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Is it possible to become a superhero in real life?

Short answer, no but anything is possible.For one there's no feasible way for anyone to gain any kind of supernatural ability. Teleporting, magic, blasting beams from your eyes etc. These feats are just impossible as it stands.So people usually think of a person like IronMan or Batman. Which I believe is as close as we could get. Now believe it or not, even if you worked your body to peak physical condition, had the brains, and resources and money to make a Batman type formula, YOU STILL COULDN'T BE BATMAN. It's just as impossible as trying to become Superman. Because the feats Batman does JUST patrolling Gotham would wear on a person's body so much they can only keep that up for approx 6 months. Imagine firing a grappling hook and your whole body being yanked viciously into the air and then brutishly landing on your feet on some other building. And that's when you're not even facing anyone.But there's some technologies on the horizon that make it more plausible every day.There's exsoskeletons being developed that attach to your outter body and react and assist your muscles with every movement. This has given people super human strength. People have been shown lifting a half ton wearing the exsoskeleton.Graphene is one of the most toughest and flattest materials ever developed. If this could some how be applied to armor, shields or even your own skin it's possible to render your body nearly impenetrable.Advancements in weapons and training techniques.Prostheses that are stronger and better than the original limbs.If someone implemented a bunch of these on the rise technologies and a lot of dedication I think it's totally possible. But no one is going to be granted super powers like in the comics. So don't pour toxic chemicals all over your body. You'll probably just get sick and die.

Has anyone ever tried to be a superhero in real life?

Search up ‘real life vigilantes’ there are quite a few.10 Real-life Costumed Crime FightersI think the most famous would be Phoenix Jones.An armed vigilante (not with firepower), who is armed with fighting skills and pepper spray, searches the city to put out injustice.This is a video about them, have a look.

I need a good contemporary criminal case for my research paper.?

Rod Blagojevich
Michael Skakel
Jack Kevorkian (depending on how you're defining "contemporary")
Casey Anthony
Amanda Knox (Italian court, not US)

Has anyone tried to become a secret vigilante in real life like we see in super hero movies?

Depends on your definition of superhero. Are people with exceptional talents or superhuman/enhanced abilities also superheroes? Or are you only looking at mutants, demi-gods, radiation drenched humans and magical beings?In the latter case, NO.In the former case, YES.There are people with eidetic memories who could be the earth's champions if it is ever invaded by Coluans aided by Lex LuthorMr Kim Peek (The inspiration for Rain Man) was any public library's worst nightmare. There is a guy who can give the flash a run for his money.Dean Karnazes has run 560 km in 80 hours without sleep, ran 50 marathons in 50 states in the US, ran a marathon to the South Pole and ran a ultramarathon (200 km) in Death Valley.Feeling a little scared, eh Barry?There is a guy who would make Batman proud.A MMA fighter by day and thugs' worst nightmare by night, Phoenix Jones doesn't let the lack of a billion dollars come in the way of crime fighting. Bats sends his regards Jones. So does the Punisher.There are people with highly developed senses that allow them to do the impossible. Ben Underwood uses echolocation to ride his bicycle, play football etc. He was our very own Daredevil but sadly he is no longer with us.And we also have our very own Mr. Fantastic aka Daniel Browning Smith - The Rubberboy.And no, Daniel did not screw up some space mission and get soaked in radiation to acquire his powers. He was always awesome. All he needs now is an Invisible Woman.There are many such cases out there. The contenders in World's Strongest Man can lift more than 5 times an average human. There are athletes who are at the peak of human perfection. So yes, superheroes do exist. However, they are difficult to spot as they do not have an absurd sense of dressing.

If someone were to become a superhero in real life, Batman would be the way to go, do you agree?

If you’re saying you could become any existing fictional superhero, then I think it’s pretty obvious you’d want to be one with actual super powers, in which case you’d choose depending upon what’s important to you, although Superman seems like an appealing choice.If you’re choosing to try to become a super hero, then you would probably do what “real-life superheroes” do and come up with your own name, costume and gimmick.If you’re talking about which superhero you would choose to emulate when trying to become a superhero, there are some aspects of Batman that are appealing, such as his ultimate level of human physical and mental ability. However, be aware that Batman is an extremely mentally disturbed human being. He has a very unhealthy obsession with fighting criminals and is unable to have meaningful relationships with anyone who is not either a law-enforcer or a criminal, other than his butler.To be like Batman, you would also have to undergo training more rigorous than that of any military boot camp, more psychologically challenging than any CIA preparation protocol. It’s not really a life for anyone. Someone like Captain America, who fights for what’s right but still appreciates life, would probably be a better choice. I’m a huge Batman fan, but yeah, no.

Is there any chance I could become a superhero?

I don't think that - 1. You can get a super soldier serum. 2. You can have epic archery skills and a lot of money. 3. You can have dead parents with a MNC worth billions. 4. You can get bitten by a particular spider who will give you super powers. Listen, I started reading off Marvel's Kick-Ass a few weeks back. The story is simple. Dave is your regular comic book enthusiast who puts on a mask at the cost of losing his loved ones, all that matters. Superheroes sound very good. But we simply can't have them all. The question arises, why did no one ever put on a costume before? Because not everyone can defeat armed robbers, we have the police and military for that. But the bigger question, is: why did they put on the costume and became heroes? The moment Spidey, Arrow, Flash, Batman, and even anti-heroes like Constantine (my favorite) put their costumes on, they knew that they were going to lose many things in their lives, trying to fight the bullies, the greedy and the criminals. They knew that the moment they step out there, there are gonna be supporters who will stand up with them and there are gonna be haters as well as villains who will literally break their bones (reference of Bane vs Batman in Knightfall). A hero, mate, isn't always that badass person who gets powers by chance or uses his superpowers to help people. Do you know what the calling was? Flash could steal a lot with his speed, Batman could sit back with a lot of Victoria's Secret Models, Spidey could just go on to become a baddie because of the Daily Bugle, and Constantine? He was in a rock band and could use his magic to possess and kill, just for money. Then why did they become superheroes? They wouldn't be "super" without the powers. But anyone who helps the weak, confronts the oppressors, puts others before him, sprints into the abyss to save the crying kid, is, is indeed a hero. That, that is my friend, the calling of a hero. It's not the powers that matter bud. It's the mind that does. It's our craving for justice that makes us heroes. It's what we do, putting our own interests aside. It's what we are, from the inside. That's when you become a hero, even better than a fictional supehero.