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Gs How Do You Like To Spend Your Time With Friends And Family

So my girlfriend spends most of her time with her friends. She seems to prioritize them over everything, and it just makes me mad sometimes. She tells me that she loves me, and I don't want to break up with her. What should I do?

Don’t you have friends you enjoy hanging out with too? I’m not asking to be mean, but I’ve been in your girlfriend’s shoes. Before I met my boyfriend, my friends were my life! We did everything together. When I met my boyfriend (now my ex, btw), he started to be very jealous of the time I spent with my friends, even if I told him far in advance that we made plans. I remember one day in particular, when I had promised to color my best friend’s hair, and I told my boyfriend about it. He seemed ok with it until I was in the middle of doing her hair, and he wouldn’t stop calling me, asking why it was taking so long, accusing me of being somewhere else instead. His paranoia and jealousy got to me in the end and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Girls have a bond with their friends that goes beyond men; we know that even if our dating relationship doesn’t work out, our true friends will still be there years later. We take pride in our friendships and try to stay as close as we can without letting relationships interfere (which isn’t always easy). Your girlfriend will appreciate you if you give her some space and alone time with her friends, and don’t always expect to be included in these things!You can let her know that you’d like to spend more time with her, and maybe suggest a couple days a week that are “your days” together. In my experience, though planning in advance isn’t always as fun as being spontaneous, those days you have to look forward to will give you some peace on the days she spends with her friends, because you know “your day” will be here soon.

When do you spend time with your family?

I’m used to spend my time with my family on late afternoon or evenings. It’s all about work. Nowadays, everybody is focused on self-development and career, it is hard to spend time with family. Many peaople believe in conception “Firstly career, later family and kids”. It’s sad but true.

Do you believe poverty brings families together?

I grew up pretty poor. And I believe that poverty brought my family closer together. We're a pretty tight bunch. I think back to my well to do white friends. You know, the kids with money. Their families never seemed that close to me. And I have friends who see their parents/parent maybe 3 times a year and that's it. They haven't had a family reunion in 20 years.

Do you like to spend money when you get paid, or do you like to save every penny you can?

"I like to save every penny I can. I spend my money wisely"Almost no one feels this wayThe people who do are usually annoyingIt's a guilt ridden way to look at thingsLet me tell you a story.I'm personally not good with money. I've gone into debt before. I've spent more money than I've earned before. I've blown cash on stupid things before. The truth is, I like to spend money just like you. But I've always ended up ok.My friends and family think I am good with money but I'm not. It is only because of this one weird trick I use that I end up being good with money.What is this one weird trick I use?I pay myself first.Yes, I pay myself first. Let me explain.Pay yourself firstDon't think about saving money. Don't think about being good with money. Instead, think the opposite.When you get your check in from your job…that money…it's NOT YOURS. Yeah, really. It's not yours. It's the landlord's. It's the grocery store's. It's the electric company's. It's your favorite coffee shop's. That money is not yours. It goes to pay all those people as you live your life.So treat it that way. That's the first part of the trick. Don't think of it as yours.Here's the scond part. Pay yourself first.As soon as you get that check, take 10% of that check or 3% or heck, 1% and pay yourself with it. Yes, pay yourself first. Take that % and put it in something that holds its value over the long term. I recommend an index fund, cold hard cash, or investment grade gold bars.For an index fund, I recommend Acorns: cash, I recommend a safe. A savings account just does not do the trick psychologically. There is something about watching $100 dollar bills pile up that helps you get good at paying yourself first.For gold, I naturally recommend Alloyx: Save in real gold (I am the Founder & CEO). There is something really psychologically empowering about owning real gold bars. Plus, gold performs much better than a savings account.Choose one that you like and stick with it for a little bit. Pay yourself first and treat the rest of your money as not really yours. It works. Best of luck and may your wealth and happiness grow!

How to tell your best friend that you are moving to another state?

I have a best friend and we are like sisters. I told her i wouldnt move but the school in my new town gives there students 10,000 dollars for college if you maintain a 3.25 GPA. I have to move so that i have a better future but I need to do something really nice for her.....any hints?? (ex. i want to give her a gift basket.....but what to put in it)

How does the army affect family life?

There have been a lot of negative comments, but there are some good sides as well. Consider these points, as well.

==The pay is good, if you stick with it and he does well.

==The benefits are great, and you can have a nice housing allowance if you are married. Some bases actually have pretty decent married housing already on base, so that you can live on base and not even have to look for a house.

==Other benefits are traveling with him to all sorts of places. Especially if you wait to have kids, you can experience lots of places to see and travel with him, and see the world while you are young. This is an experience that many people don't get a chance to have in their lifetimes. Even if you have children, you can travel. There are DoDs schools in all European schools for the kids, and what an experience for them as well! I think it would a wonderful experience to live in so many wonderful places and see the world! There are also jobs available on the bases for the civilian spouses of the soldiers, such as working in the banks, schools, day cares, etc. so you can make a difference wherever you go, too!

==Military bases have lots of things to do on them, usually for free, for the families of enlisted men: theaters, libraries, gyms, family centers, etc. You can shop at the Commissary, PX/BX and do lots of other things like that, really, really cheap!

It can be a strain on a relationship, to have a husband doing all kinds of night duties, etc. But if you gain your independence and take advantage of all the programs offered by the base and find your own footing, you can see the world, take advantage of great benefits and have a great time as well.

Have fun, and enjoy life while you are young!! Life is an adventure!