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Have You Ever Flown On Aeroflot Russian Airlines Before Have You Ever Been To Moscow What Did You

Why is Lufthansa considered a better airline than Russian Aeroflot?

Would you rather drive a German or Russian car?

What is it like flying Aeroflot via Moscow? What has been your experience?

Worst experience ever. I don't want to talk about the flight cleanliness, space etc. but their hospitality is so freaking bad!! I travelled to Copenhagen and back from Frankfurt in Aeroflot and it was a nightmare. My onward journey was fine since nothing unusual happened. My connecting flight was on time and everything went well. But on my return journey, there was a delay in the incoming flight and my connecting flight's gates were closed 20 mins earlier than the said 20 mins. Knowing that it's a connecting flight and doing this, it's ridiculous. I was flying solo and 3 other people missed their flight with me and we were given a flight for the next day. Happens right? Yeah well. We were given meal vouchers and stay in the airport hotel for the night. And when I say night it's just for the night! Next day my flight was at 1500 hrs but my checkout time from the hotel was 0600 hrs! And they said they can't extend it even for 2 hrs(Yes the hotel had space and we enquired about that too). And the highlight? I was made to stay with a complete stranger in a shared room. I wouldn't have minded that if I was informed prior. But no! I was informed when I was checking in. And you have to walk back and forth in that Goddamn airport to get each and everything clarified from the Aeroflot staff. It was so irritating. To top it, we weren't given meal vouchers for the next day and had to fight and struggle to get it ughhhhhh! Finally when I got on the plane I was literally so relieved to get out of that hell hole. So one advice, please book your connecting flight ONLY if you have a transit time of >4 hrs.

Do I need a Russian Visa for a 3 hour layover at Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) Airport?

I am traveling to Ukraine in August. One of the flights I am looking at is on Aeroflot and it flies to Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) in Moscow. My layover would be about 3 hours. I've flown to Ukraine twice but it was through Amsterdam, and all I needed was a passport (not checked just passing through Amsterdam) and a passport is sufficient for entry into Kyiv Ukraine. I am a U.S citizen. I do know that in order to travel to Russia, U.S citizens need a visa for entry. But if I'm just passing through Moscow as part of my flight itinerary and not leaving the airport do I still need to obtain a visa?

How much does a plane ticket to Moscow, Russia cost? average price?

It will depend on where you are flying from and to which Moscow airport. Some US based airlines fly to Sheremetyevo airport (SVO) and some fly to Domodedovo (DME). Aeroflot Russian Airlines flies from selected US cities to SVO.

Right now a RT ticket from Los Angeles to Moscow is about $1300 but have been at $700 early in the year. Generally the cheapest tickets are just after January and then prices go up after May and continue high until after September.

If you time it right you can also get cheaper tickets just after Christmas but don't wait to close to the New year.

Cheapest day of the year to fly: December 25 (planes not crowded then either). Christmas in the East is not until the 7th of January so you can fly on Christmas yet be in Moscow on Christmas day too in January!

Best days of the week to fly at good rates: Tuesday and Wednesday.

You will need a visa to enter Russia:

I am going to Moscow from Hong Kong by Aeroflot. Do Aeroflot flights have entertainment systems?

Yes, Aeroflot has a good in-flight entertainment system. Their aircraft fleet is among the youngest in Europe, so it's not surprising that they are hosting some of the latest IFE tech systems.Btw, on your way to Moscow, I recommend you use the IFE to see the Russian thriller “Pure Art” (“Chistoe iskusstvo” in Russian). It's really good!

Has anyone flown Aeroflot recently? How was the experience?

I should be able to answer this. I flew Aeroflot for the first time from Seoul to Moscow in Sept and I had the same dilemma as yours. But being adventurous, I thought how bad could it really be. Its Russia's national carrier.So i go ahead and book an economy ticket on their site. I don't know whether I really missed it or the option wasn't there, but I wasn't able to book a meal preference. Now mine was a nine hour long flight, and I being a vegetarian the meal choice was of utmost importance. Maybe during Check-in, I convinced myself(I should have called them rather, idiot)Cut to a day prior to flight. When I checked in, I frantically try to figure out how to select a meal preference and I am unable to do so. I tried to get their numbers in Korea but could not. My friend packed me something vegetarian for the flight as I was pretty sure that my meal preference did not go through. Flight day: I wouldn't say I was nervous.Heck it was just a flight. I checked in and paid extra for emergency exit row seat. After boarding, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The interiors of the plane were very clean and had a newness feel to them. Not much difference in the seats or any other configurations compared to other airlines. IFE was good with a lot of English entertainment. Note that the emergency seats are paid. They blocked the empty seats with tray tables so that people who have not paid do not access them(my flt wasn't full).In flight Service: As expected, my meals were not booked vegetarian, so they did not have an option for the same(this was confirmed by the airline at check-in too and they said they cant do anything at that point in time). I asked the steward if he could heat my meal. Though he gladly obliged, I felt a little embarrassed as my meal pack had started greasing out. Not once did the steward make a fuss of it, but very happily took it, heated and served it to me with some sides that he could manage from the meal trays. In fact during the second meal at the end of the journey, he without asking me arranged whatever vegetarian he could and served gleefully. I felt pretty well taken care of. I haven't had an opportunity to book again to see if I missed booking the meal preference or the option wasn't really there. Maybe you could tell. But to answer your question, this flight was the best I had in my five country tour in September, others being Jet, Hong Kong Airways, Thai and Emirates.

Should I trust Russian airplanes?

Perhaps this link will be helpful
and Aeroflot is also more reliable than any small companies-many of which declare bankruptcy and leave passengers stranded fr days

Is it true that Russian passenger jet pilots fly a lot rougher than European or American pilots?

I am in no way an expert, and this answer is based on hearsay, but I understand that there are international standards for in-air maneuvers like flying curves, ascends, descends, etc.These standards are there to give the passengers are pleasant flight experience, i.e. by making sure the plane isn’t tilted so much when flying a curve that people have trouble staying seated, or ascends aren’t so steep that it feels like a rollercoaster.These standards are always ranges from a max to a min acceptable degree (e.g. when flying a curve). A higher tilt will get you through the curve quicker, a lower one will take longer but be more pleasant for the passengers.Now, I have often heard that Russian airlines instruct their pilots to always go to the minimum accepted level by international standards, i.e. don’t opt for the most passenger comfort, but for the most efficient / quickest path. I remember someone telling me about an Aeroflot flight where the ascend and descend was extremely steep, and curves were flown in a way that you had to hold on to something because of the centrifugal force becoming too strong.I am in no way saying that Russian Airlines are advocating unsafe flight procedures, but I have heard anecdotes that compared to other airlines, they have less inhibitions to max out the standards and pay less regard to passenger comfort…