Help 23 Year Old With Very High Blood Pressure

I am a 26-year-old and my blood pressure is 150/90. What can I do?

That’s pretty early to be encountering high blood pressure.Typically, in genetic cases, people often see it later in life, around 40’s because your body changes a lot. Your RDA for stuff actually GOES UP which is something that is not well known and this is often the reason why things like the DASH diet work. You hammer your body with Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium along with reduction in Sodium to again achieve balance.I would definitely see a doctor, as while you aren’t in immediate danger, this may do long term damage if gone unchecked over the years. But please try to bring it down naturally first as opposed to magic pills which will actually not solve the high blood pressure but fool you because your diet may be to blame and can have many other health implications. In other words, if you eat cheeseburgers and fries all the time that can pose other health issues like too much saturated fat, etc.In the meantime, if you are overweight, reduce your weight. Quit alcohol and especially cigarettes if you smoke (nicotine is a vasoconstrictor). Reduce Sodium intake and increase dark leafy greens in your diet. I also find Carrot Juice is a great way to obtain Potassium but it does have significant Sodium so be careful. Potatoes are good if you don’t have Diabetes.

Blood pressure is 133/80 at 21 years old (male).. Is this high?

It's just a tiny bit high, nothing serious. Just don't smoke, reduce salt in your diet and get exercise and you should be ok.

It may be caused by salt alone, learn how to determine how much sodium is in everything, you'd be surprised how much sodium is in almost everything. Very unhealthy.

I would just avoid pre made frozen foods and fast food. That alone will keep you fairly healthy, although you'll have to learn how to cook... oh my goodness, so much work huh :P

24 years old male with high blood pressure?

I am a 23 years old male and couple a weeks ago I found out that I have
a high blood pressure.I have been working out for about 5 years now
and I used many different supplements like creatine, protein, amino acids
and caffeine staff. Three weeks ago I didn;t feel good and I went to
the ER cuz my BP was 150/98 and they did a blood test and said that I am
ok and there is nothing wrong with my kidneys, heart, liver and I am
healthy, but couple a days after same thing happend and I had to go back
to the ER with the same BP readings. I got very scared, they checked
me out again and they said anxiety is the problem. The doc
put me on 1mg Xanax pills for the anxiety and said that I ll be fine .Next day I
called cardiologist and went to see him, he sent me for additional blood
tests and urine tests and EKG and ECHO cardiogram also. When the
results came he called me and he said that everything is compliteley normal.
I stoped all supplements and work out. My BP is stil going up and
down.At daytime it's about 120-130/80 and after 5 6 pm it goes up to

High blood pressure for a 23 yr. old?

While 23 is certainly young anything is possible not to mention it's hard to make an evaluation of your situation knowing pretty much nothing about you. Many things influence blood pressure a few examples are race, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, diet, exercise, medical history and other lifestyles choices you make. While your elevated it sounds like your elevation is a byproduct of messing around, that messing around lead to you freaking out cause it was high which only leads to the cycle of failure of it remaining high and getting higher. If you really want to take your blood pressure to measure for hypertension then you need to do it first thing in the morning under ideal circumstances with no outside influences such as caffeine or nicotine while your in a resting state. If you do all of that and come up with hypertension a few times over the course of a 3 weeks then you potentially have hypertension.

Read the measure blood pressure section as they have the more ideal way to measure things.

I am a 23-year-old male with high blood pressure. What can be done to minimize the risk of heart disease?

I am doubtful about his condition. How can you be so assured that he has high blood pressure? HBP can only be diagnosed by measuring blood pressure, with a sphygmomanometer (a cuff that is applied on the arm and then inflated to measure BP) for example. His migraines might not indicate hypertension. From my knowledge, he could be suffering from spasms in the blood vessels that cause the headache, and whose symptoms resolve after taking vasodilators - a subclass of antihypertensives.The second probability is that, if he truly has hypertension, then it may well be secondary to another underlying condition rather than primary. In either cases, he has to go to a GP to undergo a thorough medical examination, in order to find out the true cause of his migraines (hypertension or not). Only then could effective treatment take place.

Is a 130/ 50 blood pressure/ pulse high for a 14 year old?

If you are saying your blood pressure is 130/50 than you want to get it checked again, that sounds off. But if you are saying your pulse is 50, that seems a bit low for someone having a systolic blood pressure of 130 (Which is prehypertensive [beginning of high blood pressure]).

What does a blood pressure of 140/75 for a 23-year-old (H: 185 cm, W: 79 kg) mean?

If the BP for this individual is consistently like this, this individual has hypertension. 120/80 hasn’t been deemed a normal BP for over 20 years. 90–119/60–79 is a normal range. 120–139/80–89 is prehypertension. And 140+/90+ is hypertension and then it continues into the ranges for malignant hypertension. If the systolic reading is hypertensive, the BP is hypertensive. If the diastolic reading is hypertensive, the BP is hypertensive. It takes only one of them.With a reading of 140/75 I have no way to know if this is unusual or not. The key word is consistency. What you’ve given me is a snapshot in time. When you ask the question you did, please provide a range of BPs, not just one. For 140/75 I’d have to say at the time it was taken, it was hypertensive but as I said, I have no way to know if this is a usual BP.Your question is like me telling you I saw a guy in bar last night, asking you if he’s an alcoholic and actually expecting an answer. Just as you’re expecting an answer.

I am a 23 years old Male. My blood pressure is 142:85. Am I in a serious trouble?

A tender age with such high BP could be a matter of concern for sure  which is relative to your daily activities as well. Few things you would like to consider first,1. Is it hereditary ? If yes, it is potential factor of risk .  Because it is likely that family history of blood pressure share common environment and could pass it on to their next generation.  You might have to be extra cautious . Like regular check up of your family member and monitoring their health is something you keep a track. 2. What are the precautionary measures you are taking ? What kind of treatment are you considering ?Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda etc. Since you are quite young, it is always suitable to be less dependent on medicines and trying natural options. Ayurveda or natural remedies are something you could try and rely upon . These ancient techniques are worth trying.  3. You mentioned you exercise regularly .Reconsider the type of activity  you are doing. A constant form of workout effects a particular part of  body. You should try exercise which helps your heart and blood vessels. you could different forms as it will release the boredom and impact psychologically as well. all are connected with each other . Aerobics, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, jogging etc could be mixed for overall benefit. Yoga is also an excellent option.4. Since you have sedentary job, try making it active like brisk walk during lunch hours or taking  frequent breaks in between, walking around etc and relax as much as you could. Meditation and deep breathing .5 . Food habits play a major role. observe your food habit and make necessary changes. less salt, usage of lemon, honey, watermelon seeds,garlic, banana, coconut water, celery,  cayenne pepper, fenugreek seeds, etc should be included.6. Find some "me" time and relax. A positive psychological effect is directly proportional to a healthy  happy heart .All of these changes will definitely have a positive impact .Remember, Food, Exercise,relaxation, regular health check up and stay happy .

How bad is blood pressure of 132 over 89 for 23 year old male who does not smoke or drink why is it elevated?

You're almost at hypertension levels, which is very dangerous for your health. It could be from a number of factors, such as family history, obesity, stress or sedentary lifestyle. I would talk to your doctor and get his opinion as well.