounding her relationship with her BF.

In other words....;You are not a mind reader! How could you have possibly known this guy was over her home and sleeping during the time you responded back to her msg via text.

It seems too me that there is more than meets the eye here. Perhaps this guy is a controlling type who does not want her to have anyone but him, and is looking to cause problems between the two of you.

Lastly, true friends don't kick each other out of one anothers lives b/c a guy has entered the picture. In fact, she needs to realize that her life would be more complete by having her BF and maintaining her female friendships also. Unfortunately, a lot of women lose sight of this when they start dating someone.

My personal advice is, she does not deserve you as a friend. You seem to keep reaching out to her, and she keeps shutting the proverbial door in your face.

In my opinion. distance will correct this problem with her. Stop calling her for a while and make her see what your absence feels like. You know what they say absence...It makes the heart grow fonder. This also applies to female friendships.

What response do you give to a girl who friend zoned you after asking her out?

Two things that will never go away if you want quality women: you need to be the one taking action and you will face competition from other men. There's no way around it. Get used to it. This man (DATING EXPERT /DAVID ANGELO) 'Sadvice is like the advice promising a slim athletic body without the hard work, diet, pain and years it takes. Nobody wants to hear that. People wants the easy way.************************************************************************************point is women want men who just do not give a fuck. i think he just likes to really go in depth on it and get to these guys who are still chasing and focusing on ONE FREAKING GIRL! (and yes, i have done that a few times, always a mistake!) if you focus on just one girl who doesn't think you can get other girls, she wont give you an ounce of value until you show otherwise. then it is back on. focus on ten, play them against each other, make it fun. its all just a communication of your value that you don't give a fuck. you feel freaking amazing, which is the result of success, high social value, and strong body language (strong body language actually releases testosterone - proven fact), etc. etc. you have options, so you are then non needy and feel good. girls spot this IMMEDIATELY, I mean IMMEDIATELY. they are all just playing dumb until a guy like this shows up to bring them to life. it is just a game that we are wired for. some just have higher perceived value based on looks, behavior etc., some have lower value and are irrelevant and ignored. all attractive women do the same thing on some unconscious level even though most refuse to admit it. personally, i find it hilarious once you know how it all works and see it play out in every situation and can use it to your advantage.Girls like it when "you dont give a fuck". She is one of many options for you. So she want to be the one you choose. EXPERTs presents this in a more mature, less explicit manner than I have.Its good advice to a point. Extroverted girls will pursue you easily, Introverted girls you have to push until they open up and then they are hooked. A lot of PUA pushes a one size fits all approach but you can improve your ration if you can read their personality The main point to success is to not give a flying fuck what happens. You land a date with a 9 or 10, and she doesn't call you back? Oh well, move onto the next.

Why are girls never interested in me?

You have a lot of positive traits listed with you question, that in a movie would get you any girl you want, after some hilarious and romantic misunderstandings. As you very well know life doesn’t work the same way as it does in movies. In real life there are more factors to consider, that you haven’t talked about at all.Do you usually approach girls or are you waiting for them to come? This is very important, because it may be the one and only reason for your lack of success. It isn’t wirtten on your nose that you are available.What about your expectations? Do you want to hook up or really date? It makes a huge difference. Women looking for short term sexual relationships look for different qualities in a man than those who are looking for a relationship.How do you know they don’t like you? Odds are they do like you, but think you don’t like them. Or they think that you are out of their league, or a f-boy, or they think you just want to be friends.When you talk to a girl are you authentic or are you trying to imitate someone or bragging? Being your authentic normal self is the one person you feel most comfortable with and it will show. The results are always better if you feel at ease. (And never brag too overtly, most guys look like pompous fools if they do)And most important of all: don’t let rejection discourage you too much. I know it feels personal, but it rarely is (How could it be personal you have just met them?). Most of the time it has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with the troubles they have in their life.Thanks for the request.

What happened to the prettiest girl in your high school?

She just disappeared out of the face of earth!It’s been like 20 years since my high school, even though i am 15000km away from the place i have been able to locate almost everyone from my high school days on facebook except this one girl who is just nowhere to be found.I studied in a co-ed high school but the girls were in a separate class only let together once a week for a single common subject. Apart from this the boy’s rarely had anything to do with the girls while at school.Even under such strict restrictions, i made friends with 3–4 girls who became good friends, i would go to their homes, study together and even stay in touch years after finishing high school.There was this one girl, let’s call her PG (first letter from the first and last name), she was very pretty and always dressed well. She came from a well to do family (father was a lawyer) and she always smiled.I never crossed path with her except for a couple of times. Thats when i noticed she was almost always naughty making fun of everything. She even made fun of my budding moustache.It was a great excitement to know more about her but not many knew anything interesting about her. Did she have any boy friends ? probably! or she could be playing with as many helpless boys as possible just for her amusement.A friend of mine seemed to know her a lot. Every time i tried to know about her, he would spill the bean about stories of her sexual escapade and several ways her mother had tried to keep her away from getting her pregnant.Once my friend told me, she was found in bed with a senior boy where her mother had to break open the door to she her daughter in a compromising position with the boy. It was a scandal to hear such stories in those days.During the last few months of high school during exams i happen to see her a lot through common friends. She seemed very afraid of studies, must be because she had been lucky so far getting everything she wanted by exploiting people with her looks. She would visit temples as if the world is ending, she even visited a church and lit candles to get some good grade.Later after the exams, i heard she passed with average grades and joined some college. After a year she was planning to drop out/defer studies because she found the science subjects very difficult.That was in 2001, i have never heard or seen her since.But i hope to see her some day to know if she still continued to use her looks to exploit people!

Have you ever kissed a person and also their sister?

Well, sort of.I was the sister, though.See, once upon a time, a girl kissed me. Then she kissed my brother. Then she kissed me again.Let's call her Nora. Nora was eighteen. I was sixteen. My brother was fourteen.Nora was beautiful, I bet she still is. I was shy, and probably always will be. My brother was his wild-little-self just as he is today.We were at a music festival, my brother and I, sitting by a lake and chatting like best friends do.Bro: “I invited a girl to the park. I think she'll be here any minute.”Me: “Cool. I invited Nora, you know, from church?”Bro: “Oh. That's who I invited. She says she likes me.”Me: “Really?”Bro: “Yeah, but she likes someone else more. So she said we can't go out together. But I'm gonna change her mind.”Well. My brother definitely is the most confident soul I've ever known.Me: “I think I know who else she likes.”Bro: “Who?” *eyes wide as silver dollars*I couldn't break it to him. I'd been sleeping over at Nora's house and sharing kisses with her; the first girl he'd expressed any interest in. Dang it. She was playing him.Then again, even if Nora could, I couldn't lie to my baby brother.Me: “Well, I think it's a girl.”Bro: “A girl? Well, that's not so bad. Me and her already kissed and everything.”Well. That was news to me.Me: *trying not to sound caught-off-guard* “Oh yeah?”Bro: “Yup. At Wal-Mart.”Well. Ain't that romantic.I looked at my blond little brother, then into the water straight ahead and remembered… Sometime back, Nora called me, all upset because she'd kissed another fourteen-year-old boy. Our pastor's son, at our pastor's house. Pastor's daughter walked in (same age as Nora), and slapped her. Poor Nora.Now, both my little brother and I were getting played the same way.Dang it, Nora.Bro: “Say, how do you know it's a girl anyways?”Me: “'Cus it's me.”Bro: *looked at me like I'd just stolen the love of his life. Then looked down at his hands, all heartbroken-like.*Me: “Yeah, maybe Mom and Dad were right about Nora.”Bro: *sighed* “Yeah. What was the word they used again?”Me: “Promiscuous.”So. Different perspective than the question presented, but yeah, I've been mixed up in that sort of situation before.:)

What are some short stories about "girls will be girls"?

Incident #1The moment I saw this question I was taken back into epic moment of my college days:We had TALLY as a subject in 4th Semester. No one took the subject seriously until the day when our professor lost his cool & said "test in next 30 minutes and the score would impact the VIVA score". Most of us didn't have TALLY installed. I asked a female classmate for the TALLY setup & gave her my pendrive.What I found copied in the pendrive was the shortcut of TALLY copied from desktop & she said yehi to hota hai setup, mai issi se hi chalati hun (This is the setup, run from here - I do it this way).All guys around me including the professor had a hearty laugh till our tummies hurt & eventually the test was called off.Incident#2Another epic joke in regards to "GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS" would be:College Canteen (2013):Girl#1: I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8Girl#2: No big deal we have Windows 98 installed in our desktop. Incident #3One fine day I was  waiting for a 8 coach metro at Rajiv Chowk for blue line using free Wifi and completely indulged in a virtual world (read as phone), all of a sudden I heard a group of 4 girls & a guy standing behind me chit-chating & giggling among themselves.A 6 coach metro came & stopped and the view was somewhat like this:The number on metro was "1942".Girl 1: 1942, hmm.. This metro is of 1942 (the year 1942).Girl 2: Did we have metros in 1942?Girl 3: It is written 1942 this means metro should have been there.I was like "what is happening over here", then I noticed the guy with the group starring me with "I don't know them/ I'm not with them" look. When I turned back to my phone, smiling. The guy said Delhi metro is since last 10 years and 1942 is the metro number/code and not the year the coach was manufactured.All girls to the guy, "you are so intelligent".The guy murmured "Girls".This is common reaction for all these instances.

What was the most inappropriate thing that happened to you when staying at a friends house?

This goes back many years ago when I spent the night at my best friend’s house when we were about 15 years old. I’ll call my friend Bunny.From the age of 5, Bunny and I were best friends. She had 4 brothers, two younger and two older. Because she was the only girl, she had a bedroom all to herself. Her double bed was pushed sideways against the back wall underneath a large window and the other side was open to the bedroom. On this particular night, we piled into her bed and did what teenage girls usually do at a sleepover. Even after we turned the lights off, the moonlight provided enough light for us to giggle, laugh, and talk about boys into the wee hours of the morning. We finally drifted off to sleep with her on the side by the window and me on the side open to the room.At some point during the night, I was roused from a deep sleep by something lightly touching the top of my breasts just above the neck of my nightgown. Being in a deep sleep, I was groggy and not fully awake but as I slowly opened my eyes, I saw one of Bunny’s older brothers standing in only his underwear inches away from me. That part of his body was no more than a foot away from my face. I immediately went into self-preservation mode, closed my eyes and pretended to still be sleeping. Taking a couple breaths to mimic deep sleep, I softly groaned, repositioned my body and pulled the covers up underneath my chin as if I had suddenly gotten a chill. I held the covers so tightly that there was no way he was going to be able to get his hands on any part of my body without forcibly removing them and waking the whole house. He stood there quietly for what seemed like forever…watching. Finally, I heard him sneak back out of the room and opened my eyes to confirm he had gone. Creepy.He was a bad one, that’s for sure. I was always careful around him, even before that incident, even more so after. So, very inappropriate and extremely creepy.

How is this book i am writing? Plz tell me!?

1. Welcome to Dead House 2. Stay Out of the Basement 3. Monster Blood 4. Say Cheese and Die! 5. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 6. Let's Get Invisible! 7. Night of the Living Dummy 8. The Girl Who Cried Monster 9. Welcome to Camp Nightmare 10. The Ghost Next Door 11. The Haunted Mask 12. Be Careful What You Wish For... 13. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 14. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp 15. You Can't Scare Me! 16. One Day at Horrorland 17. Why I'm Afraid of Bees 18. Monster Blood II 19. Deep Trouble 20. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight 21. Go Eat Worms! 22. Ghost Beach 23. Return of the Mummy 24. Phantom of the Auditorium 25. Attack of the Mutant 26. My Hairiest Adventure 27. A Night in Terror Tower 28. The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom 29. Monster Blood III 30. It Came from Beneath the Sink! 31. Night of the Living Dummy II 32. The Barking Ghost 33. The Horror at Camp Jellyjam 34. Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes 35. A Shocker on Shock Street 36. The Haunted Mask II 37. The Headless Ghost 38. The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena 39. How I Got My Shrunken Head 40. Night of the Living Dummy III 41. Bad Hare Day 42. Egg Monsters from Mars 43. The Beast from the East 44. Say Cheese and Die - Again! 45. Ghost Camp 46. How to Kill a Monster 47. Legend of the Lost Legend 48. Attack of the Jack O'Lanterns 49. Vampire Breath 50. Calling All Creeps! 51. Beware, the Snowman 52. How I Learned to Fly 53. Chicken Chicken 54. Don't Go to Sleep! 55. The Blob That Ate Everyone 56. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake 57. My Best Friend Is Invisible 58. Deep Trouble II 59. The Haunted School 60. Werewolf Skin 61. I Live in Your Basement! 62. Monster Blood IV There are also other Goosebumps series, see the site below were I ot the list.