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Giving A Gift Card For Christmas To Your Significant Other What Are Your Thoughts

What do you think of this Christmas gift for my BF?

I'm having trouble finding a nice gift for Christmas for my boyfriend. I already got him a pair of sheepskin mocasins that he has been wanting, which were quite pricey but I'd still like to give him something else since he practically knows he got the slippers. I was thinking about getting one of those popcorn buckets that pop inside the bucket? If you know what Im talking about, and fill it with his favorite movie junk food and 2 movie passes and a gift card to his favorite resturant, like a date in a box almost? What are your thoughts on that?

What are some nice gift ideas for a "male" significant other? 100 dolalrs or less?

Hard to say, considering you haven't told us what kind of guy he is.

Does he have an iPod? An iTunes gift card can be nice.

Some DVD's or books? A new watch?

Maybe a nice outfit? Or perhaps some loungewear, so that he can be comfy at home.

Does he work out? Maybe he needs a new pair of athletic shoes.

Possibly a couple of board games, and a gift certificate for dinner in...You could have an evening at home.

Good luck!

Why ask me what to get your significant other for Christmas?

No, you are not the only one perplexed. My favorite questions are the ones in the relationship section that ask

"This guy looked at me and smiled at the store, what do you think that means?"
-What kind of idiotic question is that?

Or the ones like:
"The guys at school are always slapping my butt and flirtining with me, what does that mean?"
- At least if you need someone to boost yourself esteem, don't try and hide it. You aren't fooling most of us (that are older than 14) and because I know what stupid games you are up to I"m just going to tell you that it means you are stupid and ugly.

I’ve always given gifts until the past 10 years and then, I began to give experiences.As a grandmother of 10 (all 10 in one family…7 adopted and 3 biological) doing something the day AFTER Christmas has been a blast!We’ve gone to a Winter Park that has ice skating, snow intertubeing with lifts, horse drawn sleighs and hot chocolate by a bonfire.Another year I rented the event center for roller skating and pizzas.(didn’t cost much)A little imagination and everyone is happy.This year unfortunately, I’m too poor for anything for anyone. It’s hard to live on Social Security by myself. They understand and I knew it was inevitable.Good run while it lasted!I decorate and love everything about the beauty of lights and snow.Fort Collins Colorado is lit with LED lights beginning Nov. 2 until February. It’s beautiful!Candlelight at Church, Carols and Hallmark Christmas Movies with my 14 year old grandson.I bake gluten free goodies for allergic friends. Cookies for the Church cookie exchange.Here every family member made a house out of graham crackers and candy for a Christmas Village. We had lots of laughs!Even though I’m poor, I’m not poor in joy.There’s nothing I want. I’m at peace and have a good life.Nothing stops me from participating in the Nativity Season!

No gifts from your Boyfriend/ Husband/ Significant other?

It stinks (been there) !!! We agreed to watch spending on gifts and so on. Since we do things all the time we always felt that overspending at a certain time wasn't necessary. But we always agreed on the very least a card. On our tenth anniversary there was nothing ... and that same Christmas no card either ... needless to say we've had 3 years of tense attitude because he's been a little mindless and so I've also stopped worrying about whether I buy him a card as well. Now it's not that we don't love each other but I just got over worrying about getting that from him. He takes good care of me, cooks, shops, respectful, caring and so on ... he's just not good at always making sure he's got a card or a gift and I've just adjusted to that.

You have to know what you need and tell him now that it DOES matter to you. And maybe remind him before that you do expect it ... because you'll only get more mad, upset and resentful if you don't play it honest and upfront all the way.

Been there done that and I've been with him for over 20 years.

good luck to you

Urgent!christmas gift for a girls in their early 20's?

i do no longer think of that is ill for a guy to have an interest in women that age ...they are progressed via previous due little ones and early Nineteen Twenties yet once you're on your 40s you somewhat could be fairly some distance previous the degree of attempting to %. up women because of the reality "youthful girls human beings" for a guy who's 40 3 could be like 30s-40 unlike 17 yeah that isn't precise.

Holiday gift ideas to a significant other's parents?

You can still get ideas from your boyfriend, you just have to ask differently. Find out what kind of stuff they did as a family when he was younger. Then go from there with a gift that is neutral, and include a gift receipt in case they need to return it.

Another possibility would be a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. Ask your boyfriend what restaurants are close, or maybe something nice in the next town. Call and see if you can get a gift card mailed to you or if you can pick one up while there. Then find a nice card to put it in.

Another nice idea is a good bottle of wine. This only works if they drink of course.

Last minute holiday gift suggestions: your significant other?

My relationship is kind of strange. I've been dating a girl off and on, but we aren't quite yet "together". I actually went out last Friday and purchased a Pandora bracelet with a charm to initiate the beginning of a new relationship (and hopefully a good long one!).

I've never really set limits about gifts though. I guess (being modest) I consider myself to be a "giver". Not that I have a lot of money to flaunt, but I actually enjoy helping others out if they need a little spare cash, or a surprise gift.

If the girl I'm purchasing the bracelet for ends up not being as into me as I hope for, well at least I only know I'm down a little cash. It doesn't hurt to be nice and sincere, especially during the holidays :)

Always. But it’s a family tradition that I simply refuse to surrender until the price of stamps exceeds my pension. The years of conversations with family members about who sent cards when I was young, how they connected to my parents’ or my life, and creatively displaying the cards so they were part of the holiday decoration of the house I grew up in are all wrapped up in the entirety of the annual ritual.There are several senior centers, as well as preschools, in my area that love to receive “gently used” holiday cards for all kinds of craft projects.I keep the ones from those I hold most dear for my kids to recycle when they clean out my things so they can laugh together that I was such a hoarder.

Maybe flowers; all in different colours from the rainbow. Of course only if they like flowers and if they're not allergic to them. Something they would like or perhaps even love! Even if they are a worst enemy of mine, I want them to be at least a little happy on Christmas Day, and any other day as well. You never know if they are already having a bad time, or you do know– I'm not sure if anyone knows or not.