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Girls. Long Flippy Hair Or Short Styled Hair

What hairstyle do girls like men to have ? ?

Well personally I like guys with the skater/emo hair thats black. But if your like a super preppy guy then probibly the really ordinaray look with gel and spike type things. But thats just me good luck with what ever your doing.

Do short girls look better with short hair?

All depends! Not the best haircut for short girls who are on the heavier side (I’m 4′11.) So I go short every now & then in the spring/summer when I’m in shape, then long the rest of the year. Huge difference considering 1lb for the average woman looks like 5lbs on us shorties. LOVE being short! Big things come in small packages ladies

What are some best Indian hairstyles for very short hair (for girls)?

there many haircuts for girls with short hair but it depends on face shape, thickness of hair, what type of hair is it for example straight, curly or wavy. there are various haircut to go for like CREW CUT, PIXIE, WEDGE HAIRCUT, INVERTED BOB, ALINE BOB, GRADUATED LAYERS, LAYERED BOB, ALINE BOB WITH HAIR TATTOO. SOME EXAMPLES FOR THE SAME….

Short flippy hair for teen boys?

i know this is Zac Efron, ignore that, but do you mean like this?,r:1,s:0

GIRLS - favorite hairstyle on guys?

I like these:

I like sophisticated styles because I like sophisticated men.

Why do girls like feminine guys with flippy hair instead of strong guys with shorter hair.?

Because of the lie of the feminist agenda: turn the men into girls and the girls into men, and then no one knows who or what they are anymore. Tell the boys while they are young that everything God created them to be is bad, that being the protector and provider is putting women down. Masculinity is oppressive to femininity, and must be squelched. Tell the girls that thier natural instinct to be nurturing and feminine is a lie perpetuated by a male dominated society, so the girls need to be more masculine. In the end, everyone is miserable. Find me ONE truly happy and fulfilled feminist or man "in touch with his feminine side" that isn't lying to you to further the agenda to destroy the fabric of society and I will dance on the corner in a chicken suit.

Is boys hair stronger than girls hair?

alot of my brothers keep their hair long (but not super long) and none of them put anything over their hair at night and their hair is perfectly healthy

but god forbid my wrap slips off at night and my hair looks horrible by the time I wake up and gets damaged same goes for my sisters

Why don't the boys need to wrap their hair the the girls do?

Male Hairstyles. What hairstyle do girls prefer on men.?

Personally, I prefer a neat and stylish haircut. One that isn't too short, but it's so long that you can't see the eyes. All those "emo" hairstyles and mohawks are ugly.

I really like this style when Leonardo Dicaprio had it: