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Good Quality Nonexpensive Digital Cameras For Teenagers

What is a good first camera for a teenager?

There's a lot of questions I'd like to ask here...What makes her want to move from the camera in the phone to a dedicated camera?  There might be something specific that she'd like to photograph but is having difficulty because her camera phone is not capable.  In this case, what she is trying to photograph could guide your choice.  It could also be that she knows someone else who is now using a camera instead of a phone.  In this case and if the someone using a camera is a friend then the kind of camera the friend is using (shared learning experience) might guide your choice.If the interest is general then you might want to consider a budget and then take a trip to a camera store (perhaps not purchasing right then).  What I advise people is to handle various cameras and see what is comfortable in your hand and easy for you to change settings.  Some phones use dials and buttons others are touch sensitive.  I can tell you what I like to use and why but I cannot tell you what she'd like to use.  You can talk about what she likes and why.  You may get the benefit of help in selecting the right camera for her and she may get the benefit of learing about how to make good consumer choices.You may also want to view the answers here:  What's the best way to buy a DSLR camera?

What's a good beginner DSLR camera for teenagers?

When thinking about what DSLR to buy for a teenager, make sure to purchase something that has manual settings. It does not have to be the highest end or a full frame, but if your teenager is interested in photography, manual settings are a must. This way, your teenager will really start to understand how a camera works and be able to build on their skills as they grow. Look for a basic DSLR that is easy to use, has at least 24 pixels (otherwise their phone will most likely take a better photo), and has manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.My preference for ease of use are Nikons, but Canons are amazing too. You are probably looking at an investment of around $500 for the basic set up. As your teenager gets better at photography and finds their specialties, you can start adding different lenses and accessories.This is an investment that is meaningful. It will possibly be a career path for your teenager, so embrace it and encourage them to learn as much as the young can. I have a free e-course that teaches how to use each manual setting on a DSLR and might be an excellent way to get you and your teenager on your way!!

What kind of camera should I get? (teen girl)?

Hi! Ok so I'm a teenage girl who likes taking pictures. I like to take them on my phone and then upload them to Instagram or Tumblr. But lateley, the pictures my iPhone takes just aren't doing it for me. I don't know that much about cameras and I just want a camera where I can take it and it will be a good picture without worrying about the focus and stuff like that. So I'm asking for one for Christmas and I'm having trouble knowing which one to get! I don't want to break my mom's bank so I need a good camera that's not over $500. If you could give me some ideas on which camera to ask for that would be great. Thanks so much!

What is a good and cheap Professional Camera?

ur price range is hard for me to recommend a professional camera.Sony Alpha DSLR-A330L may the best one.more info
but I think it's enough for using in is a professional one
a little expensive

What is the best digital camera for kids?

I have an 8 year old and 5 year old. I let them use my old Canon S500. The S500 feels very solid and has taken its share of abuse from the kids and keeps working. The camera has a mostly metal body. I've noticed that the camera sensor has developed an issue (that seems to be somewhat common for this model) in that it has a light purple tint at the top of all of the images. The kids don't care. Before that, a friend gave us an older Canon S400 with a cracked LCD screen. The camera had an optical viewfinder, but worked fine otherwise. Looking at eBay it seems like these Canon cameras can be found for ~$20-$50. The only caveat is that the batteries can be expensive. I had a couple of them, so it wasn't a big deal. If the S500 I have were to break, I'd probably just try to pick up a cheap one on eBay. Good luck.

Where can I buy cheap nanny cameras that are small and good? I’m a teen who suspects her 22 year old brother does inappropriate adult things with his girlfriend. I need to capture proof to confront him.

first of all, why do you need to confront him? he’s an adult and im assuming his girlfriend is to, and by ‘adult things’ do you mean sex? or some kind of abuse? if its sex, no you do not need to record it, that is extremely creepy and inappropriate, it is their business as adults to do as they please. if it is abuse, i suggest you set up a phone to record somewhere where you think its happening, retrieve the phone when he leaves the room and if he is indeed beating ( or some other cruel thing ) his girlfriend, instead of talking to him about it, considering if he has the capabilities to hurt his girlfriend its probably not above him to act violently towards his sister, instead, go to your mom, dad, or some other trust worthy adult, show them the video, and have them confront him

Best affordable digital camera?

Looking for an *affordable* digital camera. By affordable, I mean cheap, because I am an unemploymed teenager. I could do in the $250 to $300 range. I currently have a Canon Powershot, but if I want my photo to look at all like it did in real life, I have to heavily edit it. Sometimes photos are way too dark, other times they re very washed out. If it was a sunny day, the sun will create a thick white stripe through the picture. I don t know if that makes any sense, so I apologize for my bad explanation.
Most of the photos I take are outdoors, though a camera that produced high quality images indoors would be preferable.
Thank you in advance! ☺

What are some suggestions for a good budget DSLR camera for travels and treks?

I think most of all camera’s are same in terms of weight and size. Difference maybe in less than 100 grams (except canon 1D). Question should be which camera is versatile that can be use in travelling and trek for both photo/video in all day night situation.Here are some good camera’s which you can carry for travelling and trek.Nikon D3300Nikon D5500Canon EOS 6dNikon D810Also, I would suggest you to buy a Waterproof DSLR Camera Backpack Shoulder Bag. This will protect your camera in all seasons.Happy Travelling..:)Thanks,Nidhi Patel,Crive