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Help Did I Dislocate My Knee

Dislocated knee cap?

I had my knee cap dislocated 6 times before I went to the doctor.. and after a few x-rays I was told I needed surgery. They explained that a ligament that is attached was longer than it normally should be so I would need surgery to fix the problem. You should get some x-rays to know for sure what is causing yoru knee to get dislocated, maybe you just aren't moving correctly and you put some stress on it. But to make sure you go to the doctor. I think the physical therapy won't help if its a problem with your ligaments. If your doctor keeps on telling you to go for more physical therapy and you think its not working maybe you should try another doctor and see what he says. Good luck.

Knee dislocation?

u may want to see a GOOD orthopeadist, cause u may to have surgery...

I injured my knee in June of 07 and was told that it was initialy just a sprain and that nothing was torn however after a MRI it showed that i had a minor tear to my MCL and i did PT... but after almost a year of PT and several cortisone injections(to control swelling) as well as several additional MRIs(not to mention eventually several docs) and a reinjury... i finally had surgery to repair a torn meniscus, lateral release of patella(to keep it from continously dislocating), and bone shaving...

anyway i was still in pain for almost a year and my knee completely gave out again(while wearing the brace for my MCL) before it finally got fixed...

seek a second opinion

Knee-cap Dislocation! HELP!!?

Here's the story..
about 4 months ago, i was on the tennis team playing tennis as usual - when my knee gave me this quick painful shock, i almost fainted and had to sit out and lay on the ground.
One day ago, (yesterday) i was home alone and turned around to go sit at my desk and finish up some work, suddenly-- my right knee-cap slid over to thee side of my friggin leg and i grabbed it and pulled it back and almost fainted like before.
So, now all i can do is sit on he couch with a knee brace on and it still hurts pretty bad.
I want to know if there is a surgery for this and i also would like to know if it will happen again.
Should i call my doctor? Should i try walking and putting weight on it?
I'm extremely frightened that it will happen over and over again throughout my life.
*it's my b-day week also, how wonderful. :[*

Dislocated Knee?

Yes, you momentarily dislocated your patella (kneecap), but since it spontaneously went back into position (without your assistance) it is called a "subluxation" instead of a "dislocation." You have stretched/torn the tissues that help hold your kneecap in place, so you will have a tendency to sublux again in the future. For now, you need to worry about reducing the swelling and maintaining full knee motion. I would elevate your leg and wrap a cold pack around your knee, holding it in place with a compression bandage wrap for 20-30 minutes of every hour. Do not use any hot as it will increase swelling and inflammation (at least not for the first 72 hours). While sitting, bend and straighten your knee fully to make sure you maintain your full motion. You will need to start doing easy exercises to start activating the muscle on the front of your thigh (quadriceps), as this muscle will give your kneecap stability in the future. You can start doing this now by gently tightening this muscle with your legs straight while sitting or lying down. Have your doctor send you to a Physical Therapist, and they can walk you through a program to get you back to where you were. Try to avoid pain for now.

How can I relocate my dislocated knee?

Could not understand your question?Dislocated knee is a very grievous injury with many immediate and late consequences. Many times it reduces spontaneously at the time of injury but leaves behind extensive ligaments and soft tissue and neurovascular damage. Other variety is locked knee dislocation where the can't be made normal because of buttonholing of muscle or due to small fracture. This is an absolute emergency and a person must be rushed to a competent centre for salvage of limb as more than 50% of such cases ends up in amputation if Rx is delayed.

How can I shower with dislocated knee?

you cant stand on it trust me you dont want to it may pop out you need to get a shower chair if you cant get one get a yard chair but be very careful so it doesnt slip put a towel by the shower get in the shower take the brace of put it outside the shower and take a shower while in the chair (make sure you can reach everything so you dont have to get up) and then turn the shower off dry your leg put the brace back on and get out...

richard c said it is probably stable is most likely wrong it probably isnt very stable since it just happened ive dislocated my knee and it was very unstable after

What does a dislocated knee feel like?

There is a big difference between dislocation of the patella (knee cap) and a dislocation of the whole knee. Usually a young male patient feels a pop in his knees while playing football and a young girl comes to you with the same complaint while dancing in the disco. They believe that their knee got dislocated outwards but in reality it is their kneecap and not the whole knee. They mistakenly believe so due to the fact that the knee cap dislocates outward and the whole knee bends inwards at the same time. After the knee cap is reduced (put back into place) they can walk again as if the knee is normal except for pain and swelling.On the other hand the dislocation of the knee is a very serious event caused by a high energy/velocity trauma like in a motor vehicular accident. It can also happen when the patient jumps to other side of the ditch causing severe twisting and bending of the knee. When the knee dislocates there is complete tearing of the ligaments, tendons and cartilage. There will be bone bruising as well. The worst event that could happen is the tearing of the nerves and the blood vessels. When the big arteries and veins tore there is a danger of the whole leg completely losing its blood supply leading to gangrene and eventually amputation. That is why we watch the patient in the ER closely. If necessary we ask for an arteriogram to check to what extent the artery is damaged. The knee is very unstable and dangling and must be supported to prevent further damage to the supporting tissues. If it is not possible to repair the damaged parts right away (ACL, PCL, Menisci, MCL, LCL, Capsule, Nerves, Veins, Arteries), we put it in an external fixator as a damage control measure.Dislocation of the knee in contrast to a dislocation of the patella (knee cap) is a CATASTROPHIC EVENT and therefore an EMERGENCY. The patient must be brought to the Trauma Department right away before he loses his leg.Above is a picture of the dislocation of the knee copied from Google for educational purpose only.

How long until I can walk after I dislocated my knee?

I think you mean your kneecap as a dislocated knee is much more serious. If you are talking about kneecap, here's my info on it

Usually, you have to go under a period of immobilization (knee immobilizer and crutches) to allow proper healing as ligaments/tendons are stretched. It ranges from a week to a couple weeks depending on the severity and doctor.

Hopefully, you have been evaluated by an orthopedic and have had proper testing to make sure there is nothing else wrong.

Walking, if it's no causing pain or if your kneecap doesn't feel unstable, is probably fine after 2 weeks.

Before returning to sports and an active life, you should definitely check back with dr and start PT to strengthen the knee to prevent it from happening again as the rate of redislocation is significantly higher.

Here's my story:

I dislocated mine back in July, but it went back into place on its own after a few minutes. I still went to the dr who gave me crutches and immobilizer. My knee was incredibly swollen and painful. I had a xray to make sure it was back in place. I saw an orthopedic the following week who told me I could start walking on it, but he had me get a mri. I had bone bruising (from the femur and patella hitting eachother) and a fracture in my femur. I was put back on crutches. 5 weeks after my injury, I went back for a follow-up, got more xrays, everything was healed. I then started Physical Therapy to get my strength back I lost from not using my leg. I have been going for 7 weeks and still cant run. My knee still hurts as my patella laterally tracks now. I'm working hard though.

You should see an orthopedic, wear a brace, and do PT!
Good luck :)

Dislocated knee cap please help i am soooo scared!!!!!!?

last week i dislocated my knee cap it was left dislocated for about 2-2and a half hours and then they took me to the hospital and they took a x ray and then this doctor came and pushed a special spot on my knee cap and it jumped back, after that they gave me a plaster for the bottom of my knee, and kept it on me for a week , yesterday i went and they removed the plaster and tried to bend and NO WAY! hurts like hell. and then he left me and this other doctor came and he gave me this strap around my leg its mixed with these materials: Rubber(ithink) velcro < to prevent my knee from bending, and thats about it and on friday 18th january 2008 i am going for a MRI scan ( I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE **** THAT IS!) and well i need to know stuff about this so only MEDICS and people that know about this and that it has happened to ! please i am soo scared will i be able to walk again because my parents want to move to canada in about 2 months i need to know stuff please help me out!!!"£$%$£"

Dislocated MY KNEE... can I DANCE EVER AGAIN?

im a 13 year old girl
Dance is my hobby. my sport.
i take acrobatics..i dislocated my knee cap the other day while doing a landing. everyone ive talked to says that once they did that once...they kept doing it.
that makes me nervous....because i dont want to go throught that pain ever again.
but i love dance and im doing well.....the problem is once i would be able to go back/....i would be way behind on my routine....

Im also a snowboarder...which i also luv and for ski club do it every week.

here are my questions

1) IS it worth it to go back to dance..even though i would be dangerous and hard to catch up..
2) as a snow boarder, would that happen again with snowboarding? i would start in a month.
3) i'm wearing a big brace now, for there flexible brace to go on the knee to prevent it from happening again like athletes do? where would i get one?
4) would enrolling in a physical therapy help prevent it again

any info will help me lo