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Has Obama Came In Peace In 2008 Namaste

What do people in other countries think about Donald Trump?

CanadaWe’re concerned for our poor neighbours to the south, while simultaneously amazed at this unbelievable spectacle:UpdateI was astounded and dismayed, but not really surprised, when I read the Calgary Sun (a right-wing and very conservative news daily). They had published a poll taken of their readers to find out which presidential candidate people supported. The poll showed 48% support for Trump, 27% support for Hillary and 25% undecided.These sad numbers should not be surprising because this is an oil-producing province and Trump, a climate change denier, said that he would give his blessing to a huge pipeline project to send Alberta oil (most of it from our Athabasca “tar-sands”, a very polluting and expensive source) to the US Gulf Coast.A presidential endorsement of this “Keystone XL Pipeline” (Barack Obama already said, “No”) is something that Alberta oil barons would dearly love to see and so Trump is their man; environment and world peace be damned I suppose, as long as the oil companies keep making money. :^(Trump’s approval rating will be much lower and Hillary’s much higher in more liberal-minded parts of Canada, such as British Columbia and Ontario (maybe in Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia too). Saskatchewan and Manitoba, prairie-land in the middle of Canada, are a mystery to me.

What are some things that happen only in India?

Trucks on a trainOne often hears about the Roll On Roll Off service to transport cars and trucks on ships across oceans, rivers or lakes. Such services are common in India and around the world like the Trans Atlantic Roll-On-Roll-Off. But here in India we have Roll On Roll Off service on trains.Presenting to you the Roll On Roll Off service of the Konkan RailwaysIn this service loaded trucks ride piggy back on specially designed BRN wagons moving to their destinations without needing to use roads (specifically the NH 17). The service is referred to as the RoRo - short form of Roll On Roll Off. The drivers simply park their trucks on these trains and bypass all the hazards of road travel, while they sleep peacefully in the cabins of their trucks and enjoy the lush green surroundings of Konkan. This is a win-win situation for the railways as well as truck owners.It is a great advantage to the truckers as it -Saves wear and tear of tyresReduces maintenance cost of trucksEnables faster turn-round of trucksFaster delivery of goodsGives higher profitsEnsures better road safetyThe freight service is a major cash crop for the Indian Railway. The Roll On Roll Off service helps increase the freight revenue for the Konkan Railways by earning upto 50 crore per annum.The beginningThe service was started on 26 January 1999 by the Konkan Railways. The railways advertised on dhabas by using pamphlets in as many languages as possible like Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada. However on the day of its launch only 5 trucks showed up. Gradually by a good word of mouth the takers for this service increased and now it transports upto 50 trucks per rake with 2–3 such rakes per day. By the time it had completed 15 years of its service it had transported 3.5 lakh goods trucks.There are two services of RoRo -Kolad to Verna (a distance of 417 km) in 12 hours (which takes 24 hours by road)Kolad and Surathkal (a distance of 721 km) in 22 hours (which takes 40 hours by road)Eco friendly transportationIn the first 17 years of its service 750 lakh litres of diesel was saved because of the RoRo. It also reduces pollution along the NH 17 and helps decongest the busy highway.ReferencesKonkan RailwayKonkan Railway's unique RO-RO service set to complete 15 yrs on Republic Day | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & AnalysisKonkan Railway’s RORO saves 750 lakh litre diesel

What incidents and events have made India proud?

On 15 th July LIGO [1] ( Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory )announced the detection of the Gravitational Waveswhich were produced due to the merger of the two massive Black Holes.which led to the confirmation of the Prediction of the Gravitational waves by the Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity that was formulated 100 years ago.Lets have look at few quotes by the eminent scientist which shows the Importance of the “ Break Through ”“This detection is the beginning of a new era: The field of gravitational wave astronomy is now a reality,” says Gabriela González, LSC spokesperson and professor of physics and astronomy at Louisiana State UniversityThe description of this observation is beautifully described in the Einstein theory of general relativity formulated 100 years ago and comprises the first test of the theory in strong gravitation. It would have been wonderful to watch Einstein’s face had we been able to tell him,” says Weiss.Fulvio Ricci, Virgo Spokesperson, notes that, “This is a significant milestone for physics, but more importantly merely the start of many new and exciting astrophysical discoveries to come with LIGO and Virgo.There were about 9 Indian InstitutesInter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune;International Centre for Theoretical SciencesTata Institute of Fundamental Research, BangaloreChennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai,RRCAT, IndoreIndian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar Ahmedabad GujaratInstitute for Plasma Research, Bhat, GandhinagarTata Institute of Fundamental Research, MumbaiIndian Institute of Science Education and Research , KolkataIISER-TVM, CET Campus, Trivandrum Keralawho contributed to this significant discovery. At least 50 —60 Indian Scientist [1] were awarded the spatial break -through award for their contribution .Footnotes[1] Indian scientists among recipients of Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics - Times of India

What should every Indian know about Bihar?

I am a BIHARI, presently living in NEW DELHI. Most of the people use the word “BIHARI”for VILLAGER,FOOLISH or GAWAAR.But I am feeling proud to say that1.Most of the IAS qualifers are Bihari. (Factory of IAS officers)2. More than 30 % students in some of the top central universities like JNU, AMU, BHU, JMI are Bihari.3.Only the state Bihar give result of about 19 %every year in IIT JEE.4. 2018 NEET topper is a Bihari.5.We can say JAINISM and BUDDISM religions originates from Bihar.6. Bihar is the birthplace of 10th sikh guru.7.Bihar is the birthPlace of first president of India.(Dr. Rajendra parshad)8.Bihar is the birth place of great sahnai wadak, Bharat ratna holder Bismillah khan.9.Bihar was the oldest and world famous center of education. i.e, Nalanda university.10.Bihar’s capital patna has world largest free wifi zone(about 20 KM)11.World famous mathematician ANAND KUMAR and his coaching SUPER 30 is in Bihar.12.Bihar is famous for its CHHATH PUJA all over the world.13.Bihari are known for their hospitality.14. Bihari are not Only beautiful from the heart, some are from face too who had made history and give india an identity of diversity.Priyanka chopra was also from bihar (present day jharkhand) became Miss world in 2000.15.Bihar state have number of joint families more than any other states.16.Great mathematian Aryabhat ,who discovered 0 was also a Bihari.17.Bihar is the birth place of Goddess Sita(Sitamarhi district)18.Bihar is the birth place of many great poets like Ramdhari singh dinkar and many more.19.Bihar ,where crimes rate and rape cases is lower in comparison to almost all States.20.Bihar the only state where students study in street lights and railway station and get government jobs.At last I want to tell those people who use the word “BIHARI” as an abuse that bihari word is a symbol of proud,hard work,honesty and true country lover.I think you know about the power of BihariThanks for reading!