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Has Anyone Seen The New Movie The Heat With Sandra Bullock . What Did U Think

Has anyone seen the new movie with sandra boulak and kenano reeves?

No I haven't seen it yet. Why do you ask? Have you seen it?

Who would win, Julia Roberts & Richard Gere vs. Sandra Bullock & George Clooney?

Welcome to Wide World of Cage Fighting. I’m Trickee Petee and sitting with me is Tim. Tim what’s your prediction for this fight?(No predictions, Pete. It’s already started)DING-DING-DING!!Here comes Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride with the — NO!!! They’re slammed down by Gravity!Ocean’s 11 through 13 with the right, the left — oh what a malicious takedown by Arbritrage!1–2–3–4- and Clooney’s back up!From Dusk Til Dawn with the—whoooa!!! And it looks like Richard Gere’s not getting up! Oh my!Ding-Ding-Ding!But Julia’s back up! This is incredible!!!(Seems like someone saw Flatliners, Pete. They went back to 1989 and saw the Keifer Sutherland version with Julia in it and consequently, she’s back on her feet like only the inflappable American treasure she is—Thirty seconds to go in Round 1, OH!!! She puts Clooney out with Stepmom!!!1–2–3- And Clooney’s back up— BOOM!!! Down he goes again!!!(Oh, he should have watched out for that Sleeping With The Enemy uppercut. Gets you every time, Pete)1–2–3 And Clooney’s tapping out! Unbelievable. Well it’s down to Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, Tim.(And Sandra doesn’t seem to be doing anything but standing still, this should be an easy one for Julia—)WHAT’S THIS?! Sandra bodyslams Julia to the turf!!! And look at this! She’s doing the count herself!!!Sandra: Speed…Demolition Man…The Heat…A Time to Kill…Julia: Homecoming on Amazon Prime, bitch!Sandra: …okay I’ll give you that. Homecoming is good. And you were good in it.Julia: Ah-HAH!Sandra: Unfortunately the asshole who’s writing this answer on quora only saw Homecoming because Lip from Shameless is in it! In fact it was your name on the promotional materials that made him take so long to check it out in the first place!Julia: Drats!It’s over!!! Ding-Ding-Ding!!! Sandra Bullock has won the match!!!Wait a minute!!The judges are meeting at the table. What are they talking about, Tim?(I think they’re trying to decide whether or not Blind Side is too racist and Speed 2 is too shitty, Pete)And here comes the head official now…let’s hear what he has to say…Official: Blind Side…entertaining enough to pass muster…and Speed 2…call it something else…it’s suddenly not shitty anymore…team Sandra wins.WOW!! Did you hear that?! Sandra Bullock has won the match!!!The new… cinematic cage fighting champion of the worrrrrld…Sandra…Bullock!

Movies worth watching?

Question one:

I read some of the other responses & they are all great! I have added some of my personal favs (some that are already mentioned) and others.

Killing Zoe - (my personal favourite);

Munich - semi-fictionalized film about the Israeli government's secret retaliation after the 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes by Black September gunmen;

North by Northwest;

Sin City;

Bladerunner - may like it for its action and fantasy attributes!



Good Fellas;

If you like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, you may like Science of sleep;

Question 2.

There are a few movies that surround the premise that you referred to.

Groundhog Day - Starring Bill Murray - don't think that he perishes in the flick

Premonition - new Sandra Bullock movie

Daybreak - TV show starring Taye Diggs

Salvage - college girl trapped in a vicious cycle in which she is forced to relive her own brutal murder time and again attempts to crack the shocking mystery that guides her fate

Hope that this helps!

Gravity (2013 movie): [SPOILERS] In reality could Ryan Stone have survived her re-entry to Earth?

If you're in orbit and you're re-entering, one can figure out exactly how much energy you're going to have to dissipate.   If you and your suit weigh, lets say, 220 pounds, then slowing down from 18 miles per second, you will dissipate about 3 billion Joules.  If the re-entry takes 10 minutes, that's 600 seconds, spreading out 3 billion Joules over 600 seconds, I get a power level of  5 million watts.  That will heat you up real good.  It's pretty hard to dissipate that much heat and keep a reasonable temperature.  A space suit is not going to do it.

Demolition Man: How are the three seashells used?

Demolition Man. What a fucking great movie.Have you ever seen that show “Whitest Kids U Know”? There’s a sketch where two guys make a time machine. They decide to go back in time to the 19th century, pick up a farmer, and take him back to their time for the sole purpose of watching him freak out at the sight of things like airplanes, cars, and the billboards in Times Square. Then they go even further in the future to the year 30000. They’re suddenly freaked out the way the farmer was. They don’t understand a thing they’re seeing. It’s like being in a psychadelic poster.We’re meant to understand what the three seashells do…the way a farmer in the 19th century would understand airplanes, cars, and the billboards in Times Square.

What movie have you seen that potentially could have been a classic if it weren't for a few missteps?

I’m going to go with the last movie I saw, which was Don’t Worry, He Can Only Get So Far on Foot. So many things about this film are perfect. Great cast, great script, and great subject matter that is both brutal and inspiring. Where director Gus Van Sant royally f***ed up (in my opinion, at least) is in two areas: editing and sequencing.The film jumps back and forth between the past and present without giving any context, and scenes from the book that would have been very effective (albeit disturbing) are omitted in favor of “feel good” stuff that just seems generic and disingenuous.Despite brilliant performances by Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, and Mara Rooney, everything about the story line seems hasty, disjointed, and underdeveloped. I understand that books and film are two very different formats, but regardless, Van Sant’s interpretation comes off as a muddled mess.When you consider what the director had to work with, this film should have been a slam dunk at the Oscars. But as it stands, I can’t imagine that the man who inspired it (the late cartoonist John Callahan) would have given his full endorsement. In the end, Don’t Worry… is less of a faithful adaptation, and more of a wasted opportunity.