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Heated Formula And Baby Fell Asleep

Similac baby formula ~ Do I mix with warm water? please read full details below?

If you have bought the concentrated formula then it's ok to use the pre boiled water. But once the can is opened the remainder must be refrigerated. Once you mix then next bottle it maybe a bit too cold, so yes warm up the bottle.

I make up the full can at once, so I have several bottles in the fridge at once. I bought a good bottle warmer, it only takes seconds to warm. The warmer is by first years.

I had to add this after reading a few of the other posting. You CAN'T use warm tap water for babies under 6 months, the must be boiled for at least 2 mins. Just like their bottles, they have to be sterilized by having them in boiling water for at least 2 minutes or in a sterilizing unit. As I'm making alot of bottles, I invested in a good sterilzer.

Heated formula and baby fell asleep?

I had formula in the fridge and when I put it in the bottle warmer, my baby went to sleep. The bottle just got to room temperature and I took it out. Is it safe to put back in the fridge?

If i fell asleep while boiling water?

So just now, I was boiling water and then I almost fell asleep. Luckily, I recalled and went to turn off the stove. What if I really forgot and fell asleep? Will it potentially burn the house?
Btw, its a gas stove

Can I add Tylenol to the baby's formula?

Wow looks like I need to clarify to those judgemental ones. First, he does not have a fever, second I am quite sure it is due to his 8th tooth cutting through, and third a fever is not contagious. As the home day care provider mentioned they are not allowed to administer anything but topical medication to the kids. It is not irresponsible to leave your warm (laughing, alert and happy) baby at day care. I did consider the dilution thing but not the warming the bottle thing--so thanks for that answer. I wasn't going to sneak in the medication, I would certainly have to tell them which bottle to give him at what time! Lastly he won't need another dose probably til bedtime, if at all. Just an innocent question, which if answered with kindness would likely help another person having the same thought. Try to keep your outrage to a quiet roar, people.

Can you refrigerate rice cereal that has had formula mixed in it?


I've heated a bottle of breastmilk, and the baby didn't drink any. Throw it out?

The baby fell asleep before she ate anything. Does this mean the milk has to be thrown out? Can I leave it at room temperature and see if the baby wakes up soon to drink it? What are the rules for this?