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Green Tea. How To Prepare

How do I prepare green tea using a tea bag and what is its recommended dosage?

I usually drink green tea in office , so I don't prepare green tea using herbs. I use green tea bag for preparing it.Here is few query that I have regarding green tea bag:1)How many green tea bag should I dip in a cup of hot water?Each Green Tea bag contains approx 2 gms of tea. The norm is 2 gms per cup.2)How long should I keep the green tea bags in it?The ideal brewing time is 3 mins, depending up on the quality of the tea3)What is recommended dosage of green tea? Please answer in number i.e If I'm using 2 tea bags in a cup of hot water ,then how many times a day?The recommended dosage of green tea according to me is 4 - 5 cups using ONE TEA BAG. Putting 3 tea bags is not going to help youCurrently I dip 3 bags in a cup for 10 seconds and I do this twice a day.But I think it is beyond the recommended dosage. I heard that we should dip only one green tea bag for 2-3 minutes but couldn't find definitive answer.Rohan, my advise to you is :Drink green tea regularlytry and use whole leaf tea, invest in a strainerthe real benefit of tea comes from whole leaf teas.restrict your intake of green to 4 - 5 cups a day - assuming that you are a young dashing man with no health problems.Should you have any health problem like BP, Sugar, Diabetes etc… consult the doctor firstTry having Jasmine Pearls Green Tea, put 4 pearls in a cup and you can use that 3 timesElse switch to pyramid tea bags, you can reuse the tea bagAll the best, if you have more questions, feel free to contact me

Green tea turned red?

I was brewing 4.5 gal of green tea for my kombucha tea recipe. I boiled the water (well-water) and dissolved 9 cups of sugar and added 20 bags of green tea. I left the tea bags in over night, until the mixture was cooled to room temp. When I poured the tea into clear glass I noticed it was a deep red/ amber color. This has never happened before but this is my first time using well-water instead of regular treated city water. Does anyone know why this happened and if it's safe to use? Thanks so much!

How many calories in commercially-prepared lemon green tea?

Okay, I can't find specific information on that particular brand, unfortunately. I did, however, look into something similar to compare. I looked at Nestea Lemon Green Tea, which is available in America. That has 337 calories per 1L. Granted that's not the same brand, but similar in the least.

Actual, straight green tea is actually calorie free and incredibly healthy. However, as most Westerners aren't a fan of the taste, preferring their drinks to be sweeter, sugar is often added. In your list of ingredients, fructose is a simple sugar, and probably is adding extra calories--not to mention sugar!

If it bothers you, I would suggest trying to find straight green tea if possible. Honestly, in my opinion there should really only be two ingredients--water and green tea.

Something I've discovered that is really tasty is to brew the tea cold instead of hot. During the summer, I often take fresh leaves (or you could use bags if you can't find fresh leaves) and make my own bag. Then I put them in a pitcher of water (2 liters) and leave it for at least two hours. I generally just shake it up and leave the bag, but you could remove it if you wanted. The drink is incredibly refreshing, and when you cold brew it, it isn't nearly as bitter. Even my parents, who don't have the acclimation to the taste that I do, both are big fans of this kind of brewing.

Anyway, I know it's not quite what you're looking for, but hopefully this helps. If all else fails, you could probably write to the company requesting nutrition information. They bill themselves as a healthy drink, but I know that in America that's often more marketing than truth.

How should i prepare/clean for my first anal sex?

Im 19yo and bisexual but i havent done anything with another man yet. Recently I met this 25yo on this gay hookup site. He's really nice and smart, and has an amazing body lol We both want to be FWB and we're going to hangout soon at his place. And since I haven't been with a guy yet Im nervous about how I should prepare for anal sex. Should i use an enema, or clean it out with a soapy finger and water, starve that day, or "go" before we hangout, etc.? Im so confused! I know I cant be fully cleaned down there but i just want it to be clean enough that nothing gross happens during sex. For those who have been in my position, what did you do/ what are your techniques? How did you prepare?