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Good Ipod/ Iphone Speakers

What is the best iPhone/iPod speaker dock?

What exactly are Docking Speakers?Docking Speakers aka ‘Speaker Docks’ give out two advantages.They allow cableless connection of most devices to let you enjoy your music. In the process, your device is charging.You just position your device on the charging dock and presto! You’re solved with your audio-streaming and charging needs!Today, various manufacturers cater the need of dock speakers for the Android users. The specs might differ from one model to another.Docking Speakers Hot PicksManufacturers have been going bananas since Apple released the concept of eliminating cables in connecting iPods to audio systems. Now, users can choose from the thousands of designs for Docking Speakers. Save yourself from the hassle of picking which is which. Check out our detailed tally of the best Docking Speakers!1. Jarre Technologies AeroBull2. Parrot Zikmu3. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air4. Sony RDP XA900IP5. Soundfreaq SoundStepThere’s always an upgrade in the electronic world. Specific specs will come and go. Your choice of docking speakers depends on your needs and ability to acquire one.

Which model iPhone has the best speaker? Do they all have the same one?

Whichever one(s) is(are) newest. They increase speaker quality on almost every phone release. So as of now, the 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, and XR all have the same speaker quality. Since the XS is an “S” model, they didn’t improve much. Although, if Apple follows their usual pattern, the iPhone 11 should have better speaker quality.Cheers!CGH

Is Ihome a good brand for ipod touch speaker?

Well iHome will be good for it because it's made especially for ipod. I liked the iphone but I decided to go with the Sony Speaker Dock / Clock Radio for iphone / ipod. It works fantastic with my ipod touch! I can crank place my ipod touch into the dock and charge it. It comes with a little mini remote that controls the ipod music or the radio. The alarm clock can be set to play a song when it goes off. It works fantastic!

Is the iPhone 4 good?

Im thinking about getting an iPhone 4 for my birthday and just want to know from those of you who use it, is it easy to work with, is the camera good, can u text and sms easilly, and can u play the music on ipod speakers?

Which iPod/iPhone audio speaker docks do not audibly hiss while idle (no music playing)?

We have the Bose SoundDock right next to our ears when sleeping. Either the system has a switch or low signal/noise ratio but whatever it is, it is completely silent when the iPhone is charging but not playing music.SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth® digital music system

How do I connect an iPod to a Mackie Thump TH-15A speaker?

You can connect a ipod to that powered speaker - no problem. The only tricky part is that it will not be stereo unless you buy a pair of Thumps. That speaker only has a single XLR input:

You will need a standard 3,5mm to XLR "Y" cable:

You will then just connect one of the XLR to the back of the speaker and leave the other one disconnected.

It would be better to get a pair if you can - that is a great speaker for the money.

IPhone speaker: one side seems louder than other?

Whenever I play music on my iPhone, the left speaker (on bottom of phone) is louder than the right side. If I cover the left side, I can barely hear the right side. Should I contact Apple or AT&T about this? Has anyone else have this problem or is it just my phone?

How good is the sound quality on iPhones/iPods, as compared to the best gadgets out there?

Depends, are you talking about the built-in speaker quality or the headphone jack quality?Well…. actually, maybe it doesn’t depend. Although I don’t have all that much data, I’d estimate that they’re both about average.The speakers are down-firing, which is pretty common for smartphones. From what I hear, they’re generally pretty loud and reasonably clear, but having them only fire downward makes them solidly average, easily beat out by phones with stereo front-facing speakers (like Nexus 6P or ZTE Axon 7), and even by phones with only one front-facing speaker (like my 2014 Moto X or the Nexus 5X).As a high-end device, the iPhone (until the iPhone 7) has a pretty solid DAC/amp onboard. It’s not particularly weak, although it’s also not particularly strong. It’ll do fine with consumer-oriented headphones, and respectably on more power-hungry headphones, but not as well as something with a particularly strong DAC/amp combo, such as the ZTE Axon 7. (I’m mentioning it again cause it’s the only one I really know of that has extra-powerful onbaord audio, plus it also has really good front-facing speakers.)So basically, not bad, but not exceptional either. If audio is your top prioriy on a smartphone, you can probably do better than an iPhone.

What is the best pair of speakers that can hook up to a computer, iPod, iPhone and Android device?

AudioEngine 5 (  Fantastic build quality and attention to detail (the company was set-up by two ex-Apple employees). Sound quality is exceptional for the price.