Give Me A Reason That This Life Isn

Give me a reason to not end my life?

I was in your position before. I made the biggest mistake of my life as well. I live with that knowledge and that regret for the rest of my life. When I look back from that point of my life to now, I can safely say I'm glad I didn't go through with it. There is a silver lining in every cloud. My silver lining is this: after that point in my life I've had some of the happiest memories ever. I enjoy the simple things in life. I was 14 at that time, I'm 19 going on 20 now and I realize how much my life has to offer. Of course I do battle with those feelings from time to time, but I always remember that if I did what I intended to do I would have missed out on all of this. And yeah, looking at the way the world goes sometimes it's easy to feel like there's no point in living. So why bother? For every ill there is in the world, there are more good deeds happening. Picture this for a moment: You are in a country where you always wanted to visit. Your spouse is with you, looking into your eyes, smiling. You are in love with that person and they are in love with you, and you'll always have that person with you. Imagine this: You are rich and successful. You've attained everything you've wanted in life and you have achieved all your goals. Close your eyes and imagine you have everything you want in life, you are happy, you are successful, you are well off. Something I carry in my heart: Everything I do, I do it in memory of a friend. I'm living not my dream, but her dream as well. Everything I do, is dedicated in her memory. Life is worth living for, though it may get tough at times. When that happens, close your eyes, and picture where you want to see yourself in the next ten years, the next twenty years. Promise yourself that you'll not be imagining it, but living it.

Give me a reason to live?

Well I think you have some really great answers here. I felt like that too at one point in my life. Around 19 years old to 24 years old. I am assuming that you are young. A lot of young people feel like the way you feel. I took antidepressants, but hated the side effects. On the outside I appeared to be so happy and wonderful, but on the inside I had so much anxiety and just felt blah. I started going to the library to the self help section. I found a book called "The Self-Esteem Companion" The authors are Matthew Mckay, Patrick Fanning, Carole Honeychurch, and Catharine Sutker. I really liked the book and ended up buying might want to look into it. There are simple and effective exercises to might feel silly at first, but it really is effective if you stick with it and do the exercises. I'm 33 yrs old and I still keep it in my dresser..although I don't really need it anymore. With time, you will get better I promise. The thing is I don't think you are trying to get better. You really have to try really hard and reach deep inside of you and find something that drives you and do it. Also exercise....VERY important. I wish you the will find happiness if you reach within yourself and not worry about the other people around you.
UPDATE...I just read the back of the book and thought I type it to give you an idea..."Positive self-esteem is cruicial to a happy, fulfilling life. How we feel about ourselves affects virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we function at work, in love, in sex, to the way we parent, to what we strive to achieve. You'll learn how to
Break free from negative self-concepts and self-defeating behavior
Deal with mistakes and criticism
Gain self-acceptance and a sence of competence and belonging
Understand and overcome your limitations from the past
Feel more self-confident in personal and professional relationships
Bertt575 has some excellent points. Sometimes you just need a little kick in the a**. My fiance that I met years ago basically put it to me straight and said I was being extremely selfish and willowed in my self pity and boo hoo violins playing. HIm talking like that helped me alot to realize just how selfish I was. Trust me, when you are older you will realize how silly you were acting, even though I'm sure it is very real to you now.

Give me one good reason to not end my life?

what if the solution to the problem was just right around the corner? you might miss an oppertunity to learn something you were wondering about, or gain some new insight into something that would give your life meaning. you will miss the beautiful sunny days and blue skies of spring when the birds are singing so beautifully, or miss the loving expressions of others who may enjoy your company,

that is why I never took mine years ago when I was tempted many of times, there was always that glimmer of hope that something better would come along or a the feeling would pass away, thankfully it always did.but worst of all you would cause grief for those left behind (which was another deterrent for me) they will always be wrestiling with feelings of guilt or wonderment or blaming themselves for that and they would never get any closure on the whole deal, that is a cruel thing to leave behind.

I have to say things did get better in so many ways it would be hard to explain in detail enough for anyone to understand unless they experienced it themselves.


Can someone give me a reason to not quit life?

I'm really frustrated.
It just seems like nothing I try will work.
I get nothing I really want.
My life is just one down after another down.
People mobb me because of my look.
Just take a look at my 2 pictures in my profile.
I'm ugly.
The lower half of my face is wider than the upper one.
My head is shaped like a triangle.
And theres not one person that told me that I'm not ugly after seeing me in flesh.
I can't get any girl and I'm 19 now.
This is NOT just a phase.
It was like that all my life.
So can anybody tell me, why I shouldn't quit it?

Please help me!!

Don't say something like "search professional help".
That won't help. tell me what I can do by myself.
Trust me, I know what I'm saying.

And I'm just posting it in this category, because I hope to get more answers.

Please help me.

I do not want to quit life cuz I'm ugly.
Just NOTHING I try works.
That's the main reason.
As soon as I try something, it just gets ****** up.
Don't matter how hard I try.

And yes I have hobbys.
The only problem is, that I'm at a point where I can't even enjoy my passion (dancing) no more.

Give me a good reason to live?

When I was 14, my boyfriend killed himself in front of me.
A month later, a dear friend was killed in a car accident.
My parents were alcoholics and I witnessed some pretty horrific scenes.
At 21, my twin sister took her own life.
A year later my father died.
I was divorced by 23 due to a cheating, lying husband.
My second year in college, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.
3 months before college graduation, I was attacked in the street and was hospitalized, missing classes and causing me to not graduate, after putting myself through 4 years of hell.
Shall I go on? There's more you know. A lot more!
But I still enjoy the hell out of a good cup of coffee. The autumn makes me happier then I can explain. The smell of the mountains fill my spirit. My strength is my best friend. My ability to say, "Nothing is taking away my power" and mean it is my fortitude. And you do have power. Power to see the world anyway you choose. Power to decide the minute you wake up how you will react to whatever comes your way. So your life is annoying. So change it! You have that power too. Besides, who's life isn't annoying? If you want to focus on that, go ahead, but don't complain about it. Change your perspective! Don't miss out of the few seconds, the blink of an eye we call life. Go out and love someone. Stay in and learn to love yourself!

Give me a good reason why I should live...?

Suicide isn't worth. How is rotting in the ground better than experiencing nature, and the fine things in life? Yea, life has it's terrible moments, and we have something go wrong every day, but 18 years old is a hard age, because you're now an adult, you have to deal with work, and perhaps you're still in school. It isn't easy, but it isn't impossible. I'm not looking forward to being 18, but at the same time I am. If God is what keeps you happy, then continue practicing Christianity, and try to find other hobbies you enjoy. There are tons of reasons to live, it just takes time to realize what it is that's so beautiful about life. For me, I found music and art, I love going to concerts and I love meeting new people. My life isn't exactly the greatest, but I don't let it bring me all the way down, I live life to the fullest. I've thought that ending my life was the right thing, but it really isn't. You'd be leaving so much behind. I hope I helped a little. I know where you're coming from, and I hope I encourage you to not harm yourself, and at least try once more to find your true meaning in life. Good luck.

“I don’t have a reason as to why I love you. You know…when someone loves you with a reason,the love ends at some point because the reason also ends during that point. Love ends when reason end and I don’t want that. You are mine and I want to make you mine forever. I don’t want to lose you. So…I love you without any reason.”On asking what are the reasons that he loves me, I would expect him to say this. When you love someone truly, you will never need any reasons…you will just love them. This goes for the girls also. And also start reading novels…you will get much more better ideas than this.Ciao!!

Give Me A Reason. Religious.?

All very, very good questions. Some comments:

1. It sounds like you want to believe something, but you are trying to believe what you grew up being taught. That's not the same. It also sounds like you -- like some Christians I know -- are trying to get to inspiration and enlightenment from selfishness, fear or a sense of duty. That won't work either. If you don't believe me, try it on your spouse or gf/bf.

2. This IS your sign. Go out and find your way. Live your life as though there is no tomorrow, because there may not be. You will become ALIVE. Every little glass of water, every butterfly, every breeze will seem beautiful and precious. And you know what, they are. They are gifts that you get not because you deserve them, but because you don't. If you are saving it all up for when you get to heaven, you're depriving others of your love, wisdom and company.

3. I can't answer the animals / children question. I had the same questions, though, when my grandmother died. All I can tell you is that our bodies go where they came from (back into the elements and compounds from which they were composed) and our thoughts and feelings live on in the lives of others we touch. If and when you feel like it, accept whatever doctrine of immortality and redemption fits you. But in the mean time, rest assured that nothing in your life is wasted unless you hold it back from others.

A word of advice. Stop trying so hard to find God. If He wants to, He'll find You. And if not, you still have a life to live, and time's a-wastin'.

Peace. I wish you well, wherever this journey takes you.