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Good Novels For Practicing Acting

How to practice acting everyday?

Acting, by it's nature, involves interacting and reacting with others - so it's not something that can be done by yourself. But there are different aspects of acting that you can work on.

READ - plays and scripts of all kinds. Be open to reading things that might be a little challenging for you at first. Keep an eye out for characters you love and monologues you want to develop. But as you read - don't just focus on the plot. Think about the different characters and their relationships with each other and how the author expresses those things.

Practice cold reading auditioning skill. Pick up a script (or anything you haven't read before) and try to perform it. You want to be able to take in a sentence at a time - so that you can deliver one sentence well.

Watch clips from a TV show or movie - scenes that you live and then analyze them. What did the actor do in that scene that you found interesting? What is a different way the scene could be done? Things like that.

Be an active listener in every day life. Acting is more than just waiting for someone to stop talking so you can deliver your lines - you have t listen to the other people and react, so practice that in every day life

Learn and practice some breathing techniques to learn how to breath from your diaphragm. (An internet search can help you find some techniques).

Do vocal exercises (even if you're not a singer) and practice tongue twisters - again an internet search can give you some vocal exercises.

Stretch, do yoga, take a dance class, practice ti chi- learn your own body and how to move it and control it.

Take care of your body - find some physical activity/exercise that you can do regularly and eat healthy.

People watch - observe people around you and how they behave.

Get together with friends and play improve games. (Remember - acting involves other people.)

Keep a journal.

Read books about various acting techniques - they often have exercises you can try.

Have fun!

Tips on how to practice acting at home?

How can I practice my acting skills at home? What are some methods to improve my acting skills? I would go to acting school but there aren't any close by. Thanks!

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How can one start to practice acting everyday? Does it require going to an acting class daily?

To be a good actor, a lot of your work is internal. You need to build a strong sense of empathy. An easy way to do this is to read novels. As you read, ask yourself how you would be feeling as each of the characters. Try to get into their minds and hearts and figure out what they might do next before they do it. Good guys, villains, minor characters - try to get inside them all and understand what motivates each and every one of them. Pay attention to the time period, if they aren't contemporary. Learn what life was like for members of different classes in those times. A great actor develops knowledge of psychology, sociology and history, unless you just want a career playing yourself all the time. But for me, one of the greatest joys in being an actor is getting to live so many more lives than just the one I was born to.

How can I practice improv acting by myself?

Start your own group with a few fellow enthusiasts. Experiment. Get it wrong and despair. Get it right and celebrate. Rinse and repeat.Learning from books doesn’t work. You might get an idea of the concepts, but like tying your shoelaces or riding a bicycle, only practice will get you there.Most people in the field reproduce learned behavior, and a few brave ones just experiment and evolve their own methods from trial and error.If you build it they will came. You only have to be patient and committed. Forgive yourself and others for all the mistakes and all the time you will get it wrong. This is how you learn, there is no way around it.Do it for pleasure rather than “getting good” at it. The hardest you try the hardest it gets.Read Impro, by Keith Johnstone. It doesn’t tell you how to do it, but map out all the key principles in a very clear and human manner.A lot of other books are very prescriptive and will tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t work. They often forget to mention that it is only what work and didn’t work FOR THEM, to do the things that suite THEIR TASTE. The internet is full of impro games and you can make up your own too. With time and practice you can find your own way.Improvisation is the most frustrating and rewarding thing you can do with others. It is a never ending journey of discovery. I which you luck, forgiveness and laughter in your travels.

What are the best ways to improve acting skills?

1 Look at yourselfThis does not mean to just stand there and look in the mirror. Look at yourself and examine how you act normally, what do you do when you are tired. How do you walk around the house when you are upset, sad or frustrated? When you are excited, how do you answer the phone? How do you get ready for bed?For acting in front of the camera, everything you do is captured and magnified. So, it is the little things that you do on camera to express emotions, and feelings that demonstrate the best acting abilities. So by paying attention and understanding to how you normally do daily tasks you can improve your acting abilities#2 Practice Cold ReadingOften times, casting directors will have you cold read a scene in order to judge if you are to analyze a scene quickly as well as speak clearly. If you want to practice cold reading, you can take the advice of what Ronald Reagan did when he was an actor and read the newspaper out loud, cold. Or any book would work.By practicing cold reading, you will have one more ability that your competition will not have. Putting you at the top of the casting director’s list and mind.#3 Record YourselfTV News reporters spend hours if not days, in front of the mirror so they can better understand their facial muscles and expressions. If you are able to record yourself doing different facial expressions, talking, crying, or yelling you will be able to see what looks the best in front of camera. Think about it, even Jennifer Lawerence said that after watching herself in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ that she had a really bad crying face. If you are able to see what you look like in different angles, and expressions you will be able to act even better in front of the camera.#4 Read!There are a ton of books for sale that will allow you to learn from the greats such as the Meisner Method and other acting techniques. Take up a book and learn unique ways to audition, to perform, and to get into character.OverallTo Practice Acting from Home, is not the garunteed way to success in Hollywood and landing an audition. But, it will allow you to use your free time efficiently. Talent is everywhere, it is the those that are willing to put in the hard work and time that are able to achieve success

What scripts can be used to practice voice acting?

What kind of voice acting are you looking to practice? There are tons of free scripts available online, if you’d bother taking the less-than-2-minutes to Google.If you’re practicing commercial voice over, you’d do best to look up a few ad reads provided online or by looking up pitches.For audiobook/narration, just try reading a book aloud with proper diction, emotion, and volume throughout.For my Character cold read workshops, I tend to use excerpts screenplays from movies with heavy dialogue (i.e. Reservoir Dogs, Taxi Driver, etc.) because they tend to demonstrate a way of acting naturally that you won’t necessarily find studying cartoons or animation.

What books have excellent scenes for actors to practice?

Nice question.There are plenty of them.But, there is this scene from the story ‘Tell Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allan Poe, which in my opinion, requires magnitude of acting prowess. Even if an actor wishes to grow into a better actor, I think this scene provides a lot of scope for that.The protagonist has to play an insane fellow. Well, not insane actually. It is complicated.The last scenes where he tries to act all normal and that nothing has happened and he cannot control the voices he hears and the way he tries to conceal what he has done wrong, is tremendous.And for actors who wish to emerge our as better actors, I think this is the ultimate scene to be enacted. It is intense and clandestine at the same time.Apart from this there are beautiful scenes from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ written by Shakespeare. Actually, every one of his novel.There is ‘Train To Pakistan’ which has scenes to be practised by actors and numerous stories by Leo Tolstoy.I also think the story ‘The Adventures Of The Dancing Men’ from Sherlock Holmes short stories will be great too.Thank you!

Where can I get some romaji scripts for voice acting training?

Here is a good site that has romaji and Japanese scripts. Not sure if you've found them already since I'm 3 days late but yeah. I'm also an amateur voice actor. It's awesome to help out my mates. Hope I helped. :)