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Guys My Hair Got Burnt .

How can I fix my burnt hair?

I recently got japanese straightening done on my hair for the second time (I waited a year in between treatments). The first time it came out beautiful because I have wavy/frizzy hair and it made it pin straight and silky. This time however, the roots in certain sections of my hair (along my part and at the crown of my head especially) feel burnt. It literally feels like the hair all broke off and the roots are standing up and spiky even though the hair hasn't actually broken off. The root is almost crimped and rough which isnt really noticeable by looking at it but feeling it because its only at the very base of the root but it feels horrible when you touch it. One part of my scalp is actually burned and part of the hair fell out. I understand the treatment is irreversible but is there anything I can do to soften the roots of my hair and prevent it from getting worse? I'm desperate to fix this

Do you have to cut burnt hair?

My hair is really burnt because I flat iron my hair often (I threw the flat iron away just today) and the ends look bad. I'm not good at recognizing split ends aside from knowing that they get frizzy looking so I'm not sure how much of it there is but its been damaged feeling for two weeks now. My mom said that my hair is burnt and I may need it cut or trimmed.
But does it have to be cut off? Could I repair it some how?

How do I get rid of the burnt hair smell?

Get your hair out of your face. you have used the iron too plenty in case you are able to odor it after washing it. I even have straightened my hair in the previous (i'm a guy with relatively long hair in uncomplicated terms somewhat under the shoulders.(decrease while right away.)) and the odor in uncomplicated terms lasted an afternoon and a nil.5 the two cases. attempt a decrease warmth placing or no longer over doing it.

How do I fix my burnt hair?

A. stop using pantene. WORST thing for your hair ever, besides box dye. ok now what you should do is go get it cut at a salon, just take like maybe an inch to inch and a half off at least that should really help. get some GOOD shampoo and conditioner that the stylist recommends. always trust your stylist they know what thye are talking about. what you can also do is do a olive oil treatment. take your dry hair and cover it in olive oil. then wrap your hair in plastic wrap, then with a hot towel for about 30 minutes. after that wash your hair with good shampoo, not that pantene stuff, until all the oil is out and dont condition it. blow dry it and it should be nice and soft. after this is you want to flat iron your hair get a heat protecting product, like serum or spray. have your stylist recommend something also.

My hair got burnt by fire is there anything i can do other than cut it off?

Not really, How did you get in a fire like that? That sounds terrible. Personally I think you should just shave it all off, because if you keep it not only will it never be like the same it will also remind you everyday of the horrible fire. You should not tell people that you are shaving it off though and just wear a wig that looks like the same colour and same texture/length. Good luck!

My hair got caught on fire, I have burnt hair?

it somewhat relies upon on how properly you could combination in the decrease off area with the alluring hair this is left. Years in the past, my fiancee then replaced into knocked off her bike and went to well-being facility with a broken cheekbone. We have been given the choice to function via the face leaving her with a scar, or shaving a number of her long hair in basic terms above the hair line, approximately 3 inches by skill of one inch above the ear, so as that the scar could be hidden under the hair while it grew back. even with me loving her hair finished and unspoilt, I supported her in the 2nd decision. It did look unusual for a mutually as, and it took some years to strengthen back to an analogous length because of the fact something, even though it replaced into the final suited decision. After a pair of months it replaced into no longer so undesirable. Yours is way less intense i think of, so in all danger ultimate to get some very sharp embroidery scissors and decrease out in basic terms the burnt stuff your self, and then come to a call. I knew a female with hair comparable length to yours which went up in a considerable hearth at college - she lost some third of it, all on one component, so she had little decision yet to bob it, which replaced into so unhappy. It in no way grew back, in basic terms some inches under the shoulder, this is all.

I Burned my hair? Solution?

to check how damaged your hair is, take 5 or 6 strands of hair and drop them in a glass of water, then tap them with your finger. if they sink, they're absorbing water which isn't good--this is a sign of damage. if they float, your hair is healthy, and you want to do all you can to keep it that way.

adding moisture is the key

cleansing: choose natural shampoo, like coconut shampoo to treat dry hair.

once you've shampood it, condition it. use a rich conditioner. i use conditioners that add shine, like conditioners w/ olive oil. it shines and keeps the frizz controlled. rinse WELL.
damaged hair is very porous and will drink anything you put on it, making it harder for you to rinse out your hair.

dry your hair NATURALLY. heat dehydrates hair. avoid harsh rubbing with a towel, this can tangle your hair and increase snapping of strands. if you HAVE to use a blow dryer, apply some oil/moisture to your hair to prevent further dehydration. *make sure to trim your ends monthly and oil your scalp.(hot oil treatments work well)

*wash processed hair only every few days to prevent it from drying out more. you can use dry shampoo to absorb oil though, in between times.

* when summer comes. use UV-protectant hairsprays to screen out rays from the sun.

*don't assume a flaky scalp with processed/damaged hair means dandruff. it could be caused by a shampoo thats too strong on the roots,or more likely caused from the chemicals you've put in it. if so (anti-dandruff will make it worse) switch to a gentle shampoo instead.

*use an intensice conditioning treatment once a week on your ends. (hot oil treatment)

*TRIM TRIM TRIM! so healthy hair can grow!

mix these ingredients together in a blender:

1 egg
2 tbsp cream cheese
2 tbsp cream
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp water
1/4 grapefruit
apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for at least five minutes. rinse in warm water and leave your hair to dry naturally.

Avoid chemical based shampoo and conditioner. Get herb based shampoo and avoid conditioner on the scalp.Massage castor oil and sesame oil before taking hairwash. Apply some green leaves paste like bhringraj or amaranthus or spinach as a hair pack. After washing the hair, dry it completely and apply good hair oil.Everyday workout is good for health.

Does razor burn bother guys?

ugh I hate those yet i've got stumbled on that in case you wait till the hair is a minimum of a a million/2 inch-a million" long and exfoliate by gently scrubbing with a loofah or mesh washcloth earlier shaving you will no longer get razor bumps in any respect it form of feels razor bumps are brought about by shaving whilst the hair is low and the floor isn't dazzling cleansed shaving low length hair has a tendency to effect in extra razor burn because of the fact the blades have extra touch with the floor quite than the hairs and not exfoliating the lifeless epidermis away can effect in inflammation from airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dust being on freshly shaven epidermis ergo, the pus crammed bumpy aftermath

first thing you are never suppose to go for any chemical treatment it damages scalp and hair for 3 years and u gonna loose hair also loose volume and hair quality. Don’t color u gonna spoil it. I had to shave few of my cleints hair as someof them burnt their hair from the forehead. this recipe from the first wash will give u a change in your hair . follow hair mask 1.TRY THESEAt night warm coconut or almond oil and massage ur scalp and sleep. In morning wash off with shampoo and mild water and then use any one hair mask recipe. The best results can be seen with eggs.Mix two beaten eggs with 6 tbsp of coconut oil. mix the mixture properly to get a homogeneous texture. Apply it on your scalp and massage with your fingers. Cover your head with a shower cap or a plastic wrap and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water and a mild suitable shampoo.Hair Mask 2: Mix one mashed banana with 1 beaten egg, 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of milk and 5 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix the mixture well, so as to get a uniform texture. Apply on the scalp and leave it on for about 40 minutes. Wash your hair with a suitable mild shampoo.Hair Mask 3: Mix half a cup of mayonnaise with 2 tbsp honey. Mix the ingredients well in a blender. Apply it properly onto the scalp. Wash it off after 40 minutes with a mild shampoo.Benefits of hair spa:-It makes hair healthy means reduce effects pollution & uneasy life style. It makes hair silky ,shiny. It reduce dryness of hair. It helps in hair growth. It gives hair nutrition which hair really needs.