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Help Building A Cute Christmas Rhyme For My Boyfriend

Is a stuffed animal a bad Christmas gift for a boyfriend?

Not every guy is into stuffed toys.

What types of things does he like and is he into? You mentioned he doesn't like most guy stuff so what does he like? Surely he has mentioned some interests at some point.

Does he like to read, watch movies, listen to music, play video games? Does he like to eat? If so, bake his favorite cookies. Is there anything he has mentioned he would like to have but hasn't bought for himself?

Christmas Scrapbook for my boyfriend... Any ideas?!?

In addition to Susan's lovely idea of a "story", you could try some of these too (please ignore if there is any repetition) :
[joe is right, too. Be sure that your boyfriend actually enjoys reading through stuff. If not, then try to do something more in line with His hobbies/likes - such as may be puzzles, & so on, instead of long-winding journaling]

Reasons why you love him

Alphabetical list of qualities you admire [or dislike as well] in him

Your favorite places/haunts

Create puzzles - crosswords, word-search, jumble words, etc. using clues from the picture or from shared experiences - Personalized Puzzles !

Ticket stubs, email printouts, notes, fav restaurant menu card, ...

Quotations, poems, limericks, jokes can do some of this in his favorite font..

List his fav websites, tv shows, books, characters, games, music, celebs, cars, foods, ..... this could be displayed like a centerfold collage.

Significant People in his life

One day in your/his life. You could do this like a film reel.

Ask some of your common friends.his friends to write/share/add something.

Draw a Map of your fav locales is a way to illustrate your relationship & how it originated, developed & evolved.

Use humor, cartoons/caricatures, etc. to illustrate or say something within a "balloon".

Song Lyrics

In addition, if you have some of his fav but discarded t-shirts, etc. you could cut out logos/patterns & glue them too.
His fav sports persons, cards, collectibles, etc.

You can make a Memory Box too, if you have stuff to keep inside besides flat photos/paper.

Draw doodles, cut & glue pictures of stuff that relates to him/you both/your relationship but don't have photos of.

Add some innovative Love Coupons for stuff you will do for/with him in future.

Add some of his favorite recipes. Maybe even add some aromatic strips that can be scratched/rubbed !

Try a make-over section. Change the look &/or accessorize. eg. add a moustache, a beard, a balding head, change hair color / hair style, add a cowboy hat, .... Be as weird & wacky as you wish ;-))

Make it all look like a twitter account or any social networking site that you like. You could even try the Y!A format !

Hope these inspire too
Have fun :-)

Cute poem ideas please!! For my boyfriend,?

thats so sweet. I made a tie blanket for my mother-in-law for Christmas!! So as for your poem here is my idea....

I wrap my arms around you
In the night
To keep you warm.

I gently kiss you cheek
With my soft
Plush pink lips.

When I cannot be with you
Hold this piece
of fabric tight.

Just know
That I'll be with you
At dawn of tomorrow's light.

Thats all i got for a poem. I hoped it helped. I just made it up lol

What to put in a book for my boyfriend?

Well. I am making a book for my boy. I've put there reasons why do I love him, I've written explanation why am I making this book, I drew a heart, I've written "our first" things, I sticked the first letter (love letter!) he gave me... I don't know what else can I put there! I still have about 30 pages which are blank and I don't know what to write/stick/etc. I am a bad drawer. And I thought about some love poem, but I can't write poems and I want this book to be made by me, so I don't want to copy it from the Internet. What else can I do?
Thanks for any ideas!

What to write in card for boyfriends grandmother?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year now, and I feel pretty close to a lot of his family members. So I am making home made christmas cards for them! However, I am stumped on what to write for his grandmother :( I don't want to write the exact same thing to his grandma as I did his mother, but it took so much effort just to come up with what I did and I'm at loss for words. I'm trying to be personal in these letters, seeing as they do mean something to me. Me and his grandma have spent plenty of time chatting together, and I feel like I really should write something nice for her! But I honestly don't know her THAT well. But I do know that she means so much to my boyfriend, and she is such a sweet lady!

Do you have any idea's on what I can write?

Reasons why you love your boyfriend. :)?

Okay, so mine & my boyfriends 9 month anniversary falls on Christmas this year. I know it's super early, but this will take me a while to do anyways. I plan on buying him clothes, cologne, etc. But I am also making this scrap book like thing, with tons of pictures of us, and 380 reasons why I love him. Just something very creative. I have about 200 reasons already, and my number one reason is " Love has no reason. " Corny, but sweet in my opinion. I know there will be comments like " if you love him, why are you asking yahoo why you love him? " dont say that, because we spend everyday together, so every night when he leaves I start typing reasons that I remembered from the day we spent together. But I type so many each night, it's like I just go brain dead and can't think of anything else. I would appreciate it if you guys would give me some reasons on why you love your boyfriend/girlfriend, to spark up my mind. I would appreciate it!
Thanks to all. ♥
God bless. :)