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Girls Share Your Opinions With Me

I respect to all opinions and thanks for sharing your opinions with me.?

Some people asked me how many i can speak Japanese. In fact i can make community with Japanese in Japanese very easily and i believe Japanese girls are very friendly and warmhearted at all and my friends that went to japan said it depends to your will and showing your love to your mate and japan women population is very large. I think in this large population there is many woman that would like to do this. but if you don't agree with me please tell me your reasons i will be happy to know your reasons.

Would you please share your opinion?

I signed up for a sports tournament with two of my friends (one boy and one girl). We were planing on practicing today and tomorrow, but when I called the girl, she said that she couldn't because she had to go to a store. Then, over the phone, I heard her mom tell her that she didn't have to go to the store. Then, the girl said, "No, Mom. I don't want to go," and told me she would see me tomorrow. I plan on telling her I know what she said tomorrow. I also planned on kicking her off the team, but I learned that I'm not allowed to do that. She made a commitment to out private coach, me, and the other member of the team weeks ago. It cost money to play in this tournament. Is it just me, or is she being morally wrong? What would your reaction be to this kind of behavior? Do you think it's right for me to tell her I know tomorrow? How should the coach and players treat her at practice? Thank you for your opinions.

What's your opinion on how this girl looks? (Try and be as descriptive as you can, Picture included)?

I think she's pretty cute. I love her hair and the way that it's styled. Pretty skin tone. Really pretty eyes.

Honestly... a 10 out of 10. :)

I would like to share this... i apressiate if you gave your opinion.?

one year ago i dated this girl which she was really attractive and cute but me in the other had wasn't so good looking to be honest. i was really skinny and out of shape and i had really bad style of dressing myself and a bad haircut. at first we treated each other with a lot of care like boyfriend and girlfriend and with time that it started to fade. that relationship that was built around care transformed to a relationship that she was only with me for feelings and nothing about attraction. she started to go out with friends and treated me like any other person. she just saw me whenever she wanted and besides that i still loved her and gave her my care. there were a lot of times i suffered by her but i still was with her. in the end she confessed me that she cheated on me with some guy way older than me. i was devastated and i'm not going to lie, i cried a lot of times for a month after that. i drowned that sadness by going to the gym to keep myself busy and changed my style of how i dressed and got a haircut. after that to be honest girls started to have interest on me and so did my ex. i found a girl who still makes me feel special and happy. my ex saw me once and i caught her attention. she thought i became really attractive and for that she wanted to get back with me. i laughed when she said it to me. i said no because she made me suffer a lot and because i was happy with someone else. some girls are really heartless and everyone is beautiful on the inside but its not bad to fight to be better. i would like to hear some opinions and sorry about my english, i'm portuguesse

What do you call a person who is always sharing their opinion?

I would call them outspoken.

Sounds like a reasonable description.

How to make myself irresistible? Guys & girls opinions?

So my bf is coming over tomorrow & we're gonna be alone together all day. I'm looking for ways to make myself completely irresistible to him to where he can't keep his eyes & hands off me & I wanna know how to make him crazy. [If it matters, we're both over 18.] Detailed ideas would be soo helpful. Thanks!!

Top 5 hottest anime bad girls?

Quite a few in Black Lagoon~

Revy = not really a bad guy, but she's quite the "bad" girl, lol

Shenhua = she was considered as an enemy in the second season

Ikkitousen has a whole bunch of "bad" hot anime girls, lol~