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Hamlet Ap Lit Test Questions

Questions about Hamlet for my final exam?

I am taking my AP lit. and comp. final exam tomorrow and I had a couple of questions on my study guide about Hamlet.

The first question is "Hamlet is especially troubled by moral corruption in..." and I'm thinking the answer is "In the marriage between his mother and Claudius" because he was so upset that their marriage was happening so quickly after the death of his father. So the fact that he thinks it is so wrong, does that make it moral corruption?

The second one is "The power of evil in Hamlet is demonstrated by..." and I think it has something to do with manipulation techniques used by Claudius. What do you think?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

How to pass a Hamlet test?

I am taking a test on Hamlet tomorrow and I thought I could study and pass, but it just can't be done. What websites can I go to take a practice test for Hamlet or get a really good study guide type thing for the average Hamlet test? I really need to know and it's impossible for me to cheat even if I wanted to. I sit in the front in the middle, which is where his desk is....

Hamlet line 4, the first "lost" functions as a(n)?

a) adjective

source -
AP English Literature and Composition Practice Exam, p.187, first paragraph

Who is the writer of Hamlet?

William Shakespeare.I'm a bit worried by the amount of popularity anti-Stratfordian (people who believe Shakespeare didn't write his plays) answers have been getting, and this is the only reason I'm answering.First I want to emphasize something: the popular media often seems to imply that anti-Stratfordian theories are somehow gaining popularity among experts or have even become mainstream. This is extremely false. Their importance among Shakespeare historians is very negligible and is not growing. In fact, actual experts routinely ridicule anti-Stratfordian theories (Shakespeare authorship question).The recent media attention comes from the fact that anti-Stratfordianism is essentially a conspiracy theory, and therefore shares much of the appeal of other conspiracy theories. For instance, it has a myopic attention to detail that seems to "make" sense, unless you look at the overwhelming evidence provided by the big picture.Anti-Stratfordians will mention details such as the fact that we have no record of Shakespeare's education, similarities between Shakespeare's style and that of Marlowe, or the circumstances of Shakespeare's death, which, even if they had no rebuttal (and they all do), would not be sufficient to offset the overwhelming amount of data attributing Shakespeare's work to Shakespeare from his contemporaries. Joshua is absolutely right here. Nor do they account for the fact that none of their candidates has left the slightest indication that they were responsible for Shakespeare's work in their private or public writings.I don't want to get into the details of how stylometry could yield incorrect results, especially between Shakespeare and Marlow when it is universally recognized that the latter had a huge influence on the former, but I do want people to be aware of this: Marlowe died at the beginning of Shakespeare's writing career.According to Marlovians, Marlowe faked his death, went to live in Italy, somehow without leaving any traces, kept communicating with Shakespeare, somehow without leaving any traces either, and never took credit for any of this.Ron asserts that the implausibility of this is lower than that of a stylometric match. I find that difficult to believe, especially from someone who calls stylometric studies that do not match this notion "incompetent".

How do I interpret this AP english literature question?

A critic has said that one important measure of a superior work of literature is its ability to produce in the reader a healthy confusion of pleasure and disquietude.
Select a literary work that produces this "healthy confusion." Write an essay in which you explain the sources of the "pleasure and disquietude" experienced by the readers of the work.
-I was assigned to write an essay answering this question over the weekend;however, I have no idea what this quote means. I need to use Hamlet as my work and literature, so I would appreciate any help that would guide me what to write about.

Watching Hamlet vs reading?

If you haven't the attention span to read a play, you have no business taking AP Literature.

If you watch the play, you'll get the actor's (and possibly the director's) ideas of what the play is about. If you read it, you'll have your own ideas. If you wish to write a paper on or discuss the play and try to justify someone else's idea of what's going on, feel free to watch a movie. If you think it might be easier to explain your own ideas, just read the play.

An easy way to memorize hamlet?

well, Sami Saifan, i WASNT complaining. and see the difference between what your memorizing, and what im memorizing is CHOSE to go into the medical field...this is just something i have to do for a high school english class. no one cares if you have to memorize muscles. really, they dont. the only thing i asked in this post was what would be the best way to memorize the lines. i didnt ask for sympathy.

Are these books good for the AP lit exam essay?

1984 - yes. It'd be an excellent one.
I've never heard of Fahrenheit 451 referred to as "literary"...
I don't know what Watership Down is.
Lord of the Flies is literary, but it's not quite advanced enough for AP Lit.

They'll actually give you a list of suggestions on the test, like Hamlet and other Shakespeare works, Animal Farm, many tragedies, etc. I personally chose to do Oedipus Rex for mine :)

So how about that 2009 AP english literature exam?

i think it's so funny how serious they all take it. i loved giving them my cell phone and triple sealing the multiple choice booklet after we were done. and if they knew who any of us were, we'd lose our scores.

the multiple choice was bull. i felt certain about few answers and thought i was going to fail. in alot of cases, so many of the answers would work and it seemed like the correct answer is only a matter of opinion.

after the first essay i got some pride behind me, hopefully my bladder bag don't burst beneath me. Shakesfeare's a homo, and i was confused untill i read the end, "fell like Lucifer", then the underlying pride theme became pretty clear.

the second essay was sweet. i described her relationship as reasonable since thats how she described the apartment. the wind was just a personified antagonist, gave the people something to work agianst.

the third essay: the green light from the Great Gatsby
best symbol in all of literature
easiest ap prompt ive ever done

glad that AP lit bullshit is finally over, all to do now is beat on, boats against the current

Will colleges care if I don't take honors English or AP English lang/lit?

I took honors English all throughout middle/ high school. I did not take AP Lang. I took AP Lit, but did not take the AP test.I also took AP Chem, Calc AB, US History, and US Government, passing all the exams except for Gov (although my entire class learned little.) It’s all I could fit in my schedule with a Chinese language class, show choir class, and TA period(s).I was also a U.S. Presidential Scholar and aced the ACT, so I’d like to think I played my cards right in high school, academically speaking.In the end, you’re going to have to take English in college anyway, even if it’s nothing close to your major. If your university accepts AP credits, it’s worth trying to pass them in high school.I promise you that AP is both cheaper (in most cases) and easier (in most cases) than a college version of the class.In terms of honors versus regular— honors classes are almost identical, just with a different group of students and a weighted GPA. Take the honors classes if you can.