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Have I Been Blackmailed

Have you ever been blackmailed?

yes and I got a information about my bf and no one can find out but my friend found it and she was going to Tell him I break up with him so she though of something to let me do she told me to kiss a boy in my class and she takes thing seriously and she blackmailed a girl before and my friend told her to do something and then the girl didn't so she told something to the whole when I hear that I knew I had to do it so I did and it wasn't pretty....I break up with him and now he lives a miserable live.....and he told me I was the best thing that happened to him and after a week I told him I have a bf already and then he didn't feel ant better and I told him my friend blackmailed me so it did not make him happy but it made him more miserable then ever so the bf I have moved and so we broke up then I got back with him and it was nice to know he loves me more then anything....= )

I've been blackmailed, HELP!?

I did something really really stupid. A girl I don't know got me to do something really stupid on Skype and she saved the video. It shows me and then a certain body part. She posted this video temporarily on youtube and put it in a message to my brother on facebook and said said she would post it on porn websites and send it to everyone she could think of. I am enlisted in the US Army, and I go to a military school so if this were to get out, I would be screwed in my education and my job. She's making me pay her $300 through Western Union. I set up the money and sent it to her, in the Phillipines like she instructed me to and she says once she gets the money, all the evidence of her videos will be deleted because she's not interested in them, just the money. Please, I'll take any advice at all. Oh, and once she saw that I sent out the money, she did delete it off of youtube

What should I do if I'm being blackmailed?

You must be getting blackmailed for a reason which you don't want to get revealed in front of your loved ones. So, it means you're scared of the consequences if everyone know about it and one person who knows it, taking advantage of your fear. Then, if you really want to get rid of it, tell the reason to everyone. It may keep you down for a minute or so, but for future, you will be saved from further torture or blackmailing. It is not that easy, but it is not that difficult too. Just gather some courage and unveil the reason!

Blackmailed into having sex?

This is nerve wracking and I am scared. I suppose I should provide a little background detailing here.

Last year at this time I worked as a bartender for someone who always had other intentions for hiring me. After firing me for unsaid reasons (I wouldn't sleep with him, but it was never said that that was why I was fired and in TX they can fire you with no given reason), I stole a check from the paycheck book. I know what I did was wrong, and I have since tried to make it up, even to pay back for lost damages. I did it in a fit of anger, and know that I shouldn't have done it.

Fast forward to present. I just moved back into town and got a text message from my old boss asking me if I needed a job. I said yes. Went in today, sat down and expected honestly to talk about maybe working a week for free to pay him back. They check I cashed was only worth a week of my pay.

He tells me that unless I have sex with him, on five different occasions, that he is going to press charges against me for check fraud. (me not knowing, but I cashed the check at a video store owned by someone who knew him, who after finding out that said boss didn't approve it, gave it back to him.) He also tells me that I have a week to decide. If he hasn't had intercourse with me in the next six days, I will most likely being going to jail.

First off, I don't want to prostitute myself.
Secondly, I don't want to go to prison.

Is there anyway possibly that what he's approaching me for is illegal and I can somehow counter it?
IE: If he goes to the police about the check, I'll go to the police with the texts of him blackmailing me for prostitution? I'd rather not have to get the police involved, as I know what I did was extremely wrong as well and there is the chance we could both go to jail. I just want some sort of leverage on my side that shows him two wrongs don't make a right.

Please, I need genuine answers. Opinions are welcome, but please don't belittle me for what I did, I already know it was wrong and have tried to make it right.

Scared in Texas

What are things people get blackmailed for?

Obvious choice would be an affair, you could be blackmailed because you don't want your spouse to find ut, or the othe's spouse because they are powerful, or you work with them or they are family.

Maybe you are in a respected position, like politician or cop, and you took a payoff and someone else finds proof and blackmails you with that.

Maybe you have a weird fetish and you don't want anyone to know and someone does find out they could blackmail you for that.

Just think of anything that people do that they don't want anyone else to find out - then you can come up with a lot.

Have you ever been blackmailed by a close relative?

I had a 12 year old cousin tell me if I didn’t jack off for her she would say I molested her. I was 16. I didn’t tell her I’d do it with out her having to threaten. If she had said, “Will you jack off for me?” I would have done it in an instant. I jacked off for her several times, but made her think it was because she was threatening me.