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Have You Ever Seen Lars And The Real Girl

What do you people think about the movie lars and the real girl? i think it sucks.?

Last weekend i saw lars and the real girl bla bla bla., and it really sucked my brain outta my head, a guy delusioned with a sex doll, and people with no work at all, assist him in his foolish acts, com' on there are too many psychiatric disorders, so it means, we can make movie upon each?
This movie is a dumb work, and the director said, he takes inspiration from, o com' on, i dont think it was a movie which needed inspiration at all.

What are the saddest tearjerkers you've watched in your life?

City of Angels is at the top of my list - Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, I cried till I couldn't see.My Sister's KeeperRomeo and JulietTerms of EndearmentSteel Magnolia'sA Walk to RememberBridges of Madison CountyPhiladelphiaSaving Private RyanBrokeback MountainDead Poets SocietyLife is BeautifulShadowlandsFinding NeverlandLars and the Real GirlMiss PotterA Star is BornThe Remains of the DayAnna and the KingTo Kill a Mockingbird

Which films feature characters with a mental illness?

In no particular order:1) shutter island PTSD2) fight club  split personality3) the shining schizophrenia4) what's eating gilbert grape so many illnesses in this one agoraphobia, developmental delays, depression feel free to ad5) Bill (friend mentioned I've never seen it)6) Rugrats lol have you read the real story about it angelica?7) Sybil multiple personality8) helter skelter Manson has serious issues9)Temple Grandin autism10) the walrus11) stonehearst asylum all mental illnesses are represented I believe12) finding nemo13) Perfect Sisters depression, hallucinations not sure what illness these 2 fall under14) Beauty and the Beast narcissistic personality 15) mommy dearest

Black version of Legally Blonde?

I was wondering if there was a black version of Legally Blonde, whether or not it would be believable? Have you ever met black "valley girls" who act like protagonist Elle Woods & would you think a black girl could get away w/ playing a role like that? Just curious because I'm watching Legally Blonde 2 right now on Oxygen, lol.

Movies similar to "Rushmore" and Wes Anderson humor?

Bless you. Wes Anderson is my favorite director. Definitely watch all of his other movies. Also, see if you like any of these films:

Little Miss Sunshine
Away We Go
Ghost World
Harold and Maude
Confession of a Dangerous Mind
Lars and the Real Girl
Lost in Translation
Charlie Bartlett
Thank You For Smoking
Raising Arizona
Henry Poole Was Here
A Life Less Ordinary
Being John Malkovich
Wristcutters: A Love Story
American Splendor
Death to Smoochy
A Film With Me In It
Eagle vs. Shark
City Island
It's Kind of a Funny Story
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Son of Rambow
Waiting For Guffman
Little Voice
Get Low
Best In Show
A Mighty Wind
The Full Monty
Gentlemen Broncos
The Dog Problem
Coffee and Cigarettes
Stranger Than Fiction
The Hudsucker Proxy
Burn After Reading
Hot Fuzz
Death at a Funeral (2007)
The Puffy Chair
The Marc Pease Experience

Also, the show Pushing Daisies is worth looking at if you haven't seen it. It is very stylized, the way Wes does his films.

I need movies about a sensitive or introverted guy! sad stuff or heartbreaking!?

You should watch Adam (2009). I, personally really liked the movie, very emotional and touching :)

What are the hidden talents of famous actors and actresses?

Jaime Foxx, apart from being a versatile actor, is an incredibly good singer too. And I’m not talking “compared-to-the-average-adult good”. He can really SING.Here’s one he wrote (and crooned).Here’s him with an impromptu live performance on the The Graham Norton Show (TV series).Hugh Laurie played the most famous doctor on TV (except for Doctor Who, but they are 13 of them). And he can slay the piano. And sing.Daniel Radcliffe probably spent hours perfecting the delivery of Alphabet Aerobics.And do this pretty cool party trick.But the worst of the lot is Ryan Gosling.He can sing (as evident by his performance in La La Land). He is part of a 2-person band, Dead Man's Bones. One of their songs was part of The Conjuring’s soundtrack.He can play the piano, so well that it was actually him in all piano-playing scenes in LLL.And he’s got the moves too.

Who got snubbed at the Oscars worse, Ed Norton with American History X, or Ray Liotta with Goodfellas?

Ray Liotta, because he didn't even get a nomination. But if he was nominated and lost, it would still be a bigger snub. He deserved it, one of my favorite/the greatest performances of all time

BQ- Matt Damon and Ed Norton in Rounders. I've been watching that movie since I was like 7 dude.
BQ2- Hugo or The Descendants. I had soooooo much crap to do today I had no time to go to either, the opposite of my original plan lol
BQ3- last 5- Bridesmaids, Sideways, Cool Hand Luke, Lars and the Real Girl, There Will Be Blood (it was on TV, and I really watched it 1 and a half times)

next five- The Descendants, Hugo, Melancholia, and anything else will be random. i'm probably gonna watch some Scarlett Johansson movies that I haven't seen because I've been finding her extremely attractive lately

What are the best underrated/unknown dark comedies?

I am not sure whether all of this will be considered as underrated/unknown.Four Lions (2010). It is brilliant movie that mocks religious extremism. The comedy is extremely dark. The actors have done a great job, especially Riz Ahmed.Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010). Well, its a horror comedy but it is dark nonetheless. Your horror movie stereotypes will be shattered after watching this. You can watch it alone, you won’t be scared because you will be laughing.Seven Psychopaths (2012). Directed and written by Martin McDonagh (brains behind In Bruges), this is an amazing movie. Lots of violence and each scene incites laughter. Superb acting by Colin Farell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson and others.In the Loop (2009). Great movie with very good performances by the involved actors. The setting is political and there are factions, for and against starting a war.