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Good Horror Movies To Watch

Good horror movies to watch with friends?

I might catch flack for this one, but let me throw it out there and explain my case.

Shaun of the Dead

It is perfect for a horror movie night with your friends for 2 reasons.

1) It is a zombie movie, so the fear of zombies is there, but it is also meant to be funny. So not only will you all be huddled together during some of the intense parts, but you can also all relieve some of the tension when the funny parts happen. (Just be advised it can be a little bloody in some spots, just in case that's something you didn't want to see. It also has some language.)

2) The movie is usually billed as a comedy. The first half of the movie is really funny and light hearted. But trust me, (I wrote a paper in college about this movie, so I know it inside and out,) about half way through the movie it takes a dark turn and gets very intense.

I always say that horror movies that are funny are even more scary, because just when you think your safe and laughing, you let your guard down and that's when they get you.

Hope you have a fun night with your friends.

What are some good PG 13 horror movies to watch with friends?

Here’s a few good ones you should check out:Happy Death Day (ground hog day meets slasher)World War Z (zombies)The Visit (psychological)The Unborn (paranormal)Alien Franchise (monster)When a Stranger Calls (slasher)Split (psychological)Tucker and Dale vs Evil (slasher/comedy)

What are some good horror movies to watch?

The others have some good suggestions, but let me add

Let Me In (I liked it better than Let the Right One In)
30 Days of Night
The Shining
The Silence of the Lambs (The only horror movie to win best picture)
Nightmare on Elm Street (Only the first one, the others are crap)
The Descent
The Others
Interview with the Vampire
An American Werewolf in London (cheesy fun)
Hellboy 1 & 2
Red State (although it falls apart in the second half)
The Ring
Evil Dead 2
The Serpent and the Rainbow
Red Dragon or Manhunter (based on the same book which came before Silence of the Lambs - Manhunter was better)
The Thing both versions 1982 and 2011

Overrated Horror Movies:
The Exorcist (only good in the last third)
Wickar Man

Good scary movies to watch?


The Hills have eyes (1+2)
The grudge
Amityville Horror
The mist (not that scary but good) :)
Saw... how ever many they are of them...
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Changeling (1980)
Pan's Labyrinth... in a different language, and you'll have to read the subtitles but it is a VERY good movie!!
Evil Dead II (1987)
Darkness falls
Child's play - Chucky... :P
The Omen
House of wax
The last house on the left
The eye
The body snatchers
The uninvited
The descent
Friday the 13th
The orphan
Jeepers creepers (1+2)
Silent Hill
Final destination... all of them...
Sleepy Hollow
Don't be afraid of the dark
The new daughter
The Rite
100 feet
Case 39
The village
Ghost Ship
Children of the corn
The ward (watched this recently was good... :D)
The strangers
The Four Kind
13 Ghosts
White Noise
Village of the damned

Well hopefully that will be enough........ :P

I want to watch a genuinely good horror movie that has some terrifying scenes and a marvelous plot. What are some good ones worth watching?

The type of movie that you requested would come under the category of intelligent horror movies with shock value.Look no further than cabin in woods for your requirement.Other recommendations, if you are interested in a plot and can adjust to slow movies, occulus.Kairo is highly recommended as well.RecRoom 1408Moribito is a good documentary style horror.The fog by john carpenterReturn of the living dead is enjoyable till part 2Zombie italian movie famous for certain ground breaking scenes

Which is by far the best horror movie to watch at night?

I am a huge fan of the horror genre and according to me these are the top movies that can be watched at night:The conjuring2.   Dead Silence3.   Insidious(Only the first part. Third part is OK but the 2nd part was a big disappointment)​4.   Grudge 1,2,3​5.    Annabelle​6.    The Shining​7.    1408​8.    Oculus​9.   Case 39​10.  Exorcism of Emily Rose​11.  The Babadook​12.  Sinister​