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Good Shark Attack Movies

Any good horror shark movies?

Open Water

What is the most realistic shark attack movie?

It was in one of Jacques Cousteau’s movies. The diver was in an iron cage and a shark attacked. The diver filmed the attack from inside the cage. Jacques Cousteau directed something like 18 movies. This was a REAL attack, not CG.

What are the best movies of shark attack?

You can’t beat Jaws that came out in 1975.This movie is singlehandedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of sharks by humans who believed Sharks to be bloodthirsty monsters.It is also responsible for inducing fear among millions of people who avoid swimming in open waters till this day.Jaws had an iconic killer soundtrack by John Williams that still instills fear when played near swimmers.There were other movies such as Open Water (2003), Deep Blue Sea (1999), The Shallows (2016) and the upcoming The MEG that focus on Shark attacks. But no other movie, none can unseat Jaws as the king of shark attack movies!Do your kids a favour. Don’t let them watch Jaws till they learn more about the beautiful animal that the Shark is. First impressions matter and a movie like Jaws will definitely traumatize young ones and scar them for life.

How come none of these other shark attack movies are nearly as successful as Jaws despite today’s technology?

Storytelling.Technology doesn’t make great movies. Storytelling does.For example, a large part of Pixar’s culture is that they don’t make 3D animated movies. They tell stories. Animation is simply the medium in which the stories are told.Jaws is a great story well told. Most other shark films are just special effects laden, b level, monster movies.Jaws is a story of a small town sheriff trying to do what’s right despite the financial motivations of the town government.It’s the story of an old man facing the ghosts of his past - told in an absolutely stunning scene.It’s the story of a budding marine biologist on the cusp of a groundbreaking discovery.Oddly enough it’s become one of the maxims of filmmaking, dealing with constraints and problem solving can force a director into a better movie.Part of the lore of Jaws is that they had terrible problems with the shark (Bruce). So during production Spielberg had to rework large portions of the script. He creatively solved the constraint of showing shark attacks without a working shark. The results were terrifying and spectacular.I’d also argue that all that new technology isn’t that big of a benefit, and in reality, it’s a handicap to newer films. Jaws feels authentic because the shark can’t fly out of the water, flip three times, fly in a tornado, and land on an actress. Forcing the physics of the shark into a more real situation makes the shark scarier than some physics defying animation.The other thing you have to realize is that Jaws was a groundbreaking film. It gave us the national release and the summer blockbuster. Those things didn’t exist before Jaws. When a picture is so big that it changes the paradigm for film distribution everything that comes after is in danger of just being a pale imitation.I took some digital animation in college. One of the tidbits our professor gave us was never to copy a famous work for our reel. Your work instantly will be compared to the original work. Everything after Jaws is just a poor imitation. And the public knows it because so many people have seen Jaws.

What are the best Shark Movies?

Deep Blue Sea, Shark Attack,The Deep, Red Water, 12 Days of Terror

What is the name of the movie with sharks attacking people in Walmart?

It's not a walmart but you might be thinking of the Aussie movie Bait (2012), which features a group of people and two sharks who are trapped inside a supermarket after a tsunami.

How do you make a shark movie?

Some important things you’ll need:Have a shark. (Computer generated recommended, stuffed one optional, live one not the best idea, probably.)I write my own damn lines. Try to stop me.Have a plot and script for the movie. Quite important.Have a camera to film the movie. (Requirements depend on what kind of movie you’re making, but an iPhone camera probably won’t cut it.)Have a place to film. A warehouse, your living room, mom’s basement… Anywhere you can put a green screen and move around a bit. And, since it’s a shark movie, you’ll naturally need a portable bathtub for your shark.Willy! Stop attacking us when we’re not filming!Have a computer to edit your masterpiece on. Something that runs a newer operating system than Windows XP would be good.Have someone actually do the editing. Whether that’s you or your sister’s genius boyfriend who seems to be Superman and knows how to do everything perfectly and makes your entire family increasingly lose respect for you, doesn’t really matter.An audience. Someone should watch your movie. That’s what it’s made for, after all. Unless you just like to make shark movies and then delete them afterwards. Mad respect if anyone actually does that.Optional things you can get:Separate microphonesCatering from momBand-aids for shark bitesMore actors than your younger brother and little 5th grader Billy from down the streetCheap lawyer so Billy’s parents don’t sue you after subjecting their child to traumatic experiences involving sharksA real lake/ocean to film your scenes nearby (this one might be harder to acquire. Oceans cost a lot to even rent)And that’s about it! Hope you enjoyed my tutorial to penetrate the booming market of shark movies!

What Shark Movie is This?

There is a shark movie when a girl is parasailing and the shark comes and drags her down by the parasail rope. I can't remember it.but i know for a fact it is a girl that is parasailing. Help please

Are the sharks in the movies real?

No. If you see actors in a movie interacting with sharks, you can be sure that it is one of the following cases:They are real sharks, but they were filmed separately from the actors and the scenes were edited together ("intercut") to make it look like the people and sharks were in the same place at the same time.They are real sharks, but the actors and the sharks were kept apart by a thick piece of glass that looks invisible in water.The sharks were very realistic animated drawings of sharks ("computer graphics", or "CG") that were added to the scene after it was filmed. OrThe sharks are fake. Here's a photograph of "Bruce", the most famous fake shark of all time, from the first and most important shark film ever made: