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Hair Dye Fiasco Two Colors

Can I dye my hair with two different colors in one day?

I would be able to advise more accurately seeing the level of your current hair color, but here are some important basics to know:If you put a store-bought color system on your hair at your level (same darkness) or darker, then it is just depositing the pigment into your hair. If you put a store-bought color system on your hair lighter than your current level, then it will slightly lighten and deposit pigment (even if it's not labeled as a "bleach" it can still lift your color with the ammonia in most color formulas).It is impossible to get predictable highlights (using lifting/lightening) without bleach, especially if you've just colored over it. This is because the color eliminating molecules in lifting formulas have to "eat through" the synthetic  pigment you just colored over your hair on top of your existing natural pigments!If you are trying to achieve a richer base shade (close to your natural color) with a subtle lighter shade to give your hair natural dimension, it is best to see a professional who can do both processes safely, usually in one appointment. There is always the possibility that at home hair color kits have developers in them that are way too strong for your hair (manufactures do this because the color systems have to be strong enough to work on all different textures and levels of hair) and can cause major damage.I know that most DIY hair dye jobs I see are either too subtle to please the client or too damaging and their hair gets fried. I'm not going to tell you that ALL at home dye kits are bad, but they are not personalized or predictable, so I say proceed with caution!

Dying my hair dark blonde over bleached orange hair?

Soo... I wanna dye dark blonde over my hair that's been bleached to an orange... so, recently (as in over the past... four months?) my hair has kind of been through a lot :/ I bleached some blonde patches in there at first, then added some dark brown into the fringe, but then ended up dying all my hair a dark auburn which just ended up being like black with a bit of a reddish tint to it, that faded minutely, until I wanted to just go back to my natural hair colour (which is dark blonde) coz I was sick of all the hair dying and re-doing and blah, so I bought some bleach - and I knew it wouldn't make my hair go blonde blonde - to lighten it and then put the dark blonde over it, and it turned out orange, it's not an 'oh my gosh where's the off switch' kind of orange, but, it's orange nonetheless. My re-growth (which was around 1.5cm) went completely blonde, so my hair looks very weird, it's only been a few days, but my hair grows quite fast, so there's already around 3mm of dark, which extends into 1.5cm of bleach blonde, which then with a definite line cuts into this orange hair colour, and I'm over it and just wanna get back to not having to murder my hair that now feels like straw any more and go back natural... but, will it work the way I intend it to? Or will the dark blonde over orange just go an odd colour and will the bleached regrowth look strangely lighter? (especially when it grows out and I'll have this random strip of light??) haha, sorry, that's quite the blab, but, yes... please help??

Can u use permanent hair color right after u bleach your hair?

if you want it to fall out
you have to leave you hair alone for at least a week. I dye my hair at home all the time, and my biggest botch was when i bleached, then dyed it. I have thick, healthy hair that has always mantained it's shine and fullness even after i dye it, but after that fiasco, my hair started to thin out and i couldn't brush it without it breaking. I ended up having to go to an actual hairstylist to deep treat it and cut several inches off in order to save it.

I would suggest waiting a week between a bleach and a dye. Deep treat it with conditioner (aussie's 3 minute miracle works well. Also, just putting a whole lot of cheap conditioner on your dry hair works), then dye it.

How do I dye my hair in 2 colors?

Okay, here's the deal...  I know you said you  don't want those exact colors that are in the picture you provided but I  want to point out to you that what you provided consists of about 4-5  different colors. The process is called "color-melting".What they did  in the picture was ombre the hair using lightener/bleach making the  hair lighter as it gets further down to the ends. Once the hair was  lightened and cleaned, they painted the colors onto the hair going from  dark (on top of head) to lighter (on middle to ends of hair).When  you say "dip dye" then that is only using 2 colors that generally do not  blend together. You do not have to worry about the colors mixing. Simply divide the hair into 4 sections on your head. Use a rubber band  to pinch off the section you want dip dyed. Use the demi permanent on  top and the dip dye on the bottom!

Which Bollywood actors have undergone plastic surgery?

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a personal choice, but it is sad to see the female celebrities succumbing to the pressure of the downside of beauty standards.The cold face, stretched eyelids, lifted cheekbones and swollen fuller lips are self-explanatory of the actress Ayesha Takia undergoing cosmetic surgery.The Ek Tha Tiger actress Katrina is one of the gorgeous faces in Bollywood. But, the fans cannot help noticing the change in her facial features over the years. From having thin lips to fuller ones, lifted jawline among many, the Barbie of Bollywood can technically be called plastic.The actress has never admitted of undergoing the knife but the pictures over the years reflect the truth which Priyanka does not divulge in.If only Minissha had spent as many hours in acting classes as she did in the surgeon’s clinic getting her nose augmented, her career graph would be painting a different picture today.One of the most horrific tales of undergoing cosmetic surgery is that of Koena Mitra. The Kolkata girl entered Bollywood and quickly got noticed for her glam doll image. But her decision of getting a nose job proved disastrous, ruining her career. The Apna Sapna Money Money actress had to completely avoid any public appearance for six months as the bones swelled up after getting the nose job.Once famously saying: “A doctor can give you what God hasn’t,” Rakhi made her opinion on cosmetic surgery very clear!With amazing styling and a much slimmer nose, Shilpa has transformed herself from a duckling into a beautiful swan.Kangana who promotes real beauty is alleged of getting fuller lips and breasts implants, and there is no reason to rubbish off the speculation.The actress Anushka Sharma who made debut with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi looked different with her fuller lips and losing her earlier stunning charm.Sridevi is also a believer of there is no harm in enhancing the already beautiful features. The actress is said to have undergone a nose correction job, and the pictures of transformation are a goddam proving the same.Shruti is amongst one of the few Bollywood stars who have openly admitted to having cosmetic surgery.Thank you :)

Why did the movie Avatar the Last Airbender fail to connect with fans of the series?

It's been a while since I saw it, however I had a number of gripes with it.First of all, casting the lead ‘good’ group as young white children, and casting the ‘bad’ group (the Firenation) as dark skinned Asian/Indian actors…..It seems as if the director has attempted to master Racebending -_-. In the animie there was a lot of Asian culture influence (from the series origins) however all the characters were from various races and skin colors (e.g the water tribes being quite similar to the Inuits). Not some white=good dark=bad bullshit.Even Cosplay has been able to create much more authentic characters than the movie. They should’ve just hired their cast from a Cosplay convention and we would’ve got a much better movie. Also, note how depressed the movie Aang looks in the above photo, few if any of the characters were at all like their counterparts and seemed quite bland to me. Casting older actors instead of kids would have been a much better choice (even if it means pushing their age a little).(Now this is what the Firenation looked like!, the film made them out to be dark skinned savages.)Due to having kids in some of the leading roles (and some bad screenwriting) some of the acting and dialogue feels forced and awkward and really detracts from the movie.The movie seemed to forget Sokka’s amazing personality, and just turned him into a bit of a drag -_-. He was the life of the group but just got turned into a guy with zero charector.In short, nothing at all like the original, used young white kids for the lead actors and it seemed to miss the point entirely. Not a terrible movie, but certainly not worth associating with the Avatar series.Also, once again a shout-out to Cosplay for having better characters and costumes than the movie. Now THIS is what Katara should have looked like:

Nude shoes with what colour jewellery?

Hi there,

so I'm wearing a very classy full length one sleeve black dress for my year 12 formal/prom. I'me wearing nude peep toe shoes that are almost the same colour as my skin so that it almost looks im not wearing shoes, however the slit of the dress goes up to my knee and when I walk you can see my shoes perfectly so I want to know how to maintain this classy look and what jewellery should I go with.

My Hair will be sleek, straight and parted to the side, as well as blowdried back on the side that shows my bare shoulder.
Should I choose something like a drop earing, something really big, or should I stay classy and simple and do like a large stud or something rlly close to the lobe to enhance the height of my neck?

Also should I do silver, or like a crystally silver, or a crystally gold? I dont want to choose a gold thats yellow rather just kind of subtle.

can you please help by providing maybe pictures and ideas of black dresses with nude shoes and jewellery, i dont like anything coloured so ye just wanna keep a really clean sophosticated look.

also the dress needs to be tighened at the waist with a belt, should I do just a plain black belt that blends in with the dress so you cant see it, or should I somehow incorporate the jewellery colour into it too?
Black, or nude coloured nails?


Can I relax my hair again? Would it be possible? Guys and Girls, anybody, expert advice would be great! :)?

I realized it didn't complete the sentence.
Mostly faar away from my roots, and closer to the ends, and the middle of my hair, near my roots. I know it's tricky, but I'll give anything a shot. But if there is a MAJOR RISK of something bad (like my hair falling out again), then I am not wiling to compromise. But in conclusion, my hair is natural (so no hair dye is in it, and it is just recently relaxed in some areas from the salon). I do not know what to do, so please someone give me some expert advice, and I will be ever grateful.
Anybody can answer, I just want someone's good and honest opinion.

(P.S. If you are going to tell me to cut my hair short or something all over again, then I am not willing to do that, I can wait for it to get longer, but I will NOT cut my hair, or it will be ridiculously short, and I do not look good with very short hair, so please read my question carefully : )

Boys and girls: Describe your crush?

Guys and girls: Describe your crush?

- a guy, around 5'8
- turning 17 this year
- hazel eyes
- ash brown hair, straight and messy
- tan, lean athletic build
- REALLY into soccer and cars
- quiet
- really really smart (he skipped a year in high school)
- extremely hot
- a girl magnet, but he doesn't flirt around lol
- i think he MIGHT be gay. i mean, what kind of guy refuses the advances of an extremely hot girl? he did..
- he doesn't smile often, but when he does, the whole world brightens :P (how corny bahaha)

and we're friends, and share two classes together.

Describe yours? and your current situation with him? :)