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Going To The Gym But Then Again No

Will we gain weight if we stop going to gym and working out?

Yes & no.Yes you will gain weight .The food you take daily & the extra calories consumed eating junk food will not be burnt in work out and consequently results in gain in weight.When you are in working out mode your body has a revved up basal metabolic rate (BMR)but that would slow down if you stop the work out & consequently the extra calories you have consumed through eating  junk food and/or eating a little extra everyday or week would result in weight gain.But remember even when you are working out in gym  pigging out on junk food would result in weight gain.No.You do not need elaborate gym work out or high intensity cardio outside gym to control weight gain.All you need to do is keep minimum work out or just work out when you feel like subject to time available to just keep the  BMR not slowing down.Most important control your eating by not pigging out on junk food & daily intake of food is to suitably adjusted to prevent extra calories getting loaded (as this results in weight gain)Adding a daily walk through out the day & keep moving & fidgeting helps to burn calories to keep your weight in check.A gym workout helps in building muscular mass ,bone density  & strength by use of different equipment available there & used by you regularly.But you could do plenty of resistance exercise everyday with body weight - work outs at your  own convenience or a simple pair adjustable dumbbells could be useful to maintain physique.Most important is not eating too much food everyday/week/month/year & that is the key to stop weight gain.I do not believe in dieting which is very tough on the body & mind .All the extreme dieting  tricks leads to failure & a rebound weight gain so I am personally not for it.

Should I go to the gym today or go shopping?

I too have to choose whether to go to the gym today or go shopping and honestly, I'm leaning towards shopping.

I have no motivation to go to the gym.?

When I first bought my year subscription, I went every other day, now I haven't been to the gym in one month. I feel kind of sluggish this season, and I want to get back in shape. I vaguely remember I had hard abdominals, now they're gone because I didn't keep them up.

I think the reason why I am neglecting the gym is because it is cold and dark outside so I can stay home (thinking to myself), and have too many distractions here at home.

What can motivate me to go to the gym regularly again? Thanks!