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Has Anyone Traveled To Japan Before What Was Your Experience Like

Has anyone traveled to Japan and rented a cell phone?

I haven't tried renting an iPhone on that site, what I did, which was very simple, is merely rent a Japanese phone when I arrived at the Narita airport. They have plenty of phone rental kiosks to choose from. Plus, upon returning to the airport at the end of my trip, I knew exactly where to go to drop it off and get the remainder of my deposit back. No mailing, postage fees, no hassles.

1. They were charging on average, $300 dollars. (30000 yen) Most asked for a credit card, but I did find one kiosk at the Narita airport that accepted a cash deposit. They returned the amount of my un-used deposit back when I returned the phone. It was VERY worth it in my opinion.
2. I didn't see any. It's japan, they don't have a lot of the underhanded crap we deal with in America...
3. For me, it was very reliable. The phone worked fine, except for (of course) when I went up into the mountains in Miyazaki.
4. DON'T LOSE YOUR PHONE. (or you get none of your deposit back, and maybe have to pay a fine) Otherwise enjoy your trip!

If anyone on here has traveled to Japan could you please tell me about your experience?

ive been to japan 3 times in different places.. tokyo, utsonomiya and matsuyama..
it was a wonderful experience seeing a totally different culture from my own..
the place is an exciting mix of flashy technology, unique fashion but with rich traditions and shrines well preserved..
generally i would say the japanese are well mannered and hardworking people
they seem to be very keen on their specific professions too
almost perfectionists
so you can always expect quality service and products when you go around to visit the various shops..
yes you must get your fill of the sushi bars, yakinikus, izakayas, and even the pastry shops!
and the gadgets! they often have the latest models..
from vacuum cleaners to laptops!
you also ought to check the sakuras -cherry blossoms
though they come in season.. when you plannin to go anyway?
their fireworks display - the hanabi!
and if you have time you should try the onseng experience
-spa/sauna.. theirs is very interesting and relaxing of course!
and dont forget to try the shinkansen too!
and most of all get to know some japanese people..
from my experience they are very pleasant and they made my trips memorable..
regarding the donts.. i guess as long as you go about in a nice, natural manner there should'nt be a problem..
though learning a few japanese words would be quite helpful,
knowing where and when you should be leaving your shoes before you enter somebody's home and familiarizing yourself with their hi-tech toilets would avoid future embarrassments too! enjoy! =)

I had few strange experience in Japan. the best of them are following.I went for evening walk with my husband. There was an old lady sitting under bus stop around 11:00 pm Seems like she was in her 70′s and homeless. We usually buy some food from convenience store and offer them as a kind gesture. I asked her do you want anything else I do have some extra clothes but she was so humble that she said I really need one but I feel really shy getting it. Can you please put it aside like you forgot that thing? It was really opposite to my home country where people beg. Even she mentioned that she don’t need more food as today she got it so it would be good if another needy person get it. I was quite impressed by the elegance of Japanese culture.Opposite to the above incident I was travelling in JR on a rainy day with lot of luggage in my hand. I was holding a suitcase full of stuffs and handbag. I was feeling a bit sleepy why standing in a crowded train suddenly a felt knocking on my hand which was holding suitcase. I turned up and checked who’s what person, there was a tall guy with lots of tattoos and piercing wearing brown glasses so he could hide his eyes. I was trying to figure out why he is knocking? Suddenly he opened up his palm and showed me 100 Yen coin and made gesture that he is asking for such coin from me. I didn't get it at once as he was looking like a cool and well doing youngster, so I looked around to make sure it is not a prank. When I looked around almost everyone in the train looking at us. He did the same thing again showed me the coin and did asking gesture. I node my head then he moved ahead and got out of the train in 30 sec. I was quite stunned when he walked out of train and started dancing while walking towards exit!Both experiences were opposite but it’s Japan you can get more positive than negative experience. Cheers !

Has anyone ever been to japan??

I've just come back from Japan..literally flew back yesterday.
I miss it so much, it's the most diverse and amazing country you will ever go to.
One minute we were exploring tranquil temples in Kyoto in the springtime we were in the middle of snow covered Gifu..making snowmen! In the blink of an eye we were skipping along a white sandy beach..watching the sun go down.
Then as an immediate contrast we'd find ourselves in the most amazing cities..full of fantastic shopping malls and just generally cool shops..and don't forget purikura (photobooths that are really popular with teens).
One of the main reasons Japan is so amazing is the hospitalitiy of the people and the safe feeling you get wherever you truly is a beautiful and amazing country.
I'm 19 now and am hoping to do an exchange from University of London to go to a Japanese Uni to study there for a year..then hopefully live in the Osaka area.
Trust me, you'll love it (although the summers get really amazingly hot!)


Absolutely. Don’t just see Japan, experience it.Now overall will you be more comfortable than a western hotel? Maybe not. But for at least a night or two, it is well worth it.There are some very fancy and pricey places, but also some very inexpensive ones - even in Tokyo. There are some inexpensive ones in Tokyo, like the Kimi, the Tama, the Taito and the Tokyo Ryokan. In Osaka there is the Kaneyoshi Ryokan.Many pricier places are situated near hot springs, and they can run as high as 20,000–30,000 yen per night. You might look through Japanese Guest Houses and the Japan Ryokan and Hotel Assn.A night in a capsule hotel might be worth it for a night also. Perhaps just one night is about enough though. A night in a love hotel can be an interesting experience too.

A2AThis was while on a solo trip through the Urals on the Trans Siberian Train in Russia.It was the month of September, but who am I kidding, this was Siberia. The weather outside was freezing and I was to be on this train for 3 days. The train has many facilities, one of which is a shower cubicle which offers hot water for bathing. After being stuck in a not so clean cabin and rubbing shoulders with dirty backpackers, I decided that it would be best to take a shower.So I requested the provodnik (conductor) to arrange for the hot water. The way the ventilation works on this train is that the aisles are open air, which means they are frigid. The cabins are all heated and are quite cozy. I decided that I would have a shower post dinner. After dinner I went to grab my toiletries and changed into a bath robe.At this point during the journey, I was travelling alone in the cabin. So for safety of my belongings, I decided that I would lock the door and take the key with me. I went in and took a nice long shower. When I came out, I entered the frigid corridor in nothing but a bathrobe. The warmth of the shower was enough to keep me warm for a while, but not for long. So I quickly fumbled for my keys but couldn’t find them. I began frantically searching for them and ran back to the shower room.I rammed open the door because by now the cold was getting to me. To my surprise, in there I saw a man taking a shower. Yes, no doors locked. He screamed something in Russian and I quickly shut the door.Shocked at what I had just seen I walked back to my coach. I found the provodnik and told him what had happened. We walked back to the shower and this time the provodnik simply knocked and opened the door. After a calm conversation, the man handed me the keys which were lying by the sink. All this while he was naked.Definitely the craziest I’ve witnessed

Alan Booth did, in the 90s, and survived just long enough to write about it. I recommend you read The Roads to Sata, an extraordinary 4-month trek from the northernmost part of Japan to the southernmost, following the west coast.

Have anyone ever experience dull cramping a week before your period is due?

Hi guys!

My last period started July 16 and ended July 19. I had unprotected sex July 27th. My calendar said I ovulated on July 30. I noticed on Monday, August 6 I had very dull cramps. They weren’t painful but I knew they were there. The cramps will last all day but would come and go. As of today Sunday, August 12. I’m still having dull cramps. My period is due August 13 (tomorrow). I normally have cramps 2 or 3 days before my period starts, they��re normally extremely painful, and I always have to take Advil’s once they get here to stop the pain, but these cramps felt very different. There extremely dull and not painful. I feels like their coming from my uterus. My cycle is normally 28 days long and some times my period is late one day or early. Do think I could be pregnant? If so, when should I take a test? Right now I am at 13 dpo. The only symptoms I have are dull cramping and fatigue

As recently traveled, I would like to update my experience for others considering traveling to Jordan.Go for it. It's far from the fear created by media. It's one of the safest country I have traveled so far.People are very friendly and helpful. Majority of them can speak English due to huge influx of travelers some years ago. So you will have no issues.If you are a vegetarian, you are in for a delicious treat.Contrary to the fact that Jordan is expensive, it isn't. You can get by with as low as 20-30 jod per day.Public transports are safe to take.You can smoke and drink in public. While later is hard to find except in cities, no one will punish you for doing so.All treks are marked on the Jordan tourism website. If it's stated as a guided tour, don't overdo by doing it on your own. You will likely end up getting lost. True story.People are curious when they see females traveling alone or in a group. Their sense of private space is different compared to rest of the world. They express their friendliness by giving you half hugs. If it makes you uncomfortable, just tell them.You will have strangers coming and asking you for pictures with them. If you don't wish to entertain them, smile and walk away.For my fellow Indians, do know that bollywood and Indian series are a rage amongst Jordan people. Amitabh Bacchan is a hot favourite.Solo female travelers, if you get offers to be the second or any wife. Just smile and sip your tea. For myself , my statement was “will ask mom and let you know” :)Allover just go and get ready to be blown away ( figure of speech).