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Have You Ever Been Attacked By Animals

Have you ever been attacked by any animal ?

Yes. When I was about four years old, I was playing with a ball in my back yard. At some point, the ball rolled into reach of my older brother's golden retreiver (it was somewhere between a puppy and full-grown) which was chained up to the doghouse. The thing had never been mean before, but when I went to get the ball, he jumped on me, knocked me down, and started biting me. Probably the worst part was that my parents were trying to teach me that if you want someone, you should go get them yourself and not expect them to come to you, so, even though they heard me yelling for them, they totally ignored me until they finally realized that something was wrong and came to help me. I don't remember how long it took for them to come, but it was too damn long. Honestly, I'm still pretty mad about it.

I have two scars: one on my chest, and one on my face by my eye.

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?

I was trying to attract a squirrel's attention by bending down to it and making a noise,and it came up and SCRACHED me!!!!!!

Anyone ever been attacked by an animal?

I love animals even though i should be like, permenitaly dramatized.

When i was little...

A horse rolled over on me. I was riding and it just decided to roll over.

I was attacked by a pitbull in my own backyard.

When i went to a fair when i was little, a bunch of goats were chewing on my dress and one ripped out a huge chunk of my hair.

So i dont have the best luck. What are some of your stories?

Have you ever been injured by the attack of the animal?

Yes.Ive always been a huge dog lover. When I was a kid, I didnt just pet a dog. I gave it hugs and kisses. Not too smart of me.When I was 13, I was visiting my twin friends. We had been playing in the basement but I came upstairs for a drink of water. I saw their dog laying by the basement door, so of course I sat down next to him to give him some love.My friends mom was on the computer a couple feet away and smiled at me when she saw what I was doing. So of course I took that as a go for it. I leaned down, gave the dog a kiss on the head. As I was raising my head back up he attacked.He bit my bottom lip so bad it was torn to shreds. I screamed bloody murder. Friends mom screamed bloody murder and my friends raced upstairs to see what the commotion was about.I was given a wet washcloth and told to sit at the kitchen table. I was sobbing for my aunt by then. (I lived with her at the time).My aunt showed up 10 minutes later and took me to the ER where a very rude doctor sewed my lip up. I never kissed a dog I didn't know again.My aunt later went to talk to my friends parents. They said it was my fault and he was just trying to bark and accidentally bit me. I agreed that it was my fault for getting too close to a strange dog. My aunt didnt let me go over there again for my own safety.

Have you ever got attacked by an animal or human? How does it turn out?

Been in a few fistfights, can’t say any ended really well, even the ones I technically won. At a minimum got myself grounded.Distinctly remember getting between a mother cat and her kittens. Cat was fine, I needed some bandages. Next day I was back playing with the kittens, but far more aware to make sure the mother cat was okay with my being there.