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Has Anyone Else Noticed How Many Questions Are Coming Out Of Yahoo Answers Canada

Did Yahoo finally get around to making Canada Answers as bad as the US version?

Hi, try this below. Some people have noticed a toolbar on the 3 links at bottom, I haven't noticed it with the add-on. Here is how to switch back and forth between old and new format.

In internet explorer: click on tools - compatibility view - it should switch over (To switch back to new unclick compatibility view.)

Use the add-on "User Agent Overrider" for Firefox. Use "User Agent Switcher" for Chrome to get old format back. Set them to IE6 or Opera 12.00. Apple Safari has a built-in User Agent Switcher. (This will mess with other other sites when you switch it, such as youtube, but you can always switch back and refresh page.) In top right firefox corner, down arrow set to IE6 or IE7 then refresh page or restart browser.

Or (yahoo home - green) (yahoo - my activity - green ) (yahoo search - green)

I hope this helps you out. Good luck!

Is Yahoo! a conservative news source?

I’ve noticed a change over the past 15 years on the reader commentary on Yahoo News posts. I’ve been monitoring Yahoo’s Canadian, American and British news sites since about 2002. Commentary has gone from being mostly people with centre to slightly left-of-centre viewpoints to the extremely right-wing, almost fascist viewpoints of today.A couple reasons for this, IMHO. Firstly, Yahoo News wants the same thing any other website wants, namely traffic. The way they accomplish that is by posting news that stirs up emotions from malcontents. Go to Yahoo’s Canadian, British or American sites on any given day and you’ll see headlines with the words “Islamic,” “immigration,” “taxes,” and “terrorists,” along with a healthy mix of murder stories thrown in. Right away, you’re going to have small-minded, reactionary people reading and posting on these stories.One other thing: Yahoo is, for lack of a better term, sooooo 1995 to 2000. Yahoo is to search engines what MySpace is to social media. In other words, more Internet savvy people ditched Yahoo years ago and went to Google, whereas cantankerous old curmudgeons who resist any and all change have stayed true to the first major search engine they came across, which was probably Yahoo. Thus, they use Yahoo as their default homepage which is full of news that makes their blood boil and draws their reactions.

How come I see 90% of answers are from Indians on Quora?

As Gaurav Bindra states, a lot will have to do with who you follow and what topics. But there are a lot of Indians on this site overall.Laura Hale's answer to What are the demographics of Quora users? Laura is great for these types of questions!

Why does Yahoo keep asking me to prove that I am not a robot?

Who’s to say you’re NOT a robot, hmmm??? Lol I kid, but the only reason being is that there are hackers out there that have developed limited-capability Artificial Intelligences that can assist them with hacking. While the actual hacker works on a super-secure site, the robots can go around and do the grunt work of breaking into the less-secure websites. The biggest key to noticing them is that the mouse moves around very robotically, nor can a robot detect pictures’ details (since these are just strings of code to the robot, not a picture of something). Thus, the secure websites ask you this to make you move your mouse in a non-uniform motion, which a robot cannot mimic for the time being.

Does Canada have any latinos? lol?

I live in prince george, canada and I'm totally into latino/hispanic men but.... we dont have any in canada haha. I'm 16 and in 16 years of living here, i've met once latino man and he's in his thirties haha. Has anybody else noticed our serious lack of latinos in Canada?

Did Nascar show its best or worst side in Canada?

I can't speak for my fellow Canadians, but I don't think Gordon's actions are going to cause many to jump off the Nascar bandwagon up here.

It's funny that they'd even worry about it so much, given that there are many of us who are already more than a little familiar with Nascar. You're not going to find Jeff Gordon on any Pepsi machines here, but it's not like we don't get coverage of every race the same as you do (I've noticed little dropoff, really, since moving back to Canada).

For fans who are on the fence about Nascar in Canada, it's tough to determine which way they'll go. So many of my Canadian friends love F1 that it will be hard to convince them that racing three wide is the better choice, but I just try telling them that it beats the heck out of watching an F1 race where the first-lap leader is usually the guy who wins the race.

Do you think Canada is a boring country?

I've been living here for awhile now and honestly I personally don't find Canada to be as fun as the United States or England. I've lived in all three of those countries and I found Canada to be the most boring out of the three when it comes to day to day life. There is much more to do in the US and England. While there are some cool attractions those are only really good for tourists it's not like you go to see them everyday. I could barely keep my sanity living in Canada the clubs aren't as fun the parties weren't as good. Even the big cities are nothing compared to L.A., New York, and London. I'm not hating on Canada I actually find it to be a pretty cool country but it's just not hat fun. What are your thoughts?