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Has Anyone Noticed All These Modern Apartment Complexes Popping Up Everywhere In London

How do London and Paris compare to live in? Which is better to live in and why?

If you’re from any minority (Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Black, Asian, etc…) then I would forget Paris.France is a deeply racist and intolerant country.A few personal examples…I know a French guy of Moroccan descent with top grades tell me his teachers told him to become a taxi driver because that is what people like him do. After experiencing years of racism in France, he ended up with a top job at Morgan Stanley in the UK.My wife, who is white and French, has told me about the outright racism her black friends experienced when she grew up. She’s told me in the 10 years she’s lived in the UK she’s never seen anything like it.Another friend of mine, an Oxford PhD, who is of Indian descent but spent most of his life in the UK, moved to France a few years ago. He told me that many of his French colleagues had told him that in France he must do as the French, something he had never heard once in all his time in the UK and the US.I could go on and on, and on.Every person that I have spoken to from a minority group that has lived in both Paris and London has told me the same thing. And I've spoken to many.But it goes further. A Sikh boy cannot wear a turban to a public school. Same for a Muslim girl with a hijab and a Jewish boy with a kippah. That’s veiled intolerance.In London people from minorities are free to wear what they want. That’s tolerance.However, if you’re not from a minority then you do have an interesting choice.London is richer, cleaner, and has far lower levels of crime. It is a more vibrant and confident city.Paris makes more sense if you have an interest in architecture, you’re planning to make a career as a criminal, and if you’re French…

How would you describe London?

London comes across as a pretty complex city - you dislike it at first but with time, about a year or so, it starts to grow on you.The pace of life in London is astonishingly fast. People are always on the move - it seems as though they’re always in a hurry to get somewhere, and this rush doesn’t seem to end. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to London was just how fast people walked on the streets.You will hardly find people talking in English since most native Londoners live outside London and just come here to work. Those who actually live in London are mostly students and office-goers from outside London/England.London is however, truly multicultural. You meet people of all ages, from all over the world. It’s hard to go out during the day time on Saturdays and Sundays due to the sheer volume of tourists on the streets.But with everything said, if you’re at a stage where want to grow as a person, discover your strengths and weaknesses, learn more every day and constantly challenge yourself - this is where you want to be. London constantly makes you want to be a better version of yourself, makes you see what the world has to offer and makes you want to own it. Due to these qualities and due to the probablility of burning out, I’d say London is perfect for living there in ones 20s and 30s, for about 5–10 years.Opinion on London is generally very polarised. But the best way to describe the city would be to say that it’s hard to hate it every day and at the same time, it’s hard to love it every day.