Give Me A Vampire Story

How do i start a vampire love story?

Well I'm starting to write a book about a teenage vampire love story. The story's about these group of vampires who are about 15-18 years old. They go to school like average people and they can go in sunlight. At night they hunt for blood. They have a master who is like 750years old and there is a civilization of vampires living underground. Their vampire tradition is to marry their own kind. But one of the vampire falls in love with a girl who he met at school and she isn't a vampire. They meet in secret and all but then one of the vamps catches them. And all these problems keep coming up in the story.

I know it sounds like twilight-ish kinda but thats where i got the idea from.

please help me to get the story sound good.

thanks for the help.

Ideas For A Vampire Love Story?

Don't make the "Edward" of this story like THAT Edward. Make him have his flaws and weaknesses besides your main character. Have your main character have her flaws and weaknesses too, but have more strengths than flaws. Like, for instance, she can cook a four course dinner, or she can play baseball. Don't make her out to be a "dimwit". Make the vampire seem strong, but at the same time he has his weaknesses. Do anything you'd do to a regular story. If it's nothing like Twilight, I might read it. Don't make it too mushy. Some people like that, but others don't.

So, the title of the story is "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville"? Sounds interesting.

Best of Luck,
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EDIT: Whoops, I wrote about technique, not story.

Idea 1: Main Character (MC) goes to a night school that just happens to be where vampires gather (let your imagination run wild)
Idea 2: MC moves into a house near a vampire, and she discovers it soon afterwards.
Idea 3: The vampire moves into the empty, creepy, house next the MC's house.
Idea 4: The vampire transfers to the college that the MC is going to
Idea 5: MC walking innocently to her house when the vampire runs by her, knocks her over by accident, and keeps running. She yells after him, and then she sees what he's running from, and jumps inside the gates to her house. The next time she sees him is under the same circumstances, but she's forced to run, because, she too is being chased. He saves her, and she starts falling for him.
Idea 6: MC just turned 25, and her mother is insisting that she start dating again, even after the previous relationship. The previous relationship could be, at eighteen, she "fell in love" with a dirtbag, and he proposed to her. She said yes, and they got married. After three years of marriage, he turns abusive, and she files for divorce. Mother of MC sets her daughter up for a blind date, and the date just happens to be a vampire.
Idea 7: Working in the office. She could work in an office, and a semi-scruffy, but good-looking, in a suit. He seems too good to be true when she starts falling for him, and THEN she discovers his secret.

Vampire story ideas???????

Here's an idea. I think you should actually have vampires be vampires. Like, not sparkle. But seriously, I would love to read a book about vampires that weren't the good guys and actually killed people and sucked blood and stuff. Whatever you do, the main character should not love a vampire, unless the main character is also a vampire.

What if you make it kind of like a mystery at the beginning where vampires are sneakin' around at night sucking people's blood but no one knows what's really going on, and the vampires decide to go after the main character, but she gets away, so she's being chased by the vampires who want to eat her and stop her from telling everyone about them. And yes, I know that was one, really, REALLY long sentence. :)

Hope I helped! Good luck! :D

What is a good plot story about a vampire?

I’ve always leaned on the idea of it being a late Monday night, the “class” of available humans being lower than that of a Friday/Saturday night, so the picking are slim. Finally spotting a defenseless, frail - “…a bit on the thin side, but bloodsuckers can’t be choosy on nights like tonight…” - he goes in for the taste.“…umm….a little less iron than I would norm…ah…oh…wo-o-o-o-o-o…what’s happening…head spinning…feet are light but I’m not floating…and those neon lights…they never looked so interesting before…”The vampire realizes something is very different that other meals. Even that guy, in 1857, at the Irish Pub, “…and, boy, did I ever end up with a hangover on that one.”After about an hour, the vampire begins to loose his “woosey-ness” and a craving returns.A different kind of craving.He becomes more reckless, feeding on humans who are more open and would potential lead to his capture. But he doesn’t care. The craving he is feeling is much stronger that that of blood; he’d never felt ‘sick’ about his blood cravings. No matter how much blood he consumes - even sucking down the entire supply of a major metropolitan hospital - there still seems to be an overlaying hunger beyond the blood, and he is having more pains in his his body than he can remember before.More out of anger then out of thirst, he stumbles into a city park and finds a person leaning against a park bench seeming to be asleep. Running purely on instinct, the vampire rips the victims throat open and begins to deeply feast…and finds the woosey feeling hitting him again.Sliding down on the park bench with his victim, the vampire’s eyes focus enough for him to see all the injection marks on his victims arm…and the realization that he was now just another “junkie” vampire.[Now, remember…when you get that six-figure deal from Random House for the First North American Rights, you’ll need to add the line “Inspired by an idea by Number 6ix, prisoner of The New Village, where he fears Rovers with an addiction to Norco.”]

Best Title for Vampire Story?

hi just to help you if any of the answers here aren't what you want. Write your title last, you can find words or phrases fro your story and include it into your title?

example: "I knew it was then, that I was awakened" then u could use the title awakened.

but here's ideas on the spot:
17 years of life
Doorway to darkness
Engulfed memories
Stolen Soul
Spark-less light/body
Emotionless Shell - shell as being the body if u get wt i mean
It stopped at 17
Crescent Night
Frozen breath
Ice Cold Heart
Unwanted Acceptance
Isolated Paths

hoped that i helped xoxoxo

I need a good name for my vampire story?

here is the first paragraph:
“Kaylin! Wait for me!” Jessica ran after Kaylin, panting and red-faced, “What?” Kaylin asked her, you might have thought Kaylin was Jessica’s friend, but actually, no-one was. Kaylin was a loner, practically because no-one wanted to be with her, she had long black hair down to her waist and glittery, purple eyes. She had a talent for maths and Phys Ed and always wore sparkly gold loop-earrings.
Kaylin was dead beautiful so all the girls were jealous, and the boys thought she was strange because she had always been able to see them sneaking up on her, they thought she had eyes on the back of her head. However, she did get upset at first, she wanted friends no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t get any. As the years went by she began to adapt to her troubles, she talked to her dolls instead and treated them like a family. Her real parents never even talked to her. Her mother had long black hair and blood red eyes, and her father a brunette with dark green sparkling eyes. Her mother absolutely HATED her. Her mother had tried to kill her several times, but Kaylin was very skilled. She could run faster than any runner in sports, she could calculate faster than any of her classmates and she could sense danger faster than any animal.

Give me a hand here, ive only got one... okay, maybe ive got two.

Is bad blood a good name for a vampire story?

Bad Blood: A Vampire Thriller (The Spider Trilogy Book 1) eBook: J.R. Rain, Scott Nicholson, H.T. Night: BooksBad Blood: A Blood Coven Vampire Novel (The Blood Coven Vampires Book 4) eBook: Mari Mancusi: BooksBad Blood (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Vol. 3) eBook: Nikki Jefford: BooksBad Blood eBook: Jonathan Maberry, Tyler Crook: BooksBad Blood (Cora's Choice) (Volume 3)Bad Blood (House of Comarré)Being Human: Bad Blood eBook: James Goss: BooksBad Blood (Crimson Moon Novels)The Edge of Hope: Bad Blood Book 1 eBook: Alina Popescu: Books… and that’s just the first page of search results. Picking a title that’s been used this much will make it hard to be distinctive. I’d find something else.

I need a Title for my Vampire/Werewolf Love story?

Ok this s kinda like twilight so no mean comments and crap about judging me on writing about vampires I usually write about other stuff but I wanted to try this so no mean comments!! ok so Its about these for guys 2 are vampires 2 are wear wolf's One of them Killed a girl they told there Secret two cause she flipped out and there guardian/mother figure told him to kill her so he did. It ruined him and his friend and they vowed to nerve fall for a human again that until they meet for girls that change them. Ok so its like twilight but more realistic and stuff the vamps are more mean control them selves that well. so I want the title to have to do with like Love Eternal /Everlasting life. Im thinking A Love Beond Forever and Always

What are the strongest vampire story ideas?

Many focus on seduction (or even romance) and while thats a part, whats more interesting is the idea of someone being turned into a monster against their will, the idea that anyone could become one of these, and anyone could already be. Of course there are the parallels of drug addiction, which is itself an interesting topic, or how the some rich sustain themselves on the lives of others. You can bring in elements of “The Underworld” and the dark, seemingly endless lore around it, like dantes inferno or tales of Hades and demons. Then you have the coldness of immortality, seeing the passing of history, questioning the meaning of existence and watching everyone die. These create an interesting setting for characters and stories, rich lore, history, philosophy, ultimately representing much of humanity through a dark lense. Its interesting, can be bery entertaining, and is something that hasnt been explored much. Id love a good movie about it.