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Good Shoes With Arch Support For Job At Subway

What do you think of New Balance shoes?

New balance is a well made shoe. Some of their models are made in the USA. In fact, they are currently the only company to assemble shoes in the USA (they have 3 factories out east). And I think they’re one of the oldest shoe companies to date.They’re made for wider feet, usually. I’ve been able to walk into new balance stores and find 2D and 4D sizes without special order. They also offer wide sizes for kids.The outsole of athletic shoes is blown rubber, and they tend not to rely on fancy features such as asics’s ahar, or Brooks DNA. They’re simply good reliable shoes. The minimalist line is top notch, but I think they utilize different materials for the outsole, and a different Last all together.I’ve used the minimus when hiking parts of the Grand Canyon. It never once let me down.They make outstanding shoes.

What is the cost of owning a Subway franchise in India? What is the ROI period & margin of profit?

This business seemed lucrative to me a few years ago and I am writing this on the basis of feasibility studies that our team conducted for a new Subway franchise in Mumbai. The numbers are from last year and may not factor any recent changes in franchise model.The cost of setting up a Subway franchise is anywhere between 45-60 lakhs, depending on the format (kiosk/counter/restaurant). This includes the franchise fees, equipment cost, training cost, interiors, branding etc for which the master franchise gives full support. Operating expenses (this will include your real estate rental, manpower, utilities) will be over and above this fixed cost. You are required to buy all raw materials from master franchise. If I remember correctly, you also pay a royalty / marketing fee of roughly 8% of sales on monthly basis. As a franchisee, you are expected to make gross margins of around 40%.Subway gives territorial exclusivity to its stores such that there is not more than one store in a 2-3km radius.The break even point will depend strictly on the number of sandwiches sold per day which in turn will depend on your store location.We dropped the plan to setup a franchise since we did not think the model was financially viable for our team due to the steep rentals and lack of already unpenetrated areas in Mumbai to setup new stores. We also came across few Subway stores that were making losses and were looking to sell out. Hence we finally scrapped the idea.I suggest you speak to their BD team by filling up a franchise request form on their website. They are quite supportive and usually get back to you in a week or so.

What do i do when i feel so apart from the world?

At some point in time, everyone goes through times like this. I know that things can be difficult and hard to talk about it, especially if you aren't sure what it is your feeling or why. Keep in mind that hormones can be an issue. Things that can get out of whack causing you to feel down. Thyroid issues can also cause problems and sometimes, you are just down. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You need to talk to someone. Though your friends are good to talk to, there are times when you need to talk to someone else like a counselor. Reach out to them. It will be hard and you may have to face some feelings you don't want to face. But it could be a medical reason and can be an easy fix. Don't wait, talk to someone. You aren't alone.

What kind of jobs do trendy (hipster-looking) people do?

I see a lot of people in their mid-twenties to early thirties dressed in their skinny jeans and gladiator boots on the subway in the morning (off to work I assume) and I've always wonder what kind of work environment permits this kind of clothes. I doubt all of them are musicians/graphic designers/Forever21 employees. Do they change when they get to their workplace or something?

How to tell my mom and dad that my girlfriend is pregnant?

My best friend got pregnant by her boyfriend who she had known and dating for several years. Her boyfriend came to her house alone and spoke just with her dad. In a very calm tone he explained how they would handle the situation and support the baby. Have a plan of how you will do this before you actually go and do it:)