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Have You Ever Met A Feminist In Real Life

Have you ever met a male feminist?

Ive never in my life met or heard of a male feminist, who believes strongly in women's equality or is an activist for women's rights that revolts against injustice against females.......most males are either totally (or mostly) complacent about equal rights or still believe against it.

I HAVE however met a few WOMEN who are borderline misogynists that hate other women and even make remarks that sound like a chauvinist

what gives here? theories?

Have you ever met a non-feminist? What happened?

There can still be people who are not feminists to some degree. But feminism has influenced the majority of the Western world. A non-feminist would be my father. He never really used to listen to me, but treated me as an extension of his mind, as if I were his emotions. A lot of the time he thought the emotions were defying him, or scolding him, so he exerted rather extreme physical and psychological force to try to bring “his emotions” back in line with his feeling of control. As for me, he didn’t really allow me to have emotions of my own, as he felt that emotions, per se, were dangerous. That is why I developed certain schizoid traits in my teens. My father also reprimanded me when I made progress, by getting a job for the first time. He frowned and his face became very sullen, because the though it wrong that “a girl” (me) should be paid anything in the same ball park as might be paid “a man”. That’s what happened.

Have you ever met a feminazi in real life?

I can’t tell what tone you’re using in this question, but if you mean what I think you mean, I’m going to go ahead and stop you right there.Feminazi? Really? You’re saying fighting for gender equality is similar to a literal genocide. That’s just messed up, man.Honestly, I’m sick of all the “feminism is about oppressing men and pushing for Female World Domination” crap that people try to throw whenever any woman speaks up about gender inequalities. It’s so misinformed and ignorant.I’m not going to go into all the details of feminism—you can easily look it up yourself— but the foundation of it is built on the concept of gender equality. Equality. It benefits everybody, not just females.And sure, I know there are man-hating women who label themselves feminists and you’re trying to call them out on it. But to negate a good movement that benefits the whole of humanity to the Holocaust simply because of a few black sheep is just backwards. Call them out for who they are, not for the movement they’re trying to hide behind.The more you use such terms, the more feminism gets a bad rep. And the further away we move from a fair, decent society where women get equal pay and respect, and men don’t get told to “man up” and hide their emotions. You’ve got to admit, that sounds like a win-win situation.Thank you for the question.

As a man who dislikes feminist women, have you ever met one and ended up realizing your assumptions were wrong?

You will find some who are ignorant of how badly men are treated on this society. These are good people who have been deceived by media misandry. So there are some fair minded feminists out there who have watched their sons life ruined by women with false accusation and female friendly laws who are prepared to reconsider.

Do you believe the stereotype that most feminist are usually lesbian or at least bi-curious?

I never did believe the stereotype until recently I started paying attention to this forum. Some of the questions on here were asked about if women we're attracted or turned on by women in real life or porn, because of arousal studies, and a lot of times women responded yes.
However, sometimes most women disagreed, I guess they really we're straight. They said they are only attracted to or felt turned on by men. A lot of times these women we're anti-feminist. I have noticed that only a few feminist we're actually straight.
So, I posted questions like this other categories, and most of the women said they we're only sexual turned on by men, with only a few answering that they we're attracted to women. For some reason, after they stated they we're attracted to women, they said they believed everyone is bi-curious. Maybe they feel guilty about their feelings and didn't want to be viewed as different, but they shouldn't.
I have no idea, but some of these women stated that they thought naked men were not attractive. I mean if I thought naked women were not attracted I wouldn't be with them. If you don't like a naked guy then how or why would you have sex with them. Just because you start have an emotional attraction to a person doesn't change the way their body looks. It seems like they should just get a girlfriend, they would be happier instead of living a lie. It doesn't make sense.

Real feminist or not? (Laci Green)?

Misrepresents the facts. States things most non feminists believe as a reason to be a feminist. Yeah, sounds like a feminist.

What are MRAs like in real life?

Normal looking guys in a variety of careers(mostly people of generation y who don't want to have the type of lives that their fathers had and baby boomers who grew up with this gynocentric environment and are sick of it).

Despite the generational difference once you sit both groups down you'll notice that they both have a lot in common.

Have you ever been called a feminazi?

Not personally. The term seems to be reserved for women. It’s typical sexist abuse. The term bluestocking for intellectual women came to connote somebody who was frumpy and unsexy. Same kind of thing.