Has Anyone Ever Had The

Has anyone ever had this problem with sex?

im 23, 5'3 tall, and weigh 100 pounds.. so im fairly small. i recently got out of a 3 year relationship with a guy who was basically too "big" for me. i dreaded having sex with him and avoided it at all costs because it would feel like being punched in the stomach. i know that he was definitely bigger than average, but he could still fit if we tried. im wondering is it just because he was too big? or could there be something wrong with me that's causing this pain? ive been with 3 other guys before him and never had this problem, but im wondering if something has just developed recently, or whether it was because they were a bit smaller. im embarrassed to ask my doctor about this and also a little worried to sleep with anyone else now that im single. what should i do?

Has anyone here ever had an abortion?

No, I haven't. But I know of a person who went to heaven when he died who saw children who were aborted in heaven. On or .The man who gave his testimony died in the hospital. He went to hell first (1/2 way). Jesus told him that some people don't believe there is a hell. Then he came back to life. Then a golden vessel took him to heaven. Where the grass had precious gems in it. His son who had died before was on the other side of the river. The angel told him to go ahead & walk on the grass, its OK. He did & the grass was soft as cotton. Then he talked to his son accross the river. His son said to his dad, "You need to go back & minister to the kids on the street like he had promised." shortly before he died. (His son was murdered being shot.) On the way back he saw 3 groups of children. He asked Jesus who these children (from all nations) were. Jesus said that the one group were children who died in wars & sickness, etc. & the one group were children Jesus gave to people who gave them back to him who weren't Christian. Then there was a group of children who were born of Church going people, who went the way of the world, & who had gave their children back to the Lord (abortions). So? The man thought it was interesting that Jesus had the children in different groups. Of unsaved people who aborted & of Church going people who went the way of the world who aborted. But Jesus was saddened that so many gave children back to Him. That they didn't want the children he sent them.

Not to condemn anyone who has done this. But then they will see their child again in heaven. I have family, etc. who has done this.

And I know that many the times no one cares about the rights of the dad that may not want their baby aborted. I know that people who have done this have felt very much pain for what they have done. Some even feel suicidal. Jesus can heal this wound though. Because Jesus knows where the baby is & everything will be all right. As long as repentance has happened & one has received Jesus shed blood for remission of their sin.

Park Ji-sung, the former footballer, has been popularly called ‘Three-Lungs’ Park. But he doesn’t actually have three lungs. It’s just that he had great endurance and ran tirelessly during games.As for really having three lungs, accessory lung (or extralobar pulmonary sequestration) is a real condition, though rare. It is congenital. A small piece of lung tissue is found adjacent to the lower lobe of a normal lung. This ‘accessory lung’ is not connected to the airway and is non-functional.

Q: “Has anyone ever had an IQ below 20?”I read a book recently, “A Genetic Study of the Gifted” by Terman. In that book he tested 1500 Gifted students with IQ’s of 140+. He said, based on his 1500 tests, that at 140 or above the Bell Curve becomes very inaccurate. He estimated at 170 IQ the curve known as a “normal distribution curve” would underestimate the number of people at that level by a factor of 2X. Above that, it gets progressively worse. He said he felt this would be true for low IQ people as well. So for whatever number of people that might be predicted for lower IQ’s, below 60, that number is unknown, but would likely be far higher than that curve would suggest.As another answer says, below 40 a person would not be able to take such a test.When a person is unconscious, they would not be able to even take the test. So what would be the IQ of such a person, at that time? 40 it seems.What would be the IQ of any sleeping person, 40 it seems.When a person has become incapacitated by alcohol, drugs, pain, terror, fear, apathy, hopelessness, uselessness, a coma, electric shock, or other things, they would also be in this range. What would be the IQ of such people?So we have two conditions for a human-being. When the “being” or intellect is present, and when the intellect is not present, when the body only, is present.So this is my point, when the intellect or “being” part of a human-being is not present, one has only the “human body.” We are talking about the intellect of the human body only without the intellect of the “being” present. So when the being is present we have a combination intelligence - the “human-being”. Likewise, we could have an intelligence of a “being” only. But we will leave that for another question. Also, another answer mentions that there is no intervention to “recover functionality” to such people. That is not true. The IQ of such a person, the human body only, can be increased. But let’s leave that to another question as well.Best regards,Leon

Has anyone ever had 2 part-time jobs at once??

Yes, it happens all the time. Many people also work full time, but have a second part-time job for extra income. First of all, decide if one of the jobs has priority. You might give priority to a job that's in a field you want to stay in, that pays significantly better or that has better potential for growth. (Sometimes neither job has priority.)

Try to get a set schedule (the same every week) at one job, if you can. This is harder when you're part-time.

Be candid with the employer at the second job. Tell them that you have a part-time job already, and you'll need for them to work around your schedule, if you are hired. This is easier if you have a set schedule at the primary job, but it's possible even if you don't. Maybe you work 7 am to 3 pm at your first job. If you apply for a second job with hours from 5 pm to 10 pm, the two should never conflict.

Or, if you work Mon, Tues and Wed at your first job, you could look for a part-time job that needs someone on Fri, Sat, & Sun.

Be cautious about making demands. Especially with a part-time employee, it may be easier for them to find someone else than to let you dictate the schedule to them each week.

Has anyone ever had to deal with this problem?

See, this is why it's just STUPID to wait until you're married until you have sex. Do you buy a car you haven't taken for a test drive? Buy a dress you didn't try on? Come on, this is the rest of your life here. You have been married for three months, and you should be bonking like rabbits at this stage. There is a major problem here. You have huge communication issues and I doubt this is about his own insecurity about nudity. Therapy time - it's normal for passion to die down after you've been together for a while, but at the rate you're going that could mean you won't even be making eye contact with each other in a year.

Has anyone ever had two weddings?

Has this been done? Yes.
BUT most people don't feel it is appropriate - and unless there is a MAJOR extenuating circumstance, I don't feel it is appropriate. If you were engaged, planning to marry & one of you was about to be deployed -- I would be OK with you running to a JOP just in case something bad happened you had at least been legally married.

My parents technically had 2 weddings. My Dad was divorced and Mom is Catholic & the Catholic church refused to marry them unless Dad's 1st marriage was annulled by the Catholic church. Back in the 1970's when my parents met, annulments took YEARS so my parents married in a Unitarian Church. After a lengthy time, my Dad's annullment of 1st marriage went through and they did have a Catholic wedding. Mom wore a blue dress & Dad a suit. A couple of close relatives were there -- but it was by no means a whole "do over" wedding with white dress, bridesmaids, flowers, reception etc. It was important to my mother to be married in her church, so when my parents were able, they did it.

YES. TRY IT. IF YOU’RE IN GERMANY GO GET IT RIGHT NOW. RIGHT. NOW.Look I know I’m being pushy but GO.It’s been a while since I left Germany, so I’m deprived at the moment. You might as well have some instead for me… it’s that good.Think a soft, juicy, thick sausage (both the pork and beef sausages are amazing), with ketchup and curry on top. Now imagine your teeth sinking into that warm, soft, juicy sausage, with the ketchup giving a certain sweetness only ketchup can, and the curry pretty much singing in your mouth, giving an exotic but harmonic aftertaste that practically begs for one more bite. The sausage is soft, and it seems to melt in your mouth as you chew it. Yet every bite still seems to make the it explode into a burst of flavour, mixing perfectly with the ketchup and curry. The French Fries on the side are nearly forgotten, but they go pretty well with the ketchup and curry as well. You know, they’re great for eating while you wait for your second currywurst order to come out. Do I really have to say more?I get that currywurst is fast food in Germany, and that I generally hate fast food. I really don’t care. Currywurst is the food of gods.

Has anyone ever had "psychic flashes"?

Mine are not flashes, but I get feelings, and I believe I sometimes get messages. The strangest message I got was a few years ago. I got the image of a mylar balloon floating above my head (it kept on changing back and forth between the balloon and a couch cushion). The strangest aspect of this image was that the balloon/cushion had half the air crushed out of it. I could not imagine what that meant.I had the feeling that it came from my father-in law who passed away in 2001. I found out later that my husband, who was abroad at the time,was in a crowd of people who all started pushing to gain entrance through a small doorway. He was being crushed, but was able to pull his body high enough above the crowd to save his life.

I just wish these messages could come through more clearly.

Also, the night that my father-in-law died, he came to me in my dream as the telephone was ringing. Again, the message wasn't clear, I thought it was my mother-in-law who passed away.

Yes, I have encounters with satan all the time.The mystic is regularly attacked by satan and his sons attempting to punish the mystic for his love of God and humanity, for the mystic’s love of God wins many souls for God and snatches them away from satan and the jaws of hell.This infuriates satan, and he makes furious war against the saint in love with God whose holy love of God helps to save all humanity.Thus there is a spiritual combat which rages about all about us in satan and his sons making war upon the saints and the saints battling against them carrying the banner of God and Jesus.The devil also hates the mystic because he sees the saint as taking his place in Heaven, while it is satan and his sons themselves who have rejected God and Heaven and chosen themselves and hell instead, thus giving up all claims upon Heaven and the Beatific Vision of God Face to Face. “Better to rule in hell than to serve in Heaven,” it has been said.These satanic phenomena take physical, imaginative and spiritual forms, all of which are directed against the saint to cause fear in him to frighten him out of prayer and clinging to God alone, for prayer gives the saint ever ascending Divine Grace which culminates in the Estate Of The Perfect or the Spiritual Marriage of God and Soul, and it is This Estate Of Spiritual Perfection of the saint which is most costly to hell and most richly beneficial for the abundance of Heaven.I hope this helps.