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Help Finding A Sweater Dress

Help!! Can I wear a white sweater or shawl to a wedding?

Ask the bride. If it was just a white shawl over a brown dress, she may not mind. If she does mind, she can likely help you find another option or lend you something. For the last wedding I went to, I went dress shopping with the bride and ended up with an ivory and black dress that the bride forced me to wear because she said I looked great in it and it was her favorite dress we'd seen so far. I know not all brides will be that way, but some are. So, honestly just ask and if she doesn't want you in white she'll help you out.

Where can I find oversized sweaters?

I'm having trouble finding the vintage, really oversized sweaters. I found a lot of really cool pictures, but no website of where to actually buy them. Everything is so modern. Is there a good store out there that will sell those kinds of sweaters?

Snoball (winter formal)dress help?

For winter, I usually do darker colors, like plum (such a flattering color on everyone), deep red, chocolate brown, emerald green and deep blue. Cream and silver can also be pretty in the winter.
These are pretty, not black, one-shouldered, fitted and not too expensive :)

Where can I find a USAF cardigan sweater?

Here is one on ebay..

How to dress sluty without your parents finding out?!?

considering you don't know how to spell "slutty" . . .perhaps you should concentrate on more important aspects of your life than looking like an easy mark.

Other than that: If your folks have you under that much scrutiny . . then it's probably for a reason.
You have all the time in the world to explore poor behavior when you are grown and on your own. In the meantime, why don't you consider that your folks know best for you and follow their development guidelines.

Deception and lieing are not ways to build character and trust

What must I wear to dress like James Bond?

I was going to go into a long, detailed answer to this -- but there are entire websites devoted to the topic. Bond Lifestyle works pretty hard to find the exact clothes featured in Bond movies, or where to find the next best thing:Bond LifestyleFor those of us on more limited means, Affordable Bond does a a great job of breaking down individual outfits and finding less expensive alternatives:Affordable Bond

Where can I find a black cable sweater with colorful dots?

As I have not yet seen such a garment, I suggest you “find" it at your fingertips - literally!Finding a black cable sweater should be relatively easy. If black is scarce, you can always dye a white one, or overdye a colored one.Next, visit a craft store for some fabric paints or felt. If you choose felt, make a cardboard template for each size dot, carefully cut the felt and then sew where desired or apply with fabric adhesive. If you use fabric paints, apply where desired.For a different take on this theme, purchase colorful sequins or small buttons. These can be sewn or adhered as desired.

Where do you start finding your style or “outer identity” when you’re in your 30’s and haven’t been able to do things like style, hair, makeup in a long time? I feel that I don’t even know how to dress in style. I just want to feel good about myself.

Forget style. Being stylish means following fads. Personally I don’t care for many fads. I don’t/can’t wear platform shoes for example. I didn’t own a pair of those low low rise jeans either. No butt crack for me!If you work in a business environment you might need to dress similarly to other women in your office.Of you have a more casual working environment, basic navy or black slacks are always appropriate with a blouse or sweater.If what you’re looking for is off hours style, start at a basic clothing store and ask the person who helps you to make suggestions. Most often a woman working in retail clothing knows what looks good on someone else.I wore jeans t-shirts and flannel shirts for 30 years to work and was in my 60s before I paid attention to not working and dressing differently.I still wear jeans a lot. But I also like tie dye skirts and dresses. Other flowing skirts too. I wore these as a 20 year old and they are still “me”.Your style is what you’re comfortable wearing. It may be skirts or jeans or slacks. It may be tunics or business blouses. You might like dresses or not.It’s important to buy a couple of good pieces. Black slacks are a basic that can be dressed up or down. A blazer jacket and a couple of shirts and you’re prepared for meeting clients or customers and going out afterwards.

Im a tomboy should i wear a dress to homecoming?

I wear all guy clothes like t shirts and cargo shorts and am a sports finatic. Ive been that way all my life. Homecomings coming up and my friends want me to go in a groupp with them. I havent worn a dress since I was 6. Should I go?and what should I wear?

Where can I get sweaters with thumb holes for men in the USA?

What I did was go to Amazon, well actually, I googled Thumb Holes, and it took me to several sites, where I picked the Amazon site as my choice. Once there, there were many Brands to choose from, so I scrolled down to view a few, and checked out some of the prices. The least exoensive Brand I saw, though not the only inexpencive, was Bestgift who's prices start at $5.98, then the 1st one in that range was Zago. and Tesla. The oddest, or most unique in that price range was Karlywindow. That brand had a slanting zipper that starts off normal at the bottim & slants to reach near the right of the shoulder. The Brands that were a little more expensive, about $34.99 to $64.99, or so, were Legendary Whitetails, and a military tacticle style in which the style is popular, Refire Gear. These have more pockets, and more features, for example, the elbow patches, etc. that the others don't have, and they are of way more better quality, ergo, are made of better material & craftmanship. Another example of the added featers is that of the Legendary Whitetails brand which has a built in Balaclava. That is a face shield, or cover. All of that said, though I won't delete all of this, I may have misguided you because all of the darn afore mentioned material was for help in finding the Hoodies with those Thumbholes. My Bad!! As for the Sweaters, I did see many places wherr they could be found. I will mention a few as follows: Starting with the more expensive sites, there is Nordstrom, Macy's, Northface, Backcountry, Shopstyle, Zappos, Nike, Target, and of course, Amazon, and my favorite shopping site, eBay. eBay has clothing that is new, slightly used, and items you can bid on, or make an offer to pay. Some, or all of these sell what you need Online, so you may have to type in www. & so on, and some have department stores you can visit, especially if you think you should try’em on before a buy.. Take Care & Stay Safe, Dapper Dan