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Have You Noticed That Rand Paul Has Been Trying To Court The Black Vote Lately And Many

Out of the two US presidential candidates which one do you think is worse, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Strange as it may sound, the question evokes in me a conflict between my gut and my heart. My gut reaction is the country is going into a period of anarchy where the better angels of our nature are betrayed and lost from sight. In that country, I suppose someone like Donald Trump is the better president, although I’m at a loss to say why.I don’t see Trump holding the country together, unifying or building. He seems intent on doing the exact opposite. I do see his movement as a reaction to the excesses of political correctness but for all the rhetoric, that seems trivial.Hillary I see as the president if I feel the country will last another hundred years. That there will be a United States to lead the world further in the directions of the Founders and the Age of Reason. That may sound opposite or obtuse to some who’ve internalized the rhetoric of Originalists, but I feel and think it’s accurate.The conflict between these two impressions sorrows me overall.

What are some political topics you've noticed that people are generally uninformed/misinformed about?

Nearly all of them.It can be frustrating to write about political topics. One depends on the reader having a certain basic level of knowledge. However that basic knowledge is often missing. Politics, history and civics are poorly taught in America.A. The three branches of government and what each does.B. The political parties change. This is perhaps the biggest problem I’ve noticed. So few people understand the political realignment which occurred in the mid 20th century. The Democratic party of the 1800s and early to mid 1900s was the conservative party, the Republican party started out as the more liberal party. They moved around a bit over the decades. In the 1960s, due to the stresses of the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam war an Nixon’s Southern Strategy the Democratic party became liberal while the Republican party took in the conservatives. Unfortunately many, many people assume the parties have remained static since their inception.C. The economic crashes of 1929 and 2008 were caused by deregulation and Laissez-faire policy. The Wall Street speculators and big banks went crazy with their gambling and did things which were illegal and immoral. They lost their bets and took the economy down. We all suffered trying to repair the harm caused by their greed.D. The Democrats in Congress in 2002 voted for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They were acting on false information, lies, provided by the Bush administration. If true information was released to the members of congress it’s debatable whether they would have voted for the wars.E. Conservatives bitterly hate the “elites” of the East Coast, the scholars, scientists and college professors. But they love the elites of the corporations and banks and Wall Street despite them being very destructive to the economy and American way of life.F. Something I’ve been seeing more and more lately, I even have a name for it: conservative paranoia. This is the view that nothing is correct, everyone is wrong and a liar. All scholars and professors are 100% liars, all books are nothing but lies, all experts are wrong, all scientists are bought and paid for, etc. Basic nihilism. (Conservatives: stop it, just stop. The entire world isn’t in a conspiracy against you.)Those are big ones. There are plenty of smaller topics too.

How would you describe in exactly four words the fundamental difference between liberal and conservative thought?

Answer: humans innately good/flawedLiberals believing that humans are innately good. And conservatives believing that humans are innately flawed beings.The best concise definition I’ve found (which it seems is what you’re looking for) is from Thomas Sowell, who’s one of the best political/economic thinkers that most people have never heard of: Thomas Sowell - WikipediaWatch the video below for his answer, but here’s his man idea. People on the left believe that humans are innately good and that the institutions we live under aren’t right. In other words, there’s nothing in human nature that makes us evil or bad, and that in general we are good - and that if we can get the institutions right then we’ll finally have the utopia we all hope for.Conservatives on the other hand believe that humans are flawed from day one, that there is something in human nature that makes any of us capable of evil - that we aren’t innately good, but rather innately flawed and broken. As such, the utopia doesn’t exist - there is no heaven on earth. As such all we can do is try and do the best we can, knowing that it will never be perfect.Check out this video, where closer to the end (its only a 4 minute vid) he addresses the difference between what liberals and conservatives believe, as well as provides three interesting questions that he says destroys most arguments that liberals make:

Why did God want Trump to win the election?

Lol. This is a good question, are you trolling or nah? Anyways, god doesn’t exist. Remember the holocaust? World war 2, the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Over 60 million people died… Where was god then? Remember slavery? My ancestors were literally referred to as property. Where the hell was god for them? Why did he allow these things to happen?What about child hood cancers? Birth defects; down syndrome, so many sad disorders. Some things have no place in this world... Why does god allow that to happen to innocent children?What about natural disasters? Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes? Shit happens for no reason at all, and ruins people's lives. Why doesnt god stop that from happening?Hell what about the 10 billion animals that are systematically tortured, beaten or raped for their entire lives? Why doesn't god save them?There is no god. Plain and simple. If there is, then he is currently powerless in this world. There are a lot of sad and cruel things going on in this world, god isn't making them better. Infact religions cause a ton of deaths, for no fucking reason at all too! It's just one giant bag of turtle shit.Anyways the point of all this is… Trump shouldn't be the thing that makes people stop believing in god lol. There are so many other reasons. Yeah, he's an ignorant fuck face, but life is full of them. You have to live your life to the best of your abilities and try to treat people, and animals, with kindness.If trump is bothering you that much, this video may help.