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Has Anyone Experience This Before Is It Normal

Has anyone experienced the smell of death when they were around some sick people?

Yes, but it isn't as black and white as a yes or no answer. I am a paramedic and on the side, i transport bodies for a local coroner. I have smelled many dead and dying people. My description may be graphic for some but i think it is par for the course when reading the answer to such a question.First, how long after death are we talking about? A few minutes, hours, days, weeks? We all know what the smell of death is like because we have driven by a dead animal on the road. It is horrible and you can't seem to get that smell out of your car until well past the dead animal. If you live in a large city and don't drive, then you have smelled it when you threw a meat in the garbage and forgot to take it out. Human bodies are no different and if they have been decomposing in a warm environment, they will smell the same.When we are talking about just after death as in a few minutes to several hours, the smell will depend on the condition of the person prior to death. If the person suffered a traumatic death, there is often a heavy smell of iron in the air due to large amounts of blood. This smell is present both before and just after death. Those with chronic illnesses or multiple medical conditions often smell of urine and the smells of infected flesh from bed sores or lesions. This smell remains after death and may be what is often associated with a death smell.Upon death, most humans lose bowel function due to complete muscle relaxation. This is the smell that i most often associate with death. Urine and feces. Also upon death, a person usually vomits the contents of their stomach or at least burps up the gastric gases. This, too is a smell that i associate with newly dead people. Perhaps this explains the sweet smell that some have described in the answers though it rarely smells sweet to me. All three of these smells are often present around a person prior to death because the person is unable to control bowels or may have been vomiting due to illness. If you visit a nursing home, you may be inundated with these smells from the residents.To be honest, some of the worst smells that i have experienced were from patients who were very much alive but unable or unwilling to bathe and care for themselves.If this is unclear or confusing, please let me know. This is a difficult answer to put into words.

Has anyone experienced wrist pain as a symptom of PMS?

I've never experienced this before my son was born. After he was born I started getting wrist pain which I was told was normal but it went away after a while. My period resumed when he was 10 months, he is now 2. For the last few months the wrist pain has resumed during the week before my period.

Has anyone experienced these as symptoms of early pregnancy?

Apologizing in advance for what I know will probably be TMI.

I'm hoping for a PPT this month. It's still about 4 days before AF, so I figured I'd wait until then to take the test. Until that time, however...

#1 Today I have been SO tired. I woke up after a good night's sleep feeling like I'd been up jogging. I came home on my lunch break to take a quick nap. I fell asleep again when I got home from work. Would/should I be this tired already? I want to make sure my imagination's not running away with me...

#2 (Literally.) I can't poop. I have gas so bad, and I feel like I need to, but nothing wants to budge. Does constipation really start this early? If I am pregnant, the egg probably would have only just been fertilized, right? I always thought constipation was a later-on thing.

#3 I... smell different. I'm a VERY hygienic individual, so why did my armpits smell like my teenage brother's when I woke up this morning? Has anyone else noticed a different body odor during pregnancy?

Thanks for your time, Moms and Moms-To-Be!

Has anyone experienced severe breakouts while on Nuvaring?

I used Nuvaring in the past and it cleared my acne but after stopping Nuvaring for 5 months and now starting again I've had severe nodular acne. Does this make sense?

Has anyone experienced a severe initial breakout when starting YAZ before seeing improvement in skin?

Started Yaz b/c 2 weeks ago, and my skin hasn't looked worse in about 7 years. I know it's not unusual to have an initial breakout of acne when starting any b/c pill, but my breakout is severe for what my skin normally was before (usually mild/semi-moderate acne). Is this normal? I know some women say YAZ completely cleared their skin, but did you have this initial terrible reaction? Or is this a sign of worse things to come? Please don't tell me that all b/c pills are different for different people, give it a few months, etc. I know all this. I'm looking for people who've had specific experiences with YAZ. I'm thinking of quitting altogether, but I'm worried that that will only worsen the situation, as it's messing with hormone levels again. Did you quit? How long after you quit did your skin return to normal?
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