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Guys Opinion Of How You Would Take This

Can you guys give me an opinion which logo is better?

no.1 looks very different from the rest. Almost like it was made by a different human being. It looks clean, but is very plain and quite forgettable. Eg. The heart could mean romance and could also mean a heart-care hospital. The other ones need more work. no 2 and 3 are the same concept arranged differently. The font is associated with TV sports channels (Change spouse to sports and the logo will look very natural)no. 4 seems interesting, but there's just too much happening in there. All loops are replaced with hearts, the font is weird and imbalanced (spouse's S seems upside down) and the drop shadow reminds me of Beijing's killer smog. Apply restraint and re-do this option for a decent chance at seeing it live someday.Forget no.2 and 3. Rework on option 1 and 4. Use restraint but don't let them look vanilla.

What to do the first time you go to his house?guys opinion would be nice(please answer this someone!!!)?

my sort of boyfriend keeps asking me to go his house to hang out, i am kind of nervous. I know he would never pressure me into having sex, thats not what i am worried about! I am worried that it will be awkward, how do i get along with his parents, what do i do? what do guys like girls do do as a guest??

someone pleaaaase answer this!!

Girls Opinion of Shirtless Guys?

I'm in college, and at night (12-6 am), i like to walk around shirtless. I do try to stay fit, and i don't have hair on my chest, but compared to the average guy, i am still scrawny (5 foot 9, 120 pounds, 2% body fat). I walk around shirtless partially becuase i honestly want girls to take notice of my six pack and chest, but also becuase i just don't want to put a shirt on.

I wouldn't be outside. Just in the hallways, going to the bathroom, or watching tv in the common lounge when everhyone is sleeping at night, but i'd occasionally bump into girls still awake.
When you are seeing someone in this situation, do you find it appealing, or disgusting?

Real boobs vs fake guys whats ur opinion?

I like real ones and i don't care what size they are. I like girls with self confidence and who aren't worried about how they look, all the time.

Do girls like taking guys virginity? girls opinion only?

I would like to do that. I'd be special. His first time. Something you never forget but later when he has experience he might think I was not that good or whatever. ....

Do guys like short skinny girls? guys whats your opinion?

im short 4ft 11 inches and skinny 80 pounds
just how i am coz i eat healthy and all my dr said i wont get any taller(short parents) so what are guys opinions of a short skinny girl??

Guys opinions needed: do you still find your ex attractive?

I still find my exes attractive. Splitting was always because we were not getting along very well. Never mind they were and still are great and attractive people just ones that we couldn't have spent our lives together.