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Has Anyone Else Noticed That The Insane Asylum In The Ward Is The Same One From Rob Zombie

What types of people would be the first ones to die in a zombie apocalypse?

The first groups to die would be those that habitually use public transportation, and mass travel methods like cruise ships, trains, buses, and airliners.The second mass exterminations would follow rapidly after the first and be anyone attending large forums, like football games and movie theatres, large schools would be next.The third cohort would be mass evacuaters, stuck in traffic jams and the various alphabet agencies that would be attempting to respond to the spreading event. Police would likely be first because they would tend to treat the problem as a crowd control and a legal compliance issue putting them at the forefront of the spreading virus. Firefighters and ambulance personnel would be next and concurrent with hospital personnel.The fourth cohort would be occupants of assisted living and convalescent homes and other non-hospital institutionalized living facilities other than jails.The fifth and final major cohort would be occupants of jails and asylums, who would die from dehydration.The sixth cohort would be those who for whatever reason believe that they can fight the zombies and the living and build themselves a petty empire. Fat chance.After that it would be zombies roaming around in herds, and small disparate groups of the living who would be desperately searching for supplies and killing each other over whisky, beer, cigarettes, and Twinkies!Then the solid preppers would be under attack by the less prepared and a few feudal groups would be consolidating their power and stealing/scavenging supplies from whoever and wherever they could get them.By this time the super-preppers would begin to emerge and scavenge for replacements.Finally there are a very few like me. Ultra-preppers. I would be foraging out of my nuclear hardend cold war facility in one of my heavily armed and armoured military vehicles. Probably my six wheeled Pinzgauer APC followed by one of my tanks and half-a-dozen armed drones.We would be enforcing some rules, collecting taxes, and re-establishing manufacturing and distribution!Welcome to new and soon to be global Republic of Texas! :-P

Fear: What are some of the scariest/haunted places in world?

Pakistan’s Koh-i-Chiltan Mountain near Quetta, Balochistan is one of the scariest sites in South Asia. In Pashto and Persian, the name Chiltan means 40 bodies.According to folklore, a childless couple went to a holy man, asking him to bless them with offspring, the holy man denied their requests because only God could answer their prayers. The holy man’s son was also holy man, he believed that he would be able to satisfy the couple’s wishes. The son cast 40 pebbles into the wife’s lap and gave her the blessing of offspring.Eventually, the wife had 40 children; caring for 40 children was beyond the couple’s means. Thus, the husband took 39 of the children to the Koh-i-Chiltan mountain and abandoned them; the couple raised the 40th child. Eventually, the couple decided to visit the mountain, there they discovered all 39 abandoned children well and alive. The next day, they allowed their 40th son to spend some time with his long lost siblings at the mountain. When the couple returned, they noticed that all 40 children were missing.Today, the Koh-i-Chiltan mountain is rumored to be haunted with the 40 children’s spirits. Alongside haunted houses, Shamshan Ghats, Mazaars, and forts, the Koh-i-Chiltan remains one of the nation’s most haunted sites.Each city, region, and locality has its own alleged haunted sites. My mother grew up in Tariq Road (P.E.C.H.S); according to her, house 39-K in Block 6 of P.E.C.H.S has long been regarded as a haunted site.Koh-i-Chiltan, Quetta, Balochistan.

How do you say "Give up on your girlfriend. You were happier before you got back with her." in Japanese Kanji?

Japanese people usually refrain from meddling in other people's relationships unless they specifically ask for advice or if you two are really close, so please be aware of that.I tried to phrase my translation as respectful as I could, but to Japanese people this might be too direct (depending on the person and the relationship you have with them, too).付き合っている前の方が幸せだったから、彼女と別れたほうがいいです。which translates to 'you were happier before you started dating your girlfriend so it's better to break up with her.'.If I were giving someone advice though, I'd phrase it as付き合っている前の方が幸せだったから、彼女と別れたほうがいいかもしれません。which translates to 'you were happier before you started dating your girlfriend so perhaps it's better to break up with her.'.

Are narcissists evil or mentally ill, and do they know that they are?

It's a personality disorder. Yes, considered a mental illness.They clearly do know what they are doing. Problem is that they find give a flying flip who gets hurt along the way as long as they come out on top.I have read all of the comments shared thus far and the frustration is enormous because these master manipulators get away with their evil actions. And it's maddening.I have actually seen it all play out in 3D living color. Most of the players: victims, family, friends, coworkers, cops, lawyers, judges…all those who surround us get burned out by watching our pain play out. The merry go round that we eventually tire of and finally get off. By that time (years later) nobody believes us and few support us. We look like the crazy ones with the string of police reports, dropped protective orders, leaving only to run back to our abusers. Knowing within a week or so we are idiots for believing all the false promises the narc made to get us back.They make us crazy. Temporary insanity. And it shows. Precious few understand us. Precious few believe us when we declare we're finally done. Yes…they are evil and know full well what they are doing. Sadly, we look like the liars. The crazies. Most of their abuse is done calculatingly and cold. But only when nobody is looking.Our shame and humiliation at being filled again ave again is ours to bare. Mostly alone.Karna is a bitch. They can't be happy. We can leave and get ourselves back and enjoy what's left of our lives.It's not 100% their fault as most were either neglected and abused or spoiled rotten to the core. So narcissism is their main survival instinct on overdrive. However, they are toxic. Don't try to help them. It's useless. Help yourself out of their life.