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Give Me An Example How To Write And Speak Military Time

Can somebody help me tell military time?

Military time chart... really? Military time is told in 24 hours which is how many hours are in the day. The reason they do this is so people don't get confused when someone says "rendezvous here at 9" that could mean 9 A.M or 9 P.M and if they were doing a mission it could completely **** it up. Now if you say 2100 hours. that is 9 P.M. It just eliminate the confusion and probably has saved lives.

Here you go just in case you can't figure it out because I didn't explain it well...

Midnight (12:00 AM) -- 0000 hrs
1:00 AM -- 0100 hrs
2:00 AM -- 0200 hrs
3:00 AM -- 0300 hrs
4:00 AM -- 0400 hrs
5:00 AM -- 0500 hrs
6:00 AM -- 0600 hrs
7:00 AM -- 0700 hrs
8:00 AM -- 0800 hrs
9:00 AM -- 0900 hrs
10:00 AM -- 1000 hrs
11:00 AM -- 1100 hrs
12:00 PM -- 1200 hrs
1:00 PM -- 1300 hrs
2:00 PM -- 1400 hrs
3:00 PM -- 1500 hrs
4:00 PM -- 1600 hrs
5:00 PM -- 1700 hrs
6:00 PM -- 1800 hrs
7:00 PM -- 1900 hrs
8:00 PM -- 2000 hrs
9:00 PM -- 2100 hrs
10:00 PM -- 2200 hrs
11:00 PM -- 2300 hrs

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Advice for a military girlfriend?

If he is away for training he'll be again in no time. He is having a boring time. Lol. I'm lively duty myself (feminine) and in case your man is deployed..... Simply consider we are trained to survive! Exceptional thing is to consistently send packages, hand written letters on top of emails, and what helped me when my man used to be deployed used to be we both learn the same ebook and when we had a threat to speak we would talk about the chapter(s) we read. It helped us keep linked.