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Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Videogame Character

Have you ever had a crush on a cartoon/video game character?

Batman I loved the color black and he was so mysterious......I still blush when I see the cartoons.....he was my "black knight"

Have you ever had a crush on a character in a video game?

I've had many crushes on video game characters, but only two real major ones. The first one was Ashley, the presidents daughter from Resident Evil 4, the girl Leon was tasked with rescuing from "Terrorists." She was cute, sexy, had a great body, and...other things that I will not mention that I liked, but she was also confident and somewhat independent, if a little emotional at times. Overall she was a good character in those regards and I would gladly save her myself if I got at least a date out of it.The second one, and beware possible spoilers, is Elizabeth Comstock, the daughter of Zachary Comstock from Bioshock Infinite. Cute, funny, attractive, and a big help to Booker DeWitt, the character you play as in the game, I liked having her around. She knows her way around a lock and is very independent and powerful when you truly understand her powers, the power to open portals to other universes within the infinite Multiverse. And if things don't go well if I ever asked her out, I could just ask her to open up a portal to a universe where I didn't go that far with her.

Have you ever had a crush on a video game character?

It's not me, by the way...I'm honest!!! Anyway, it's my friend who I really like, and she is obssessed with a video game character (from KH2 to be exact).

I told her I like her; she never said that she felt the same way but she didn't turn me down either. I have a feeling that AT LEAST I have a chance with her.

Back to the topic, whenever she talks to me, she portrays this video character as just that...a character who doesn't exist. BUT I found out that she lets her friend draw a cartoon image of her and this character (not in a sexual way, but somewhat in a romantic mood, like holding hands), and she would be practically drooling over them. Plus I found one of her online journal entries saying why she's crushing on video game characters and not real guys; she mentioned that they're safe and cannot hurt her (ie break her heart), so I responded to it.

Anyway, what I wanted to find out is is that kind of thinking normal? Is she the only one who's crushing on a game character?

Have u ever had a crush on anime/videogame character?

No, I'm relatively normal

1. it's not really healthy to develop a crush on a character, living or animated
2. You will be hard pressed to find women with eyes that take up the majority of their face in real life.

POLL: Has anyone ever had a crush on a video game character?

Cortana from Halo.

I mean seriously guys, she's hot, she can hack alien computer technology like its nothing and she can be turned off at the flick of a switch. AKA the perfect woman!

But here's the REAL reason why she is the best...Think of all that RAM she has, all that processing power! She can do things REALLY FAST for a long time!!!! ;) ;) ;)

Crush on video game character. Is it abnormal?

howdy aside from what each and all and sundry of those different adult males are asserting, i say attempt to concentration on different factors of life. there is no longer something incorrect with video games, yet each and every thing needs to have an excellent stability. you will possibly be asserting, "yet i do no longer comprehend what else i'm interested in!" decide to comprehend why? it is considering which you havent tried something. the terrific place to start may be to pass on a communicate board like reddit and examine article approximately hundreds of diverse matters. at last you will locate some matters which will activity you (i.e., mountain mountaineering, hacking, weightlifting, seducing females, programming, etc.), and afterwards attempt to learn a number of those skills. i pass to furnish a guideline and say you learn the artwork of pickup considering which you need to be relationship actual females instead of pretend females you could actually on no account have a raffle with.

I have a crush on a character from a video game help?

This is usually normal for teens like you as I am a teen myself and I have had those feelings toward a character. I wouldn't say in LOVE but I find her attractive. I usually stop playing the game for a while and get my mind off of her. If you keep playing the game it might become from a crush to an obsession. I would usually go and hang out with my friends and get my mind off of it. Also getting a girlfriend helps too. :P I've had one for 2 years and never had those feelings about a character at all during those 2 years.

Is having a crush on a video game character bad?

It's normal. I would have thought that you were crazy long ago, But seeing as I am in this predicament right now, I'm not one to talk about losing your mind. I am head over heels for Edward Richtofen from Call Of Duty.I have never felt like this, In all of my 24 years of playing video games, For anyone fictional.

For those who say that you need to get out more, People need to keep in mind that most do have social lives. That is irrelevant to how someone feels inside and who they choose to feel for. It just happened with me. I just became enamored. Liking someone who is not real, Is the same as liking a real life actor or a singer. You can never touch them, So what is the difference? Nothing. So before saying something ignorant, Think about those things. Apparently, Some people have never played a game where the characters look extremely life like, So the only excuse they come up with is the same old crap. Go outside, Get a life, Etc.. It's no one's business.

Ever had a crush on a video game/fictional character?

LOL this is the kinda thing a lot of people think, but don't say. The hottest character ive seen was probobly like Morrigan or something from Dragon age; Origins

Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?

Wow! It’s really hard question to answer. Even the one about EA “sucking” at making games was way easier than that!If I think about it hard enough, I’d say that Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club is the one I’ve fallen in love with. I have to say that I’ve played this game quite recently (just a week ago). Ending made me freak out because I didn’t expect to be so unsettling. After the regular ending, I didn’t even attempt to get good ending because I was that scared. I just deleted ALL of the game files. I even found the remains of the game files after I uninstalled it and got rid of those files. There is no trace that this game even has been installed! I looked through the C: drive so hard, just to erase anything from that game! I have only fond memories of it and I don’t like those…Anyway, back to the answer.What made me fall in love in her are the similarities between me and her. Shy, timid girl that loves books, tea, quiet places like empty classrooms or your own house where you can relax with the good book. She even likes knives, but it kinda put me off when I found out that she is cutting herself using those wonderful knives (one of them is described in so much detail that it almost made me fall in love in her knife, not her). She is kind of a weirdo that always sits alone. Like me! Above all that, it’s the way she talks… Stammering throughout the conversation when talking about some things that she’s not even interested in, but speaking with confidence when talking about her fields of interest. I could say that she is me, but of the opposite gender, huge violet eyes and long violet hair. The way she behaves sold me immediately. There’s no way I will have a crush on other video game character, unless they have the same qualities, personality and appearance (being reasonable with the eye size of course). That AND I get to finally hear their voice. On the other hand, I just need to hear Yuri’s voice (I’m bad at assigning voices to game characters) and there’s no way that I will have another crush.