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Girls Do You Think About This Weird Thing

Girls: Do you think this is weird?

First off, my mom is 43 and her & her best friends went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago for a "girls trip" with her three best friends. While they were there, they all decided to get lower back tattoos since none of them had gotten tattoos before. My mom got a nice cute butterfly with flowers. All of her friends' husbands are NOT happy with Her friends at all for getting them, but my dad actually likes it. He told her that it looks "absolutely beautiful" on her and he had the biggest smile on his face & said that if it made her happy to get it, it made him even happier. He even joked that he'd like to see her wear more crop tops haha. What do you think about this?

GIRLS, do you think this is weird?

honestly, yes. i agree with the first person, try to be more casual like just starting a little conversation asking them "how are you", etc. hand shakes aren't very casual and most freshman aren't really used to that kind of thing so it tends to make things awkward.

if your really shy and you want to meet more people/girls, think of maybe joining some kind of class where you are able to talk alot next year, like band, tv productions (like your school news if you have any), any kind of PE class, etc. that's what has helped me because i'm kinda shy also : )

Girls, do you think it is weird?

Not weird. My second husband used to tell me that before we got married he fantasized about my hands being all over him, he thought they were so feminine and delicate. It is a natural thing, and by the way, women also like men's hands, if they are clean, neat, trimmed nails, etc. Strong hands that are taken care of (well, not to extremes, that would be gay) are a turn-on for us, too. So keep your nails neat and groomed, guys! We DO look at your hands!! If you don't care for THEM, what might your room look like? Yikes!!!

Do you think this was weird to say to this girl?

So this girl is always nice to me in class and even though im not looking for a relationship, i really want to be her friend.

It was the last day of class and we had a final exam. I finished my test first and literally sat there pretended to do my test until she finished. When she got up i turned in my test also (not making anything noticeable).

I asked her how she did on the exam, then asked her what she wanted to be in life. After that i said

"anyway i have to go, but i think you are really nice, can we be friends"

She said sure,

then i asked for her number. I dont know if real number or not yet but do you think this was weird to say???

Weird thing happened with a girl, what do you think?

I know...we are not supposed to understand women and I'm fine with it, but this is just too weird for me.

I've recently been hanging out with the best friend of my sister, and as background, she's the kind that has a lot of guys hitting on her, broke with her Bf like a gazillion times but Sister said she was single so I thought of going for it.

Well, we've been hanging out , I just recently went out on a trip and we mailed each other daily, she received me at the airport with balloons and stuff, then filled my room with balloons and left me letters, then while going out I can hug her as much as I want, hold , play with her hair and I can do that for as much as I want and she's just fine.
Now the weird:
classic car scene, I'm about to leave her at home, she doesn't go out of the car, I hold her hand, play with hair, she kisses me good bye and hugs me then I try to go for the kiss ,and she pushes me back.
I though I had every go signal checked, so what do you think?

Weird thing happened.. what do you think?

Sleep paralizes yea.

I once had that and saw an alien standing next to my bed.

Now my point is ofcourse that my mind was still partly sleeping, there was no alien in my room obviously.

It are basically this kind of things that are the source of ghost stories indeed but if you open a book or go to a doctor with it you'll find out it's something common.

Most people ofcourse don't do this and then you get those nutty people looking for ghosts, rofl.

Mainreason I know the alien wasn't real is because he looked exactly like the aliens I have in my nightmares more or less(I watch actionmovies from before I can even read, I think one such image of an alien movie is stuck in my head ever since, annoying as hell.

Do you think this is weird?

I am a 18 year old boy and for at least 5 years now, I have enjoyed wearing women's clothing. I have a girlfriend and I am definitely not gay and I adore women. I dress up whenever I get the chance but nobody else knows about it (except my girlfriend).

Both of us really enjoy it when my girlfriend chooses what I wear and we always try to make it as feminine as possible. She even has a set of drawers at her house where all of my feminine clothes stay (although we both share each others clothes most of the time)

Both of our families are away for a few weeks at the moment so I have been living at her house. Because there is nobody to catch us, I have been living my life as a woman while everybody is away. It has been some of the best days of my life.

To make breasts, I have been using some fake breast moulds which I have worn since everyone left. Every night, I have been sleeping in one of our nighties with some lingerie on underneath. I always wear matching bra and panty sets, normally with either tights or stockings and a garter belt. I just love waking up in the morning wearing these clothes (especially because it feels so nice).

During the day, I have worn lots of different feminine clothes, but especially dresses and skirts (with my lingerie). My girlfriend has bought me a french maids outfit to wear (and to clean in) and tomorrow, I will try on my girlfriends mums wedding dress (complete with all the wedding lingerie). I cant wait.

I also love to wear long ball gowns and princess style dresses (especially pink ones). I keep on having dreams where I am at a ball with my girlfriend, but I am dressed as a woman in it.

I have never been outside dressed as a woman, but within the next few days, I hope to go shopping with my girlfriend dressed as a girl.

Do you think this is wrong or weird? Have you ever done anything like it?Do you think I should tell anybody?