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Gta Online Friend Help Asap

GTA 5 online help needed asap?

Two things..
First my character is slouching. Even when standing still. She never did this before. How do I make her stand upright.

Two.. I'm playing with a friend (not crew member just friend) and we keep pushing each other out of the car. We can't ride together. We've tried different cars. Tried switching who gets in first, who drives etc.. Why is this happening??

How do people make new friends in GTA Online?

I made most of the friends I have now playing Survivals, back in the early days. I’ve been playing with some of these people since 2013. But any of the team-based activities are good for this - races, LTS, team death matches, contact missions, adversary modes, etc… These are the best activities to play with randoms. Heists don’t seem to be as good for this. Obviously, turn your mic on. You’ll make friends with others who have mics. Send friend requests to people you like. You can set your mic to “friends and crew” so you don’t have to hear all the nonsense in Freemode, yet, you’ll be able to hear others while in these activities. Nowadays, I would suggest making new friends by offering to help CEOs and MC Presidents. You can send them a text asking whether they want any help. If they accept your help, and you enjoy playing with them, send a friend request. You might want to ask everyone to set their Voice Chat to “Organization” if they haven’t already. If you do a good job and help them out, and are a pleasant person, they might send you a friend request. Or, they might want to friend up right away.You can make friends by joining a good crew. You can also make friends on Reddit, GTA Facebook groups, and on GTA forums.Once you do start making friends, friend up with your friend’s friends, and encourage them to friend up with yours. Whenever you’re on, invite any online friends to your lobby. Eventually, you develop a core group of friends.

GTA 5 Online Muted forever?

you cant get muted in gtao? or can you? were you reported for abusing your mic? if there is a mute pool too then thats just stupid

In Indonesia, where can a suicidal person find help?

Call HOTLINE 500–454. This hotline is provided by the Mental Health Directory of the Health Ministry. A trained counselor will answer the call. The caller can express their thoughts and feelings freely and the counselor will listen and help. If the caller’s trouble is beyond their ability to give advice/help, the counselor will give advice for the caller to seek help to the nearest Mental Hospital. Hope this helps.

How can I play online on two PS4's but 1 subscription? I have purchased my brother PS4 so we both have 1, I feel scammed if I have to buy another subscription just for us both to play online at the same time.

1. Set your PSN account as primary on his PS4.2. Set his PSN account as primary on yours.3. Play on your account on your system as a secondary. He can play on his Ps4 and have the benfits of your subscription. This will also allow you to share games. This does have some limitations. Such as... Only you will be able to play your games on your system. And only you will have PS Plus on your Playstation. Anyone will be able to play your games on his system. And anyone will be able to play his games on your system. However you will not be able to play your games on your system without an internet connection. And vice versa.Side note: I do only mean digital games. You can swap discs as you please.From what I understand Sony is well aware of this "loophole" and has nothing against it. Sorry that I don't have a source for that.

Help with saints row 2 ps3 stats damaged?

hey when i turn on saints row 2 for the ps3 it comes up that my stats were damaged and have to be reset i don't really mind but the never go up again thats what i dont like.Is there any way that i could prevent this from happening also i do use cheats alot.but i dont think thats what caused it why would the saints row company put cheats in a game if all they do is damage it please help me asap thanks.

GTA 5 online money hack/glitch/bug/exploit ban?

I was just playing GTA 5 online with my friends and suddenly my friend invited her friend that i never saw before. After 10 minutes there were 5 of her friends and suddenly one guy put a bounty of 2 billions (or something like that) on another guy. When he killed him, he gave us (me and 2 of my friends) some money. I don't know if they give money to someone in the lobby too. It was invite only session created by me. After few minutes i recevied more millions. I had around 280 millions (give or take 5 million). I didn't wanted money. I tryed to get rid of the money (share it to someone). When i realized that i can't get rid of the money i started to buy things. I bougt tank, ceetah,.....I bought everything i could. Now i have $259,464,087. I didn't wanted money!!!! They just gave it to me without asking!!!! So what should i do next? Should i submit a request/support ticket or just do nothing? ( ). I have never cheted on GTA online before. This is first thing that ever hapened to me! I just don't want to get banned or get my account suspeded or finish in cheaters pool lobby for months!! Im playing on ps3! Every second player that play gta online have a millions/billions!! I didn't left the lobby after i got money becuse the guys that gave us money left just few minutes after they gave us money!! I know i am panicking to much but i just don't want my account suspended or baned!!!! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!! 10 points best answer :(