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Have You Ever Liked A Friend Of Your Mothers When I Was Young This Lady Ms. Hot Hot And Hot No

Seniors: Have you ever looked at some hot young thing and asked, 'Wow! if I were 50 years younger?'?

Once. I was in a pub/restaurant with a friend and some young guys came in - my mind was off somewhere, totally in veg state and one of the young men took off his shirt.

I swear my jaw hit the table, and I said "Holy Mary Mother of God would you look at that" Purely spontaneous and without thinking. It even shocked me never mind my friends who have never seen me do anything like this --

My friend almost died laughing, and she said "He isnt that good looking, kind of ugly" and I said "He had a face?"

I dont know what came over me, this is really not like me at all. It was as if someone unveiled the statue of David in front of my very eyes - ROFLMAO I cant say my thoughts were "I wish I was younger", it was appreciation for beauty. :-)

You are not alone in this world. There are a number of guys who have similar feelings towards their friends’ moms. Its nothing unusual or abnormal. After all she is a lady and its perfectly normal for young boys to get attracted towards a lady, even if she happens to be their friend’s mom. However, telling her the same, or actually doing it is what makes the matter complicated. Though you can always try to win her trust and fulfill your fantasies with her after attaining the legal age of consent; it is still advisable not to ruin your relationship with your friend for the feeling that is nothing more than a fad.

Hai this is viswak 19 years old male. Recently what happened is something which is not common in my home. Last week I went to trip with my friends and came back to my home. While coming back from trip it's a whole night bike ride from too long so I'm sleepless and completely restless. I came home and there were no one at home. My mom went somewhere on a work. So I decided take some hot shower and have a good sleep. I went into shower, had a good bath and came on to bed completely naked. As there were no one except me in home, I felt very lazy to Wear my clothes and I just layed on my bed and using my mobile. After sometime I went into deep sleep. We have a small single bedroom house. I don't know when my mom came inside. But I woke up at 8Pm Ist. I was laying completely naked on my bed and the house is full of silence. I don't know weather my mom came or not. So I went out to check her. I'm feeling lil tensed. I walked into kitchen and she is not there I felt little bit happy and opened the fridge and had some water. Again I came to my room and searching in my cupboard for my clothes. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and my mom came out. I got shocked and covered my pennies and balls with my two hands and stood there with a shocking expression. She smiled at me and said, don't worry baby Its ok I'm your mom and wiped my hair. She gave me a towel and I quickly tied it around my waist. I asked her when she came back to home. She said “morning at 9. I came to home and saw you sleeping naked I was little bit shocked and also tried to wake you up, but you are in deep sleep so I let you to sleep”. I said I'm sorry mom. She said “it's ok baby it's like a small baby sleeping naked to me don't bother about that and don't feel embraced in front of me, it's quite common” I smiled and got dressed. But I don't know weather it's a normal thing what happened. Please help me friends. Is it ok if she see me naked like that?

Have any other girls had to give a boy a bath and experienced ?

A boy can get an erection at any age and it is perfectly normal so try not to be embarrassed. As a baby sitter you should supervise bathing until the child is 10 or 11, Then switch to supervising starting the bath and cleaning up and drying off but try to avoid the nude parts. Respect the boys privacy. If the boy has not developed a lot of modesty yet and has no hesitation to have you see him totally nude you should suggest that he needs to put on pjs etc and cover himself. Play to his ego. Say you are getting to be to big a young man for a girl to see your privates anymore. Also, while bathing boys from 6 to 10 hand them the soap and wash cloth and tell them to wash them selves down there. That is what nurses do in hospitals. These rules apply whether you are a boy or girl baby sitting a boy or girl. From 12 on you need to be sure that the young man is not trying to make a sexual move on you and get you to touch him so he can get more aroused. From 12 on send them to the bath and have them come down in their pjs and check ther ears to see if they are clean and wet. Good question. As for the erection they come and go at random and young boys really do not have control over them and they are best ignored.

Can’t say why any of the other moms were motivated to buy panties for their boys, but I can explain to some extent why my mom bought mine.To begin with, my mom wanted a baby girl and was sure I’d be one. She insisted all her baby shower gifts be for a baby girl, so you might say my interest in wearing feminine things began before I was born.Because my dad traveled extensively, she was able to keep me dressed as a girl most of the time until school started. She also kept me in diapers and potty trained me not to have messy diapers, but wet ones were allowed and possibly encouraged.In addition, there were no boys in my neighborhood and I spent all my time playing with neighborhood girls so wear clothes like theirs didn’t seem out of place at all. I remember one mother fussed about it, but two made a fuss over me.Then with the start of school, all that changed. I spent a few months in training pants and then given boys underwear. Except the the weird fly opening in front, I didn’t see much difference between the training pants and the jockey shorts.At the same time, my girl friends were getting pretty new panties for school and I thought they were gorgeous and asked my mom to get me underwear like that. She told me I couldn’t wear panties any more. Then one day, walking home from school I forgot to use the bathroom before leaving and wet myself about half way home. When I got home and my mom was scolding me, she said she’d put me back in training pants if it happened again. I told her that boy underwear felt just like training pants and it wouldn’t make any difference, BUT, if she bought me pretty nylon panties like my friends were wearing, I’d know not to wet them. Whether she believed my reasoning, or just gave in, I soon had pretty panties in bright colors for my everyday underwear. I converted to boys underwear (my choice) around age nine but then in my teens began to wear panties and nightgowns again when the mood struck me.The last lingerie my mom gave me was just before she died - a beautiful black peignoir.

Do mothers and sons actually have sex with each other?

Things happen late at night in the houses in your home town that you would never believe.
My Mother is a sexy 40 year old with a hot body. I m 18 so I can get aroused easy, she made a pass. One night as I was setting on the side of her bed as we was talking about life, and I think she made a pass at me. She was wearing a sexy see through and started pulling n m finger and stop talking. The lights was low but I could see her very well. She move her leg out from her see through nighty and I could see that she had some sexy panties on. She was making me so aroused. She just kept on rubbing my finger and giving me a show. I didn t know for sure if she was making a pass and just showing mother love. So I got out of there before I got in trouble for making a pass at her. But I will say this if she would have made it a little more clear that she needed sex I would have did her right there that night and not think twice about.

My Mom Lets her Boobs Hang Out In Front Of My Friends?

Okay well heres the deal my mom is 35 and I am 16 and anyway I guess she is very attractive for a mom. problem is, my friends are obsessed with her and she only makes it worse. My mom is skinny blonde and has large boobs and my friends all are in love with her. My mom always walks around the house wearing bikini top in the summer or a tank top that shows major cleavage and her belly. (i guess my dad likes it) She does this while my friends are over and they love it. I see them always staring at her and they always make jokes on how hot she is. She has no idea they love her too. They will get behind her and act like they're humping her or they'll look down her shirt to see her boobs. I even caught my friend Derek looking out the window to her sunbathing in a bathing suit and he was masterbating in the bathroom.I caught my friend steve rubbing his face in my moms bras too when he said he was going to get a drink. They will always be flirty with her too and she doesnt mind. this really bugs me. what should i do