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Goblin Market Essay Help .

I need help with an opinion essay...?

topic: "the government has a right to know what people are reading so they may determine who might be a threat."

my opinion is no the government should not be able to monitor, but i need more reasoning...can anyone help me out?

they essay question is derived from the book "1984" by: George orwell

Lord of the flies essay help?

piggy was a more down to earth character. Even though everyone saw him as a fat idiot, he really REALLY wasn't. He could see where things might go wrong, and had good, simple and effective ideas on how to fix the problems that arose. If they had just listened to piggy and kept things rational the story may not have turned into the macabre manhunt it did. Piggy was a voice of PEACE, the voice of reason if you will

Simon saw the hallucination of 'the lord of the flies' and how that if the boys' situation was not kept under control then disasterous consequenses may occur. He saw below the surface of the situation, and uncovered the truth of actual human potential. He had a broader knowledge of what was going on.

hope this helps (:


Critique my essay on Goblin Market?

for English, I'm doing a transformation of Goblin Market into a play so I know exactly what you mean. I like it and I agree with you on all the points you made - especially the theme of religion and tempation that Rossetti based the poem on.

Couple of things I would advice you to change is to stop repeating facts just for the sake of itl Like you say at the beginning that she worked with prostitues in about 2 sentences so you don't need to repeat it in the conclusion where you say, 'Rossetti spent much of her adult life helping to rehabilitate prostitutes'. It just takes away from your work because it seems like you don't have a lot to say.

I don't know your age but I'm 17 and in college and basing it on the standard of work I do for english, i would give it a C. If you made your sentences more complex, then it would have been a B.

"Goblin Market" and Marxist analysis. Please Help?

The "Goblin men" Are a metaphor for capitalism, and the exploitation of women by these capitalists. The Goblin men want her to buy their fruit, which I saw as a metaphor for consumerism . To get this fruit Laura has to sell her body, and purity, represented by the hair that she sells to the goblin men. Look at this passage in particular. Very powerful poem about the exploitation of women by capitalism. - That's what i got out of the poem at least, haven't read it until just now.

But sweet-tooth Laura spoke in haste:
"Good folk, I have no coin;
To take were to purloin:
I have no copper in my purse,
I have no silver either,
And all my gold is on the furze
That shakes in windy weather
Above the rusty heather."
"You have much gold upon your head,"
They answered altogether:
"Buy from us with a golden curl."
She clipped a precious golden lock,
She dropped a tear more rare than pearl,
Then sucked their fruit globes fair or red:
Sweeter than honey from the rock,
Stronger than man-rejoicing wine,
Clearer than water flowed that juice;
She never tasted such before,
How should it cloy with length of use?
She sucked and sucked and sucked the more
Fruits which that unknown orchard bore,
She sucked until her lips were sore;
Then flung the emptied rinds away,
But gathered up one kernel stone,
And knew not was it night or day
As she turned home alone.

Essay Idea Help PLZZZ!!?

i know this is a straight forward question but im having a hard time thinking of ideas lately and i was wondering if you could please give me some ideas for this

"Imagine we didn't have laws, courts, and the police. Under these conditions, describe a typical day for you as you move from home to school, work, shopping malls, clubs and friend's homes. Why would situaltions happen? Explain"
im not asking you to do my work, just please help me with a couple ideas please
thanks in advance

I would suggest that you come up with a complete package of ideas for marketing and selling a product that you are interested in.  When someone asks what to invest in, stock brokers will say "What brands do you use?  That is what you should invest in."Pick a product or a product line from one of the large multinationals like Unilever.  They own many products.  Research what marketing methods they use now, and then look for holes in their strategy that you think could use some improvement.Show that you are capable of the product and market analysis that is needed to really sell a client on your skills.  The more comprehensive your presentation, the better the impression you will make on the client.In your presentation, remember the Powerpoint 10-20-30 rule.  No more than 10 slides, no more than twenty minutes, and no font smaller than 30 point.

"The Hobbit" class essay help?

The entire theme of the Hobbit was about how a small and insignificant homebody like Bilbo could meet his fears and rise above them to become a hero. At the beginning of the book, Bilbo was mostly concerned with his pipe, his home, comfort...etc. By the end of the book, Bilbo's role had grown to the point where he had saved the lives of all of his companions several times over, was trying to find ways of keeping a war between the elves, humans and dwarves from occurring...and would eventually play the guardian of sorts to the most powerful relic in Tolkein's world...the ring of power.

Keeping that in mind, how did all of the minor characters in the Hobbit usher Bilbo through his growing process.

Gandalf saw Bilbo and knew that there was something special inside of him. So, he pushed him out the door where Bilbo would be able to grow.

Thorin Oakenshield saw Bilbo as small and worthless. Bilbo, at the time, agreed with him. Eventually Bilbo saved his life and Thorin became indebted to him.

The Goblin King and Gollum threatened his life and Bilbo managed to keep his head and survive. This was Bilbo learned that he could have terrifying experiences and survive them.

The spiders showed him that he could do more than just survive. He learned that he could also conquer and be heroic.

The elves taught him patience and how to use his head.

Smaug is where Bilbo's full glory was revealed. He stood in front of a monster that was so large that it had toppled an entire kingdom. And in that place that was so ultimately scary, he was not only brave, he was actually even cheeky and threatening.

In the end, Bilbo just went home and took up his old life again. Outwardly, he hadn't appear to change much. And he hadn't. All of his changes occurred inside.

Granted an invisibility ring and a sword that tells you when monsters are close at hand probably had just as much to do with his bravery as did Bilbo's own natural willingness to become so.

Good luck.

Political science essay..HELP?

so im doing an essay exploring the reasons why communism decayed in the soviet union while being sustained in china.

our teacher wants us to hand a paragraph thesis idea which is suppose to desribe an outcome and at least one factor involved in that outcome and another paragraph outlining some time expectations...

does anyone have any good ideas that i can explore regarding these issues to jumpstart this 15 page kind of scrared that this paper has to be so long...i have never written a paper this long and i dont know how i am suppose to keep the attention and focus of the readers for this long ...any ideas how to successfully break down this topic?

Any help would be great :)

Writing college admissions essay. HELP!?

A lot of the schools I applied to used the Common App, which was great because I could use exactly the same main essay. Most of them, though, required supplements (often in the form of essays about why you wanted to go to that particular school). Most of the schools that didn't use the Common App either asked for a writing sample about anything, or asked an essay question that was so similar to my Common App essay that I could tweak it just a little and make it work. So I ended up with about 4 slightly different versions of one essay, and about 4 supplemental essays. You'll probably end up having to do the same thing. If you can do it over the summer, write one fantastic essay on a general topic like a person that's influenced your life or the accomplishment you're most proud of. If you can, find the specific questions for the schools you're looking at, but chances are you'll be able to use an essay like that for most of them. You can send that exact essay to multiple Common App schools, and you should be able to tweak it for other ones (I also use parts of my Common App essay for scholarships and even class assignments, so it's a pretty useful thing to have senior year!). The more prestigeous the schools you're applying to, though, the more likely it is they'll require supplemental essays. You won't have to write 20 essays, but they add up. And they get really draining after awhile. I'm a good student and a hard worker, but I ended up spending 5 hours one day trying to write the first two paragraphs of a scholarship essay just because I was so burned out writing them. It gets really, really exhausting. I applied to 10 schools, and I can't recommend highly enough that you apply to fewer than that. Spend this summer narrowing down your options - visit schools, talk to friends in college, look at guidebooks, read college and college search webpages - and figure out the schools it's most likely you'll go to. Choose a "reach" school or two, a few that you really love and should be able to get into, and one or two "safties" that you know you'll be able to get into and would be happy with. Your applications will be better and you'll feel so much better if you don't get burned out.

Why on Earth would it be unethical?I’d suggest emailing as many universities/colleges/academies/etc as you can directly with something like Mail Chimp, but email the student manager folks, not just the institution.Find, join and advertise on student forums with links to your website.Advertise in social media, which most people of that age group use regularly.Depending on your plans, make it affordable to students, most are somewhat lacking in spare money to publish.