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Got In A Fight With My Mom

I got in a fight with my mom.?

She always buys the lamest popsicles ever. They're the kind that come in a pack of 200, with the plastic casing. You know what I'm talking about? Cool. ANYways, I told her that I don't like those kinds of popsicles, that I only like the kinds with Avatar on them. And she got kind of sad. This was like 3 years ago. I think she forgot but I don't know what to do? help!

My mom and I got into a fight?

just to let you know im a boy and im a freshman in highschool...Alright this is gonna sound stupid but its a big deal, just bare with me. so my mom picked me up from school and asked the normal "how was your day questions" and we got to grade. I told her that i think i did well on my spanish test today and she said "well thats good because i know you didnt study and stuff" i flipped out because i did study. i called her names and then she was saying that i couldnt have studied much because i went out and played baseball until 7 with my friends but the reality is that she TOLD me to go. so that made me flip out more. recently my mom and my dad split and the thing that my mom always brings up that bothers her the most about their relationship is when my dad called my mom a "retard" for spilling a cup of coffee. shes brought it up a bunch of times and i know it bothers her. after she brought up the baseball thing i was so mad that i let my emotions get the best of me and i called her a retard for saying that i didnt study when i actually did. it was silent for a little while and then she started asking me unrelated questions because i could tell she was about to cry and then acted as if it never happened. i just gave her one word answers and eventually stopped talking to her. when we got back to our house she told me to go inside and cool off and i said "its not a matter of me cooling off, its a matter of you thinking about what you say before you make rediculous accusations"..but i sorta screamed now im inside and she was in her car on the phone for a little but had sunglasses on so idk if she was crying.. i looked out the window a minute ago and now shes gone. i dont know where she went but i dont want to call her and sound weak. i feel kinda bad...obviously.. what do i do? was i wrong?

I got in a fight with my mom...?

you may desire to recover from this apprehension, once you're youthful, or you may have difficulity continuously speaking with maximum all of us else. in an prolonged time a mate and that's not sturdy. you may desire to consume crow and bypass to her shyly, then say "mom, you recognize how lots i admire you, and that i don't want something to break that love, and the have faith we've. i'm so sorry for asserting what I did final nighttime, and it rather is bothering me. i'm specific I harm you, and that's not what i had to do. i'm so sorry" Then provide her a great hug. You do could desire to do this and step as much as the plate. you would be greater effective for it and experience greater effective for doing it. next time carry your tongue. in case you truthfully won't be able to be head to head. Then I recommend you employ your laptop and make her a card, with an explaination and apology. provide that to her in man or woman. Then provide her a hug and say you're sorry.

Firstly, try taking care of what caused the problem and try not to allow it again especially if it is from you.Apologise and remind her you're still the child despite how many times you get and will still get naughty. Tell her you only want her to keep forgiving and not replace you in her heart.Make a heartfelt promise of trying to adjust and avoid the near occasion of quarrels.If she's the cause of the quarrel, still accept to give in for there to be truce; after all she's your mother; however, when tempers has greatly simmered open a discussion in connection to the quarrel and lovingly, placating and of course with a bit or seriousness,(you can even spice up the air with her favourite drink or snacks or whatever she likes; like movies, it will loosen the tight knot of tensions in the atmosphere) let her know why her actions affected you. Make her know how you felt and how you were affected. I believe she will sober and apologies in a motherly fashion (love and understanding) though it might not be overtly dramatic with some people.Just beware! (Mothers are Gold! #realones#)Goodluck!

My mom and I got into a fist fight?

People/parents tear you down to build themselves up- Think about this for awhile. Words are not said to help you at all. Its only a trick to make abusers/parents feel good. When people are sick they say mean things to feel better. This goes for people at school as well.

Abusers use put downs, ignoring or hitting. You are tricked and thats why you feel bad. Abusers lie and have lies mixed with past truths other times. They have problems so its not your fault. Hurting people hurt others and were abused themselves. You are being abused.

Divorce, father gone, abuse, ignoring can make children grow up with all types of so called "Mental Problems" or turn them into abusers. Abusive mean people often call you names like crazy or mental disorders to abuse you. The "Chemical Imbalance" claim is false. It has been thoroughly discredited by researchers. They "vote" to make it a disease.." Its total fraud" -- Dr. Fred Baughman Neurologist.

It's okay to live away from abusers verbal or physical and cut them off. Dont speak to them. They will never change unless forced.

Remember- Read 20 sites daily on Emotional Abuse- also Tell your teacher.

God wants you to Forgive- which does not require talking to them- Call Child Protective Services transitional housing to age 21.

State directory-

Experience seeing this work.. Contact me I have questions for you.

I got in a fight with my mom and?

i find it helpful to act like nothing happened open a random subject if she seems iffy than say are u really still mad at what happened ___hours ago she will either say no and tell u how she feels or just say no! which means yes or she will actually say yes. . . if no and she talks ur in the clear but if

no! than u can be playful about it say good cuz i missed u give her a hug and such

yes! mom im sry its just. . . and when u said. . . or did . . . it made me feel. . . and i should of just talked to u nicely or . . .

I got into a fight with my mom and got kicked out what do I do?

I went out on my birthday to eat with my girlfriend while we were eating my mom called me cussing me out saying i lied to her about going to eat but idk how if i was eating well she said i lied to her and went to pick me up my mom is one of those people who when you think there right dont change there mind so anyways when i got home she yelled at me and i was trying to ask what i did then she cussed at me and i told her off so she attacked me and i pushed her and she fell and broke the closet i am now living with my dad and my mom called my moms girlfriend telling her not to let me live with them what should I do?

I just got in a huge fight with my mom for the fort time ever it went from arguing to physical over the course of 2 hours of her trying to punish me. It was my fault and when she went to "spank" me I fliped her and basically pinned her. Now she is saying I can't punish you which is true but I still want rules I miss it and it's only been a day. I miss her telling me to clean up and go to bed on time. This is the first time I have ever got in this big of fight with her.she hold fridges for a long time so how do I make it up to her???? Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated

In the heat of the moment we say things which we don't mean,do things which we don't want to .I remember one evening I came back from school, and wanted to play video games. But soon my school exams was suppose to start. My mom was repetitively telling me to stop playing, and study. And every time I was like in next 10 mins.After a while my mom came, she pulled out the power plug. And locked the video game inside a cupboard. I was angry. I said mean things, Really bad things to her.After a while I saw tears in her eyes. That night I was not able to sleep. Whatever I said in anger was continuously revolving in my mind. I was praying to God ,to not let any harm come to my mom. I felt horrible. Later that night I went to my mom's room and slept beside her.She knew I was regretting for your what I said. You know in mother/son relationship ,lots of words are not required.She knew how bad I was feeling and how sorry I was. Mom knows everything.What I learned that day is it's very normal to get upset and angry but never say things to people when you are angry. Cool down , think about it and then reply.Most of the times things said in anger make situation worse then ever.