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Help Dream Freaking Me Out I Only Want To Know What The Dream Means Nothing More

My dreams have always had meaning to me or told me something but I can't figure this one out at all? any idea?

In my dream I was driving my car and a truck in front of me that was carring ten or more new cars lifted up over ten feet then smashed into an alco store. The man on the radio was freaking out and warning but didn't make any sence. I noticed this like heat wave around a 1/2 mile in front of me and all the cars, trucks anything on the road just flew up and distroyed its self on to the ground. It was like an invisible giant was throwing cars around for fun. I didn't know what to do so I kept going atempting to out think what was going on and I turned before a loaf n jug were I saw my father yelling something to me. Just then another car flew right past me and crashed into the window of loaf n jug and blew up. I closed my eyes and turned my keys off I was ready for whatever this was and the wave pased right by me. I guess in the dream anything that was powered by energy distroyed its self. I just wanted to know what this means?? This was a two part dream 1 night I think maybe 2?

Doing some research... tell me your dreams....?

One commonality I have found from previous collections of dream reports is the aspect of movement in dreams. With the exeption of some dreams that cannot be recalled with accurate detail, I have yet to hear of a dream in which constant motion was not a huge factor; be it running from someone, swimming, walking from one room to a wide open space. I think it has a huge connection with the actual physical paralisis experienced during REM sleep and leads me to believe that because motion is such a huge contributor to our survival, that dreaming is in some way a contributor to our cognitive develop not only as individual people, but to the evolutionary process of the species as well.

Im having incest dreams? help?

Ok totally relax...

From what you say its nothing to worry about although of course you will find it pretty unsettling I'm sure. Dreams are really interesting and there are lots of ideas about why we dream what we dream. One theory is that we dream about a thought that we had the day before that was important to us but we didnt think it through all the way - so dreaming is our minds way of finishing the thought. Something that you might find helpful is that we usually dream out these thoughts in METAPHOR which means that we use other peoples faces and sometimes images from films or the storyline of a tv program. Have you noticed that when you dream about your friend doing something they often have someone elses face?

Well this answer is probably too long but I'm just saying - dont worry and dont think about it too much or itl just keep coming back in your dreams until your brain can make sense of what you are worrying about. You'll be back at school soon and I'm sure you'll find plenty of good distractions there ;)

What does killing someone in a dream and feeling guilt mean?

Master Lu: If you have dreams about killing people, setting things on fire, chasing people, or being chased by others, it means that your souls and spirits have been to the underworld. These types of dreams usually have two meanings. 1)The first meaning is that the dreamer is suffering from tremendous pressure and cannot let it go, leading to dreams as these. This kind of dream usually occurs immediately after you fall asleep. 2)The second meaning is that you are fighting with karmic creditors, the spirits. This kind of dream usually occurs in the morning just before you wake up. When you have this kind of dream, regardless if you won or lost, it is best to resolve the conflicts. You should recite 7 Little Houses and address them to the “Karmic Creditor”. --Q&A 016 on 8/13/11 * so the creditor won’t cause the any obstacles.Master Lu fully revealed universal law for daily life issues including root reason of all the diseases in details that everyone could understand. He will go to LA and NY in AutumnAll from metaphysics Q&A hotline radio programs Master Lu’s been providing since 2007 in Sydney with efficient practical methods to dissolve daily issues and illnesses. The practice including daily recitation homework and combined Mantras called Little House ( as the template looks like a house) can be found in in Guan Yin Citta 心靈法門

What does it mean if you dream about someone dying?

There are two dream symbols: death and someone.Dreams about death only indicate that something or a situation ends. Often dreams about death are connected to another ‘dream symbol’ such as a rising sun. This symbol is missing. It is therefore incorrect to say death is about a transition, as in this case it is only about an ending.If you want to know what the dream means, it is important to know who that someone is. It may be about a real person, but may as well be about what that person represents.For instance, if your mother dies in your dreams, then it often is a dream that signifies that a period of caring has ended and that it affects you emotionally.Nevertheless, it may just as well mean that your mother died and that you miss her presence. Dreams are often indirect, so people who die in your dreams often haven't died at all (nor will predict death). It is what they represented that died - their characteristics (and its influence) which you previously experienced has currently ended.

What does it mean if you dream that you are a ghost?

I have dreamt like that many times, i am more prone and open minded to the spirit world so it does not bother me. it does not mean anything except you were experiencing a kind of dream that your spirit was traveling. that was why no one can see u only if you let them. trust me you will have a couple more like this. its almost like a outer body experience except if you are like couple of times you might encounter other spirits that are either traveling or deceased spirits, sorryyy...not trying to scare you but just letting you know what you might experience so you will not get freaked out. sometimes the spirits might question you that why are you in their world because they can sense that you are not their kind......but if you like to know more just ask me or email me.........later..

If you dream repeatedly of your parents/siblings/friends/relatives death, what does that mean? What can you do to make these dreams go away?

Dreams are inexplicable sometimes. The conscious and subconscious mind constructs some visualizations based on the past and present life of yours and the way you want to see it in future, in your thoughts. Whatever you see in the dreams may or may not have any relation to reality, however various studies give various theories for the kind of dreams you possess and various reasons for it!The things that happen all throughout the day and few overlapped memories influence your dreams, sometimes its purely random and sometimes based on the things you were doing and thinking just before going to the bed.However i read the following possibilities of such dreams in an article i read somewhere.1If you find yourself talking to a dead in your dreams, this indicates that you are surrounded by people who are not compatible with you and this compatibility issue is causing a negative effect on your personality. This also symbolizes some kind of material loss and you need to get recovered from that loss as early as possible.2Dreams are an indication of what we are thinking. If you are constantly seeing a person who is recently died, this means that you miss that person and he had left some impact on your mind. It also indicates that you are adapting the problems similar to that of the person you are seeing in your dreams.3Usually you use dreams as a channel to talk to those people who are gone such as parents. The fear of losing a person also leads you to this path. These dreams may also mean that you are trying to understand their death.4Seeing dead siblings indicates that you miss the fun and time spent with them. You select dreams for reliving those experiences.5Parents who have lost their child in any incident dream of that child might mean that they want to keep their child through their thoughts and want to see him grow up in their dreams.6If you see a person dying who is already dead, then this is an indication that you miss that person on some special occasion which is related to that person such as birthday, anniversary, etc.