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Have Moral Values Really Changed Over Time

How have family values changed over time?

Because the moral mind set has changed along with women wanting to work and business being open 7 days a week for that almighty dollar.Years ago...Saturday was for rest and family and Sunday was for god and family...Now you get fired if you want to have a family...Cant make money that way.Parents cant afford $60.00 jeans and $120.00 shoes unless they work 2 jobs and what about that PS2? Game boy or Laptop? What IS supper with the family? I herd about it once.Our wants exceed our Priorities...Take away greed,throw away the games & computers,give back the 5 day work week and have family dinners every night. Get involved before its to late...Or is it already?

Yes Wyrmfell,this country was founded on God. He created it..And good values shouldn't have to be forced on anyone..They should just be there....When every thing in life goes wrong --- you turn to family...They shouldnt have been turned away from , from the start.

How have our values changed over time, and where are they going?

Values are only what a giving society will and wont accept as normal. As people learn and have new experiences these values change, also societies change with revolutions, fall of empires, rises of new religions, etc etc. The direction is yet to be seen but we are seeing changes in our own time when it comes to transgender people, concepts of race, and gender roles.

Why does morality change over time?

Morality in its true sense should be something unflinching and non-compromisable dictate of life. But historical experience in various societies has shown that morality changes over time. Morality changes primarily because other strong forces which act on human acceptance, results in a change in the value system, perception , reasoning ,judgements and ethics . Counter forces emerge as :-Cultural forces , which has most deepening impact on human beliefs. Inter-mixing of different cultures has acted as good filters on acceptance level. When good things get assimilated in a culture , it is strengthened.-Scientific discoveries, which changes the older blind faiths, superstitions.-Reasoning and rationality , which has changed dogmatic ideas of religions.Humans have found that there are better instruments to guide a society other than morality. Morality is not god’s command. So moralities change over time, and cultural forces together with reasoning act as catalyst in this process.

How do morals and ethics change with time?

The primary force must be enlightenment in terms of accumulated knowledge.  One example would be the more we understand about ourselves, the better we are able to understand how much we are alike and that impacts moral decisions as well as ethics in that we can avoid compartmentalizing real problems away, forcing us to make better / different decisions.The basic nature of people has not changed.  Needs, wants, etc... are near constants.What does change is the context.  Context in terms of our understanding about the world and it's dangers, our understanding of ourselves and technology and how it can enable us all contribute to new norms and sometimes choices in ethics and morality.

Is morality constant or does it change over time?

Does the sense of what is right and wrong change, or are there some eternal, timeless, constant principles that should be followed and respected, regardless of societal norms and time?

Do people's morals and beliefs change over time?

Since you are asking about large population groups, the answer is definitely yes, they do. Social morality (as oposed to personal morality) is much influenced by culture and socioeconomic conditions. As these change, so will vary the moral perceptions of the group.Think of sexual behaviour. Not so long ago, in a lot of Western countries, sex outside marriage was frowned upon, and in some instances even a crime (adultery, sodomy); divorce was difficult to get or not available at all. After sexual revolution in the sixties and spread of countercoptives, society's views on sex started to change, and the situation nowadays is so different. There are lots of other examples, but this should suffice.